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Gasoline and fire together are very dangerous...

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Ursula and me smiled with saticefation. Delilah quickly pushed me away when I kissed her. Ursula and me quickly ran to hide in the corner, eavesdropping into their coversation. Julius' face was priceless!

"Sorry to introrupt," said Julius coldly.

"Julius, he came onto me. I didn't want it." She replied.

"Sure," Julius said, rolling his eyes.

"Why don't you trust me?" She said, being hurt.

"Well, you haven't been good with trusting me either when Ursula came onto me." Julius cried out.

Delilah ended up smirking. "Are you jealous, Julius? That Emmet came and hit on me?"

"I'm not jealous." Julius said in defence. "It's're important to me, ok? You deserve someone better then him."

"Thanks for caring, Juls." She said. "You deserve better than Ursula, too."

Then they gave a hug, while laughing.

WHAT? Delilah derserves someone better then me? That son of a bitc-

But Ursula cut me off.

"I have another thing in plan." She told me, grabbing my arm.

She took me to the academy garage.

"What are we doing here?" I asked her.

"Julius and Delilah always come here at this time." She explained. "This is sorta like their hang-out."

"Your point?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

She picked up a rock on the ground, and chucked it at the light bulb. The crashing made me jump. We were left in the dark.

"Why'd you do that for?" I asked her.

Ursula still didn't reply. She grabbed a white candle in a silver platter thing. She then poured gasoline all over the candle. She then put matches by the candle.

"Are you nuts? Gasonline and fire will cause a huge fire!" I cried out.

"Exactly. And knowing D and J, they will light the candle." She said, smirking.

"Woah, we're not going to kill them...are we?" I asked with worry in my voice.

"Whatever it takes to make them suffer like we did." She replied.



Delilah and me always went to the academy garage. It was like our place to be alone, where no one would introrupt us. We opened the garage, to be greeted by darkness. God, did it ever smell awful.

"Crap. The light bulbs broken." moaned Delilah. "Oh,'s a candle."

She then slowly began to lit the match. Then, I relized what that smell was...gasonline!

"DELILAH, NO!" I screamed, but it was too late.

She lit the candle, and a second later, the whole place was on fire. We both screamed in surprise. I grabbed Delilahs hand, and heading for the exit. The roof began to fall down, and blocked the exit. Oh, crap. The room began to get really hot. I pulled Delilah in a hug. We knew we were going to die. The smoke and heat was getting to us.

"Delilah, if we don't make it out alive, I have something to tell you..." I began.

Now was the time, Julius Chavalier. The time to tell her what you think about her. Don't chicken out...we're going to die anyways.

"Delilah...I...I..." I began, while Delilah was starring in my eyes.

But then, Delilah and me fainted from the heat, and everything went black....



I woked up in pain. Oh, what happened? I opened my eyes to see I was in the academy hospital. There was black all over my skin, and appart of it was ripped. It was so sore. Then it hit me...that fire! Where'd Julius go? Did he survive? I turned my head to see him in the other bed beside me, sleeping...or was he unconscious?

"Julius?" I cried out.

Julius moaned, as he slowly open his eyes. "Delilah?"

Julius looked just as bad as me, with black all over his skin and being ripped.

"Oh, Good, man. You two are awake," said Al, walking in. "What happened?"

"I don't know..." I began. "The light bulb in the academy garage was broken, so we found a candle. I began to lit it, but Julius realized it had gasonline on it. Before he warned me, it was too late."

"gasonline on a candle?" Al said, confused. "Who'd be stupid enough to do that?"

"Maybe someone by accident spilt on it." Julius said, shrugging.

"Maybe." Al replied, scratching his chin. "Well, in good news, kiddos, your condions aren't bad. You guys just pasted out from the smoke. You're so lucky Nosey noticed the fires smoke and saved your butts."

"Nosey saved us?" Delilah asked.

"Yeah. You owe him a thank-you." Al said. "Stay here for the night. You need rest."

Al soon left. Julius stared at me. "Delilah, that gasonline on the candle...Ursula and Emmet flirting with us...something doesn't add up. Do you think they're jealous of us?...jealous enough to kill us?"

"I know Emmet and Ursula are jealous of us," I told Julius. "But not jealous enough to try to get us banned from the academy...would they?"

"They tried to kill you, De." Julius reminded me. "They'll stop at nothing till they kill us."

Julius paused. "Why would we be banned from the academy?"

"Probley not. But I'll probley want to quit if this continues."

"Delilah, please don't leave me here."

"I'd never do that."




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