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Wanna collab?

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What the title says, yo. :P

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SO. We all got time on our hands, right? I would like to collab with someone or much much someone's! I dunno, I just feel like doing something with you wonderful writers out there (is flattery working on ya? XD)

I'm horrid at plots but I hear I make a decent dialogue, so what do ya say? I'd be willing to do just about anything, really. Stories, fan versions of how things should go down, screenplays, even a forth Godfather part would be okay with me.

Soooooooooo lemme know, dudes! Let's do this creative thing they call writing (too lame? sorry that it sounds like i caught a case of awkward from my dad).

Oh, here's a lil' bit of my writing (it's a beginning to a story that failed very was also meant for a collab on an MCR fic but that failed, too. XD):

Alfie was a douchebag.

And Bryar was currently standing inside the mudroom of the police station. He didn't have the bailout money...why would he just let five hundred bucks even hang around? He glanced through the window, laying on the cool thick, like peanut butter or something, and saw his neighbor's kid staring him back pleadingly.

He paused on acknowledging the kid, if only to let him sweat a while, before pointedly mouthing 'I'm not your babysitter'.
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