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Family Reunion pt. 1

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Harry Potter is aware of the wizarding world. The only problem is he grew up apart from it. When he explored the magical world, he found danger, wonder, and friendship.

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Disclaimer: This fan fiction was based on the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. I do not claim ownership on any character created by J.K. Rowling, and no money is collected from this story. This is one way I show appreciation to J.K. Rowling's works. Other names or places on this story are fictional. Any similarity to actual name is purely coincidental.

Chapter 6: Family Reunion pt. 1

The Slymey Slug was much like the Leaky Cauldron but with much shadier patrons. It welcomed anyone who had gold to spend. This was nothing out of the ordinary in the cutthroat businesses in Knockturn Alley. However, gold or not, you would get thrown out if you made a comment on a certain misspelled word. The one thing Malcolm Peon, bartender-owner of the Slymey Slug, hated the most, was to be reminded of his low intellect. Now, a simple word correction spell would have solved his problem. But, Peon took perverse pleasure in throwing people out. It somehow made him feel superior.

"Here you are Mr. Flint, a bottle of Ogden's Firewhisky," the bartender said merrily, pouring some on a glass and setting it in front of his grumpy customer. "Not like it's any of my business, but isn't it a little early to indulge in alcohol?"

"You're right. It is none of your business," Flint answered coldly, drinking the shot in one go. He grabbed the bottle, poured himself another, and drank it straight. He still felt the pain from the earlier punishment of the Dark Lord for his failure to capture the Potter squib.

"Rough mission?" Peon asked conversationally while cleaning a glass. He might not be smart, but he knew information was as good as gold especially in these times.

"Go away!" Flint shouted harshly. He balefully glared at the nosy bartender who moved at the far corner of the counter. He, then, shifted his glare to his empty glass and filled it up. "I am a pureblood. You are nothing but a squib, Potter. I'll kill you even if the last thing I ever do," he muttered angrily. He didn't realize his angry muttering was heard clearly by the bartender, thanks to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Extendable Ears.

Meanwhile, at the Potter Manor, the Potters and a friend were enjoying a delicious breakfast. Remus came over and joined them as he would sometimes do. They were having light conversation while eating their meals when Enjay, their house elf, told them of a fire call from Auror Tonks. Tonks informed them that Harry was arrested for assaulting aurors. James and Remus immediately opened the floo network to the Ministry to verify the unbelievable news. Lily kept her children company in the sitting room, but was too restless so she went to the kitchen and baked crumpets.

"Chel, do you think Harry is alright," asked a raven haired twelve year old boy, his brown green eyes anxious. He was reclining on the sofa wearing a red t-shirt with the word Gryffindor Rules on the front. His denim clad legs stretched out.

A red haired girl looked up from the magazine she was reading. "I don't know. Hopefully dad will tell us something when he gets back," she reassured, smiling at him. She went back to reading her Witch Weekly magazine.

He and his sister Chenelle had known they had an older brother. They also knew their parents sent him to live with Dudley's family because his parents were muggles. For a long time, it saddened them to think that he was a squib especially his mum. He and his sister wanted to give him presents for his birthdays and Christmases. But their parents told them it was best that Harry didn't know. They didn't understand but they obeyed. But now that he's not a squib, he hoped they would have brotherly fun together like the Weasley's. He loved his sister no doubt about that. They sometime pranked each other. But when it came right down to it, she's a girl with her girly habits. He hoped with all his heart that Harry would stay with them.

Chel wasn't doing much reading. Her hazel eyes were unfocused. She hoped the aurors were alright. She knew Harry lost his guardian and was grieving, so it would be understandable that he would be short tempered. Considering how arrogant some aurors were, she wouldn't be surprised at all. She cast a secret glance at his brooding baby brother. She loved her brother to death. They always played together when they were small children and had fun too. After all, there was only a year difference between their ages. But when it came right down to it, he's a boy with his ghastly habits. She prayed with all her heart that Harry wouldn't be too angry with them.

Lily was quietly sitting on a chair, silent tears course down her still attractive face. She remembered the anguish on Harry's face when he realized that his guardian was dead. It nearly broke her heart to see his oldest son in pain. After she went home that day, a floodgate of guilt and pain in her heart burst open. She became so hysterical that Madam Pomfrey had to be called and give her a calming draught and a sleeping potion. James and the children were scared out of their wits. They had never seen her so distraught. She was usually calm and self-assured.

Lily considered it her fault, as much as the Death Eater who killed Harry's guardian that he suffered at a young age. She shouldn't have given him away. She knew Petunia wouldn't treat him right but she still hoped. She was proven wrong when Harry was given another guardian. She was a muggleborn witch. She shouldn't have listened to the healer who performed the magical scans on Harry when he was a baby or followed the usual custom of magical community concerning a squib child. They shouldn't have... and she wept once more in guilt. As it happened, she and James were wrong. Harry was magic. It took a long time to manifest, but there it was.

She anxiously wondered if Harry would accept them. She wiped the tears off her face with a table napkin and composed herself. James and Remus would be home soon and Enjay would want his kitchen back to prepare lunch. She stood and checked the crumpets in the oven. She desperately hoped the incident with the aurors were all a big misunderstanding.

James and Remus purposely strode through the hallway of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. They went to the office of Gawain Robards, head of the department.

"Auror Potter, Mr. Lupin, how may I help you?" Chief Robards asked graciously as he leaned back from reading a parchment and gestured for them to sit. "Auror Potter, I thought you're on vacation until September 2nd?"

"We came here about a boy named Harry Evans. We heard he was in your custody sir," James said as he and Remus sat down facing the Chief. "We would like to know what happened."

"Is there any reason why you are interested?" Chief Robards inquired curiously. Remus answered the question seeing the uncertain expression on James face.

"I was supposed to pick him up tomorrow and accompany him to my house when we found out he was here," Remus explained. "Auror Tonks is a good friend of ours and she knows Mr. Evans is my responsibility."

"Could you please tell us what happened sir?" James asked anxiously.

Chief Robards gave them a measuring look. "It seemed Mr. Evans was attacked by Death Eaters."

"What!" James yelled as he stood up in surprise. "Is he hurt? Is he alright?" James asked in concern as he leaned over the table.

Remus held his arm. "Calm down, James. If you take your seat, I'm sure Chief Robards will tell us."

Chief Robards was a little surprised by James outburst. "Relax Potter, he's alright. The Death Eaters were another matter," said the Chief who was impressed with Harry. "I have never seen anything like it. He defeated six Death Eaters with nothing more than his wits and some darts dipped in some muggle sleeping potion."

James and Remus had a confused look. "So why was he arrested for assaulting aurors?" James asked.

"Well, when the aurors apparated to Mr. Evans' house in response to the alarm, he attacked the first auror he saw. He probably would have beaten the second one to a pulp if Auror Hanley didn't stop him," Chief Robards said gravely.

"What!" James yelled again. "It was an obvious case of mistaken identity. He was being attacked by Death Eaters. Of course, he would assume that more Death Eaters were coming."

"Be that as it may, Auror Potter, assault on an auror is a criminal offense. But, I agree with you." James heaved a sigh of relief. "It was a case of mistaken identity, so the magistrate fined him with two hundred galleons," Chief Robards said.

"What!" James yelled for the third time. "Isn't that a lot of gold for a simple misunderstanding?"

"That simple misunderstanding sent two of my aurors to St. Mungo," Chief Robards said in a steely voice.

James wrestled with his rising temper. Remus was no help at all. In fact, he seemed amused. "Will he be released immediately after I pay the fine?" James asked seriously.

"Get me a release form from Lucy and I will sign it. It will help expedite the matter," Chief Robards replied, going back to reading a parchment. James and Remus stood up and arranged the immediate release of Harry.

Harry anxiously paced inside his small cell in his torn pajamas. He was given a potion for the pain and salves for the bruises in his right eye and cheek and other parts of his body. He had a small wash basin and bedpan for his sanitary needs and a small cot for sleeping. He had been here since one in the morning. He was hungry and sweaty. He was probably going to be here for a long time. He was worrying how he could pay the two hundred galleons fine.

"Evans, you're free to go," the auror guard said, opening the bar door of his cell.

Harry looked at him quizzically but didn't question him. He was brought inside an office and saw Mr. Lupin and another auror cloaked wizard.

"Hello Harry, glad to see you again," Remus greeted with a smile, extending his hand for a handshake. He noticed Harry's disheveled appearance. "I heard you had quite an excitement."

"I'm glad to see you too Mr. Lupin." Harry shook Remus' hand. "And I'll choose a quiet night over that kind of excitement, anytime," Harry said smiling.

"As I said before, call me Remus," Remus reminded him. "Oh, this is a good friend of mine, James Potter. He paid your fine and arranged for your early release."

James just stood still. He didn't know what to do. He felt proud that Harry could take care of himself at the same time ashamed for abandoning him. He noticed the Potter features and the emerald eyes of Lily. He also noticed the confident way Harry held himself. His son grew up, and he wasn't a part of it.

Harry met James' eyes. "Potter... the Death Eater that got away called me Potter. I told him he made a mistake but he still insisted," Harry said softly never taking his curious gaze off James.

"Look Harry... why don't we go to James' house. I'm sure you're hungry and need a change of clothes. We can explain everything there," Remus intervened quickly, too quickly.

"I don't know," Harry answered hesitantly. "I don't like to impose. Maybe we can go to my place,"

"My wife and children would love you to join us. It's no bother at all," James said persuasively, speaking at last. Harry looked at the two of them with indecision, and then finally agreed.

"But I have to stop by the farmhouse for a change of clothes, at least," Harry hedged.

When James came out of the floo network at Potter Manor, Lily immediately ran to him and asked about Harry. He wrapped an arm around her and guided her to the sofa. James clasped his wife's hands with his and explained as simply as he could.

"He's alright. It was just a huge misunderstanding. He was fined two hundred galleons for the assault on the aurors. I paid the fine and invited Harry for lunch," James said calmly.

"Harry will eat here?" Lily asked horrified. She suddenly stood up and quickly walked towards the kitchen. "I have to tell Enjay we're going to have a special visitor." She stopped suddenly and turned to James. "You have to tell the children Harry will be here and they better behave." And with that, she's gone.

James was left on the sofa stunned. One minute Lily was a bundle of nerve and the next she's a task master. He stood up shaking his head, an amused expression on his face. He went looking for the children to tell the news. He hoped the much awaited family reunion didn't turn volatile.

Harry was glad to be back in familiar surroundings. He had double checked the farmhouse, released the few animals he had, and locked the tool shed. Everything seemed to be in order except for the shamble in the living room which was easily fixed, thanks to Remus. Harry was impressed when he saw Remus merely swished and flicked his wand without saying any spell.

Harry was trying to brush his hair into submission but to no avail. He looked at himself one last time when he noticed the similarity of his face to that of James Potter.

"Can we be related by any chance?" he murmured to the image at the mirror feeling somehow ill at ease.

He and Remus were outside when he looked back at the Wicker farmhouse with sadness in his eyes. He had a feeling he wouldn't see this farmhouse for a long time. After they disappeared, a figure stepped out of its hiding place.
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