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My Confidence

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Delilah and Julius talk.

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Julius and me were released from the hospital next morning. He told us we'd be fine, and put some lotion on our burned and ripped skin. Nosey came to visit us.

"Thank God you two are ok," Replied Nosey, giving a sigh of relief.

"Al told us you saved our butts," Julius said. "Thanks."

"Yeah, thanks." I added.

"That was some fire." Nosey commented.

"Yeah. Immagine to experianced it," Joked Julius. "Hey, Nosey...was Emmet and Ursula near the fire at the time? Anything suspecious?"

"Now that I think about it," Nosey said, thinking. "I saw Emmet and Ursula excited that building about half an hour before the fire."

Nosey then left when he had to clean the horse stables, making me give Delilah the "I told you so" look. Delilah rolled her eyes.

"They're insane," She muttered. "Totally insane."

We looked for Emmet and Ursula in the acdemy lounge. Anger filled my eyes when I saw the two laughing. They stopped laughing when they saw the two of us.

"What do you want?" asked Ursula rudely.

Julius made a fake laugh. "What do WE want? We want to be alive, and you two stop trying to kill us!"

"What are you talking about?" Asked Emmet, acting stupid.

"You put gasonline on that candle. If it wasn't for Nosey, we would be dead." I said.

Ursula switched the subject. "So, Delilah...I heard you got tricked to think Ria was your mom." (a/n: Truth Be Gold)

I gave her a cold look. "So what?"

"you're so guillable," spat out Ursula. "You're mother is probley dead, looking down at you, and could I have a daughter like her?"

I gasped. That hurt. Why didn't she stab a knife at my heart? It would hurt less. Not wanting to let the others to see my crying, I ran out of the acdemy.

"Delilah, wait!" cried out Julius, trying to catch up with me.

I didn't listen. I just kept on running. It was hard to see, for my sight was blind with tears. My chest began to ache from running, and it was emmotionally hurt, making me try to breathe through my snobs. Soon, I just fell to the ground on my knees, and cried in my hands.

Julius ran up to me. He gave me a hug, and I cried in his shoulder. Julius didn't mind me crying near his ear, or his shirt getting wet. He didn't speak. He knew I didn't want to talk about it, and he understood that.

I then decided I want to talk about it. Julius would understand. "Maybe I am a dissapointment to my mom."

"Delilah, don't say that," Julius said. "I'm positive your mother is more than proud of you."

"I don't even know my mom. I don't know if she's dead or alive." I moaned.

Julius pt me in a tighter sqeeze, and I began to feel more safe in his arms.

"It sucks...all I ever wanted was a family..." I cried out.

"I feel the same way, De," Julius said, rubbing my back. "But I do have family."

I looked at him wierd. He had no family left, what was he talking about? Julius noticed the expression on my face.

"Al is like my father," explained Julius. "Scarlett is like my mother. I mean, they raised us since we were little, right?"

I nodded my head.

"...And you..." He said, almost whispering from being embarressed. "Are like my twin sister."

"I feel the same way, Julius." I said.

We broke from our hug. "We'll always have a family at the acdemy." Julius said. "And I'll never be alone with you."

We both smiled, and got lost in each others eyes. When we realized we were staring at each other, we both looked away uncomfortablely.

"Delilah, I've been thinking..."


"Well, we're not safe at the acdemy. Exspecally while Emmet and Ursula are around."

"What are you saying, Juls?"

"You made a promise you wouldn't leave the academy without me...I think we should run away from the academy."


"Just listen. Emmet and Ursula are here to make our lives miserable. They're insane, they're trying to kill us."

I thought for a moment. What he said make sence. "But what about Al...Scarlett...saving the world?"

"We'll keep in contact with Al and Scarlett, without letting Emmet and Ursula know. As for saving the world...we won't be able to save it if we're dead."

Followed by that sentence, I grabbed a pen and paper, and begin to write Julius and my run-away note...

Dear Al and Scarlett,

We must explain our desperate act, of us running away. We have to get away from Emmet and Ursula. They're too jealous, that they tried to kill us. Please don't think this is your fault, because it's not. I hope we can stay in contact with e-mail. We are planning to stay at the Holiday Inn motel. We'll have our labtop, so feel free to e-mail us. Please remember that we love you guys so much. You are like a mother and father to us. Thanks for everything.


Delilah and Julius

We then went back to the academy, to look at our home for the last time. We then slid the note under Al's office door, then went to walk around the academy for the last time.


xxDarkness' Kidxx
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