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Chapter 9

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The morning after, Ray decided to drive Mikey back to Eel Marsh house. They sat together talking about how they needed to sell the Bryar’s property as soon as possible before the village people got even more upset. But it seemed to be too late as on the outskirts of the village, what looked like the entire town had gathered on the road and were blocking it for Ray and Mikey to drive through. Gerard turned around to face them and everyone could see the fury on his face.

Gerard started to walk to the car before somebody managed to grab him just in time and prevent him from getting too close to the car. He spat out his words in a bitter manner as he addressed a very startled looking Mikey “You should have left. You should have gone when we told you to.” He pointed behind him “His little girl is dead!” Mikey realised that he was pointing to the large man that he had seen carrying Victoria earlier.

The large man broke the silence that had fallen upon the village by saying “You saw her.” Tears were filling up in his eyes and his voice was choked. Mikey couldn't really blame him. Obviously he would be in this state after the horrific way in which his daughter had died. “You saw that woman at the house.”

Mikey’s eyes widened. How could he know about the woman he had saw lurking around the fields? Mikey had told the constable but it didn't seem very likely that he would've told anyone else of what he had saw. He questioned in his mind why the people were so upset over the woman who was spotted on the marshes and why his arrival was so unsettling. Ray spoke before he could ask.

“Oh get him home, this isn’t helping, all your superstitious rubbish.”

Gerard managed to push past the man holding him back and walk right up to Ray’s car. He looked him dead in the eye and said “was it superstitious rubbish that took your boy?” He did not regret what he had said judging by the anger in his eyes and the stern expression on his face

Ray glared at Gerard and was just about ready to jump out the car and hit him but Mikey had managed to hold him back. The village turned quiet again. All eyes were on the two men in the car.

“I’ll take him to the station then.” Mikey frowned at Ray as he began to reverse his car. The villagers were walking away back to their homes when Ray suddenly put his foot on the pedal and drove down the road as fast as he could before he could be stopped.

Once at the gates of Eel Marsh house Ray pulled out a drawstring bad that was filled with food and handed it to Mikey. “Here, this should last you the night.” As Mikey climbed out the vehicle Ray said “I’ll pick you up again tonight?”

“No, I’d rather just work through the night.” Mikey replied.

“Well,” Ray looked slightly worried, “you can take the dog then.” He whistled at the Border terrier in the back seat of the car and it immediately jumped up and out the car, standing by Mikey’s feet. “It makes for good company.”

Mikey and the dog watched as Ray began to drive back down the road which was once again becoming shrouded in a thick fog. He and the dog began to walk through the forest and round to the entrance of Eel Marsh house.

Ok so I haven't updated this in so long and I'm annoyed at how short this chapter is but I felt like I needed to update it. I have less than a week left of my Easter Holidays and then I go back to school and soon after that my exams will start. That means I will be doing a lot more studying than writing, SORRY! Rate and Review
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