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He's Too Good For Me

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A new boy moves into town. One of those popular kids at high school who all the girls love. But maybe the boys love him too?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Published: 2013-03-26 - 550 words

I tapped my fingers against the wooden desk,waiting for the school bell to ring. I felt like all day I waited for that bell. It was like I had something to look forward too. I didn't though. I carried on tapping my fingers and drawing in my notebook. I think I was in Maths or something? I wasn't paying attention at all.
"FRANKLIN,WHAT DID I JUST SAY?" Mrs.Hughes shouted at me.
Shit. I had no idea.
"You said...Franklin?" I said looking round the classroom for answers.
Why would I look round? Everybody hated me in this class anyway.
"AWW,Franklin! Sounds like a fucking old man's name!" One of the jocks shouted. Andy most likely. I ignored them,there laughter and carried on drawing. If they knew more about me I would easily get bullied. I am getting bullied already,I don't need any more stress in my life. I like to keep myself to myself. Well I try to anyway.
I hated Mrs.Hughes. She was a right bitch. Well she just hated me because I stuck up for myself.
"I don't know." I sighed looking to my feet.
"WELL ANOTHER DETENTION FOR YOU EH?" She said picking up her detention pad.
I saw everyone staring at me,either laughing or taking pity on me. I didn't need there pity. I didn't need anything from them. I looked up at the circular clock. It was nearly time to go home,well not for me now. Mrs.Hughes walked over and threw the yellow slip at me,giving me a evil glare as she did. The bell rang and everyone ran out of the classroom. Mrs.Hughes didn't have time to talk about homework or anything,everyone had already ran. She looked at me and sighed.
"I've tried my best with you Franklin but you never learn." She said walking out the classroom.
As she left,I pulled my phone from my black skinny jeans left pocket. 1 new message. It was from my dad.
'Hey Frankie,guess what? You know my best friend Jack? Well he's son is moving to your school
isn't that great? He has bright red hair so watch out!!!!xxxx'
I didn't really care if I was being quiet honest. I put my phone back into my pocket and headed out the classroom,picking up my bag as I did. I didn't care if I had to stop over,I wanted to get home. I quickly slid out the door to see the principal with Jack. My dad's best friend.
"Hey Frankie!" He said walking over to me.
I smiled at him. "Hi sir,Hi Jack!"
As Jack walked towards me behind him I saw a young boy. Bright red hair,dark eyes,pale face. Beautiful infact.
"This is my son Gerard! Say hi Gerard."
"Hi Gerard." He muttered not looking up.
I giggled a bit and he looked up,staring into my eyes. I started to blush,my heart pounding.
"Well hope to see you round school! I better be heading home!" I said waving to Jack as I walked down the corridor. As I turned the corridor I leaned up the wall. Was it true? Was I in love?
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