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Enough chit chat


Five titans crowded around Atlanta in Chiron's study. Her face was white as a sheet and a red rash covered her neck.

"Is she gonna be okay?" asked Theresa, holding her hand

Chiron shook his head "Never in my thousands of years on existence have I ever seen such a virus"

"Virus?" repeated Odie "but it's a powder....can't you find a cure or something?"

Chiron sighed "Time is against us in two ways. Instead of killing body organs the virus is targeting and killing the blood cells. No blood, no oxygen to the brain, no body heat, no life. In time that we would have found a cure, she will have passed into the underworld"

Jay took a shuddering breath "how else is time against us?"

"Cronos; Seven teenagers fill the prophecy, not six"

"Hh, good, you're all here" said Hera as she strode into the room "We just had a breakthrough in the cure. Nothing big, but a start" the titans seemed somewhat relieved "Now to more serious matters. You say this letter came from Archie. Either he has been possessed or Cronos has found out where you live, therefore you will be moved to a new hideout. But for now you will sleep in the school"

"What about Archie?" Herry spoke up "He's due back here in a few days"

"Herry, Archie is a suspect!" said Theresa, tears streaming down her face "We can't trust him now....what if he's been hypnotized by Cronos?!"

"Arch.....ld nev....o 'hat" mumbled Atlanta

"Atlanta! You're awake!" cried Theresa


Archie sat in the car and did up his seatbelt. His father climbed into the car next to him and drove out of the car park
"When will I be able to see her again?"

"This afternoon if we're lucky" replied dad "Have you got all your stuff ready? You're going back to boarding school tomorrow"

"Yeah....It's in my room" said Archie, looking out the window "I wonder how the others are going" he thought to himself

"What exactly,-JESUS CHRIST!!!" Shouted dad and slammed on the brakes. The car tires screeched to a stop and their necks whip lashed. Ahead of them on the road were five of Cronos' giants, each of them with new qualities. One was breathing fire, another had four arms, a tail with sharp spines, massive strength and the last had a large hammer in his hands- crushing parked cars.

"What the....we're getting out of here" Archie's father put the car in full reverse and crashed the car into a brick wall. Taking the chance, Archie lept out of the car yelling

"Stay here! I'm gong to get help" he looked around for a place to hide and dashed behind a dumpster. Pulling out his PMR he called Jay. If Odie hadn't have updated the PMRs in the last moth, the signal would have never been able to cover the distance

"Jay! Jay are you there!"

"Archie?" he and the other titans' voices sounded in surprise "This isn't really a good time"

"Jay, I need you to lock on my co-ordinates and get here ASAP" He ducked at a street lamp sailed over his head and collided into the brick wall "Cronos' Giants are here! And they're....Hold on!" A car thrown by the giant with four arms rolled in mid air, falling towards him. Taking a chance, the titan ran out behind the dumpster towards his father's car "Just get here now!" he shouted into his PMR

Archie's dad couldn't see anything. An air bag was shoved in his face, blocking everything from his sight. So he never saw Archie pull out his whip from his hoodie pocket and slice off a giant's hand, or see his hair being singed after narrowly missing a flaming ball.
Archie twisted the whip in mid air around his head and brought it back down to the ground with a CRACK! Archie twisted his weapon around and looped around a giant's fist. The giant used it to his advantage and swung the whip around into the wall, taking the violet haired teen with it and slamming him with a tremendous force into the wall. The wall, already weakened gave way and collapsed on top of him, knocking him unconscious and buried; hidden from sight


Jay felt hope when Atlanta woke up and muttered a few sounds in her friend's defense. But he never expected his PMR buzz and hear Archie's panicking voice

"Jay! Jay are you there!"

"Archie, this isn't a good time"

He didn't listen "I need to lock on the my co-ordinates and get down here ASAP" a loud crash and swearing could be heard fro his end

"Archie?! What happened?" but he didn't hear him, and continued rambling on. What the titans heard next made everyone freeze

"Cronos' giants are down here! And they're....Hold on!" at that point the signal was cut off

"What do we do now?" said Neil chewing his fingernails

"We go find him" Herry and Jay answered for him

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