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Cronos has sunk to a new low playing on the team's weaknesses. As a team they are strong, but individually? also a new baddie in later chaps

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Ahhhh.....finially got around to typing this. I don't own class of the titans, but if i was on the team i would use this site for ideas on the show and give heaps of credit to the fanfic writer....but i don't, so don't get your hopes up....pity though


Atlanta sat on the lounge and sighed. It had been a week since Archie had left to go see his parents wedding and nothing had happened. No Cronos, no races...nothing at all competitive. The other titans just didn't have that competitive edge like Archie had. Sighing once more she stood up and went out the dormitory door. But before she could jog her way down the dormitory steps, Jay spotted her
"Hey, where are you going?"

"Jog in the park. I'm going to try to beat my new record"

"'kay, but be careful. With one of us gone, the team is a easy target for Cronos"

"Yeah yeah"

Cronos stood proudly over his silver pool scratching his chin; thinking. His giants were pathetic, were beaten every time by seven miserable teenagers. He needed a trap...if he could set his monster on the Titans one by a team they were strong, but individually?
"Show me the Titans" he commanded the pool. As the last word left his lips the water began to squirl colours of orange, red and gold. When the surface stilled it was divided into three. The first third was Atlanta running in the park. The second third was black....

"Of coarse," the God of Time thought to himself "Hera has protected the resting place"

But the last third showed a scene the God had not expected to see. One of the Titans with violet hair sat in a hospital cradling a baby. "Very well" said Cronos to himself "I shall attack the titans separately, starting with the two that are alone...or" he thought silently to himself a moment "I shall play on their weakness..." chuckling to himself with the thoughts of what he was about to do, he called for his servants.
"Yes master?" they said stupidly
"Who wants a makeover?"

Archie sat in the hospital, a four hour drive away from the rest of the team. He was holding his new little sister Sharlet in his arms, smiling at her small hands wrapped around his finger His parents were planning to be married this week, but the baby had come early and had delayed their special day by two weeks- but it was worth it.
Archie missed the rest of the team. The past week had been very boring with no training- or Cronos, but it was nice to have a break.
Suddenly a thought occurred to him. Holding his sister with one arm he took out his PMR and set it to camera. Placing it in a tale on a set timer, he took a photo of himself and Sharlet.
Picking it back up again he sent it to the rest of the team. He was only able to shove it back into his pocket when his dad walked in
"Come on son, time to go home"
Archie kissed his sister on the cheek and laid her back into her hospital crib, then followed his father with a thought
"I wonder if Atlanta has got my letter..."

Atlanta stopped and sat down on a park bench. Sweat dripped from her forehead and was about to take a swig out of her water bottle when her PMR beeped.
"Awe" she said when she saw the photo of Archie. Smiling to herself she buzzed Theresa

"What's up 'Lanta?" her voice sounded over the speaker

"Have you seen Archie's pic?"

"Just saw it then. She looks so sweet. A letter arrived for you a moment ago- from Archie"

"Awesome. I'll be right there"

6.72 seconds later Atlanta walked through the door, complaining "Damn, .32 seconds slower then the record"

"That was quick" commented Herry "How long were you gone? 15 minutes?"

"Hey Herry; Theresa said a letter came for me, do you know where it is?"

"Yeah, kitchen table" Odie walked in holding a plate of toast "weird thing was the mail comes at nine. The letter came five minutes ago"

"10:30? Man you're paranoid" Neil watched him through his mirror "You should be more like me....more relaxed, easy going..."

"More wretched and deformed?" Herry Smirked, sounding like Archie

Atlanta didn't hear any of this. in her hand s she held Archie's letter "Weird" she thought "I thought Archie had messier writing then this... oh well, must have improved" as soon as her fingers tore the side of the envelope, an explosion of white powder floated in the air around her face like a cloud. Atlanta inhaled the powder in surprise and shock...when the powder hit her lungs they erupted into a coughing fit

"Atlanta!" Jay cried out, catching her in his outstretched arms before she fell and hit the ground

Atlanta didn't hear any of her teammates cries of shock and surprise. Her lungs burned and she tasted blood on her lips...then her eyes saw nothing but peaceful blackness


constructive critisisisisism if you've picked up any bad gramma let me know because i stayed up late typing this, so my mind is drunk (not literally) and i probably couldn't pick up any bad spelling or nonsence if i tried....oh well...just let me know and i'll fix it
anything you'd like to see in the next chap let me know in your reviews!
oh, and hey. just remember not to rate ANYONE'S story bad i.e illiterate. after all, that's where 'constructive critisism' comes in, cause i read some stories that are really good lately and i fall off my chair everytime when i see some nutcase rated it all wrong
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