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What's Wrong With Atlanta?

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Finally it's morning and Atlanta's still acting strange... Jay takes a more negative perspective on the idea, but Theresa thinks it's great--- until she learns that Archie heard Atlanta scream, yet...

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A/N: Sorry about that, to those of you who I told I was going to update yesterday. I did intend to update this story, as well as a fair amount of my other stories, most of which are over at Anyways, yesterday my mom ended up waking me up bright and early in the morning to go to this campsite and visit with one of her friends- and when we got back home, we just went back out with my dad to see my moms friend. Didn't get back until one in the morning, and I'm not allowed online past midnight. So, here we are now, sorry about that, but I did honestly mean to update yesterday, and would have otherwise.

Note: In answer to a question asked by Moopy, the affects of the arrow will last a few days at least, not sure entirely yet but as the story progresses I will keep you informed on how long it will last.

Disclaimer: As usual, Class of the Titans isn't mine.

Arrows of Love

Chapter Three: What's Wrong With Atlanta?

Archie opened his bedroom door, ready to go to bed after racing Atlanta home, but stopped when he felt two arms wrap around his waist. He looked down at the hands and then turned, seeing Atlanta hugging him. What the...?

"Uh... Atlanta?" Archie asked, confused. Atlanta let go of him and wrapped her arms around his neck, sliding her head into the space between his neck and shoulder. Why is she suddenly acting as if she... likes me? I mean, I know she likes me, we're friends, but I mean- likes me, likes me.

"Good night, Archie!" Atlanta cooed, standing on her tiptoes and planting a soft kiss on Archie's cheek. She turned on her heel and walked into her own room, leaving behind a pleased, yet bewildered Archie, touching the spot where Atlanta kissed him with his hand. Dopey grin on his face, Archie decided not to try and figure out the strange ways a girls mind worked, and simply accept it. He was sure that in the morning, Atlanta would be her usual, competitive self, and probably forget all about this insane wackiness.

The next morning, however, when Archie was planning on spending the early morning and maybe even the early afternoon, sleeping, he was awoken by a figure jumping on his bed, telling him to wake up.

Which, like any sane person at five o'clock in the morning, wasn't taken to very kindly.

"Archie! Wake up, it's morning!" Atlanta exclaimed excitedly, poking him in the nose. Archie turned over on his side, groaning and covered his face with a pillow. If he ignored her, she'd go away...

Whoever said that was clearly wrong, because it only aggravated Atlanta more. She grabbed the pillow from his face, grabbed the one under his head, and sat on her knees at the end of the bed, waiting for Archie to get up.

"Atlanta, it's five in the morning. What's so important that you had to wake me up?" Archie asked, trying but failing to stifle a yawn. Atlanta stifled a yawn herself, but smiled brightly.

"I couldn't sleep and I wanted to see you," Atlanta told him. Archie sat up straight at hearing that, and immediately rushed to feel her head.

"Huh, you don't feel like you have a fever..." Archie muttered, more to himself than anything, but Atlanta heard nevertheless. She pulled his hand away from her head, but held on to it.

"Of course I don't feel like I have a fever, I don't have one! What's so strange about me wanting to see you?" Atlanta asked, confused. Archie sighed and ran a hand through his already messy bed hair. Now I know something's up... Archie thought. Suddenly, the reason to Atlanta's strange behaviour came to him. Theresa probably told her that I like her! And now... Atlanta's playing a joke on me. Typical. Or else, she's just playing a joke on me and doesn't realize I like her.

"Jokes over, Atlanta." Archie told her. "Now go back to bed, and let me do the same," Archie told her, falling back onto the mattress. His head had just sunk into the pillow he had reclaimed from Atlanta, when she lied down next to him, pulling the covers over her. Sighing, Archie sat up a bit and turned to her. "Your bed, Atlanta." he told her softly, although wishing he hadn't. Atlanta would probably leave now, and go to her room, sticking her tongue out at him before she left. Instead, Atlanta sat up and looked down at him.

"Archie, why did you say earlier, "Jokes over"?" Atlanta asked. "I don't remember saying any joke," she added, confused. At least, she seemed that way- but Archie was sure it was an act, one that was wearing on his patience- he loved practical jokes as much as the next person, but when it involved tugging at his heart and being naive when Archie knew what she was doing, it wasn't all that funny.

"I mean, you. Acting as if you like me." Archie told her reluctantly. Getting the words out was hard for him, because he was almost afraid that somehow Atlanta would pick up on his feelings for her in his voice and ignore him for life. Nothing irrational about that fear, huh Archie?/ He told himself sarcastically. /Just like your fear of water...

"But I do like you, Archie. A lot. Why does that surprise you?" Atlanta asked him. Archie was surprised at her answer, but then stopped to think for a moment. Atlanta, he knew, wasn't the type of person who would pull a joke like this anyways. And if she did, it wouldn't last very long because she'd burst out laughing immediately, holding the sides of her stomach and tell him it was all just a big joke.

Yet, she hadn't. And she seemed serious, and truthful. But why the sudden change? She just started acting like I knew she liked me, and then when I asked her about it, she was confused. Ugh, this is way too early to be thinking this hard. Archie thought, glancing over at the clock on his bedside table.

"You... like me?" Archie asked, hopeful. He knew that asking this question was necessary- if Atlanta was joking, now would be the time where she would burst out laughing, apologize for waking him up so early but tell him it was his own fault for falling for her joke. Then maybe a sly comment where she'd ask him if he wanted her to like him as more than a friend, and the question of why he seemed hopeful at the thought.

"Yes..." Atlanta replied more seriously now. "I really do, Archie." she added. Archie stared back at her, stunned, at a loss of words to say. Finally, he gulped and took a deep breath.

"I... really care about you a lot." Archie admitted finally. He found it hard to be saying these words, but if Atlanta liked him so much- why was it so hard for him to tell her he felt the same? While Archie was battling himself in his mind, tears spilt over Atlanta's eyes and Archie looked up, hearing her muffled sobs. "What's wrong?" Archie asked, startled at the sudden change of mood. Atlanta started to get up, but Archie grabbed her arm and stopped her. "Lanta?" he replied softly.

"You... don't like me." she replied finally.

"Yes, I do, it's just- I find it hard to actually say it, when I've been keeping it from you for so long." Archie told her. Atlanta moved up the bed next to Archie and crawled under the covers, cuddling in closer to him.

"How long have you liked me?" she asked, no longer sad. Archie thought for a moment, and then smiled at her.

"Well, I think since we met, but I can't say for sure- I didn't realize that I liked you until shortly after our first run-in with Cerberus." Archie told her. "And then I was going to ask you out, but DJ Panic- I mean, Pan," Archie added as an afterthought, "He came, and you really seemed to like him. After that, a right time... it just never came," he looked down and saw Atlanta close her eyes, and smiled. Maybe I should... Archie yawned. Go to sleep... too... And with that thought, Archie was soon fast asleep.


Theresa looked up from her bowl of cereal to see quite an interesting sight. Archie and Atlanta both came down the stairs, only Archie was wearing a t-shirt and chasing after Atlanta who was running around with his sweater tied around her head. Theresa smiled. Weird, but... maybe Atlanta is finally cluing in to Archie's feelings for her. Theresa took a sip of her orange juice that she had, and then looked up again, surprised to see Jay staring suspiciously after Archie and Atlanta.

"Uh, Jay?" Theresa asked. Jay turned to her startled and then sat down, pulling the box of cereal to himself.

"What?" he asked her calmly. Theresa glanced over at Archie and Atlanta, both of them laughing and heading in to the kitchen where they were currently sitting.

"Can I talk to you- outside?" Theresa asked. Jay shrugged and started to open the door to go outside, but Theresa grabbed his arm and rolled her eyes, groaning in frustration. "I didn't mean that literally, Jay," Theresa informed him. She looked around, making sure that in the living room they were far out of earshot of Archie and Atlanta, or anyone else for that matter, before turning to Jay.

"What was that all about?" she asked him, crossing her arms.

"I... what was what about?" Jay asked her. Theresa rolled her eyes.

"You seemed so... suspicious, earlier. When Archie and Atlanta came downstairs."

"I... is it only me who finds it odd that all of a sudden Archie and Atlanta are acting as if they're dating?" Jay asked her. Theresa nodded.

"Uh, yeah, it is. So what? They went out last night- maybe something happened." Theresa suggested. Jay's head shot up at this and he turned to her.

"Atlanta and Archie went out? But Athena told us-"

"Not everyone is afraid of breaking the rules every now and then, Jay. Just because Athena told us to go to bed, doesn't mean we had to listen. We're teenagers, Jay. Granted, we have a bit of a mission that takes over that part of our lives, but we're still teenagers. Sometimes, I think you forget that." Theresa added, sighing. Jay watched her enter the kitchen, and stared after her confused. /I don't forget that... I know we're teenagers. But Cronus- /That's what she means, an evil voice interrupted. Jay shook his head, trying to block out that voice- but it wouldn't leave. Cronus this, and Cronus that. No wonder she doesn't like you... Jay grabbed his sweater and walked out the door. He was going to go for a walk and clear his head.


"So, did you guys have fun boarding last night?" Theresa asked quietly, once Athena had left the dorm. Atlanta nodded cheerfully.

"Yeah, it was a lot of fun! But Archie here kept telling me that I screamed, it was really weird. Anyway, we're going to catch a movie, see you later!" Atlanta replied. She stood up and grabbed Archie's hand, dragging him to the door. Theresa sat at the table, a frown already forming on her face. Atlanta sounds as if she didn't scream, but why would Archie mention it if he didn't hear it? I hope there's nothing wrong with Atlanta... Theresa thought worriedly, biting her bottom lip. She quickly finished her cereal and grabbed her coat. She was off to the school to see if she could find out about Atlanta's mysterious behaviour- she just hoped that the way Atlanta had been acting at breakfast was the result of a crush on Archie, and not something Cronus would do. She didn't know how Archie would take it if he learned that Atlanta really didn't have any more-than-just-friends feelings for him.


Once Archie and Atlanta had arrived at the movie theatre, they were discouraged to see the long line-up was all the way down the street.

"Oh yeah, that new movie everyone's been talking about opens up today. So... did you want to wait in line?" Archie asked. Atlanta shook her head.

"I have a better idea..." she replied mysteriously, grabbing Archie's hands and dragging him, to where... only she knew.

A/N: Ahh sorry about the confusion there, this ended up being REALLY late, sorry 'bout that, computer problems. 'Nuff said. Anyway, this chapter wasn't meant to be but it turned out to be a more... plot filler, chapter. I didn't really like it myself, maybe that was just me, but I promise that I just wanted to get out the fact that Atlanta 'loves' Archie and he needed to know. Next chapter, expect fluff, humor, and possibly (although this is NOT definite!) Some revelations about why Atlanta is acting the way she is. Possibly. Also, some arguments between Archie and Jay, and another possibility that is again, NOT definite yet, Eros making another appearance. Anyway, R&R please, even if this chapter was lacking I'd still like to know what you thought overall. Thanks to those who reviewed the past few chapters, you guys rock my multi-coloured socks! WOOT!
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