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Miller welding firm is a class act.

I have a decision when it arrives to the welding device I use. I could choose to use ESAB, Lincoln Welding, Fronius, Panasonic, and a bunch of other folks. But I select Miller Welding equipment. Why? There are in fact several factors but the number one explanation is the men and women. Each Miller Electrical agent that I have dealt with has been educated and a lot more than useful. Soon after visiting the Miller Welding gear headquarters in Appleton, Wisconsin, and seeing the rigorous tests the welding machines go through, I am even a lot more persuaded that they make top quality welding equipment.

I attended a target team type seminar once that was largely comprised of professionals that fixed welding machines. They all chosen operating on Miller welding equipment. When I requested why, they all agreed that client assist, parts availability and dependability, ended up large elements that impressed them.

I have welded with Miller, L-Tec, Linde, Lincoln, Hobart, and even JC Penney welding machines. Truthfully, if someone ended up to paint them all black, I am not sure I could explain to some of them apart by the arc (The JC Penney one particular, I certainly could inform). But the consumer support point, thats what tends to make the variation. If I have a difficulty with a device that is nonetheless beneath warranty, I dont get some jerk on the telephone inquiring me what I did improper. What I do get is the Miller Welding Rep creating certain my machine receives picked up and sent to the mend shop and returned to me great as new.
I have heard some stories about the customer support of other welding device businesses. I have also listened to that most of the large welding device organizations are stepping up to the plate now. But Miller established the bar.
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