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two down

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"...elp...him" breathed Atlanta

"We will Atlanta, just hang tight", reassured Odie "we'll back as soon as we can"

"Come on guys" said Herry from the doorway "we'll take the portal"

"Be careful" warned Hera "And if you meet up with him test him on something only he would know"

"Will do" promised Jay as they left the hospital wing

Archie's dad had been working on freeing his hands ever since he became stuck by the air bag. Now finially free, he pushed the air bag down; deflating it a little. But it gave him enough room the reach the door handle and squeeze out.
Everything was a mess. Broken glass littered the concrete ground, smashed metal, brick and plastic made the area look like the aftermath of a monster truck rally. The giants were gone...or whatever they were. His son was nowhere to be seen. Grabbing his jacket from the inside of the car, he began the long walk home. The place where he thought his son went
"He's in for a flogging when he gets back" said dad to himself "didn't even bother to help me out...." Mumbling to himself he carried on

When Neil stepped through the portal, he expected to see mud, fallen trees and environmental damage. But when he saw fallen buildings, smashed cars, cracks in the cerement road...his mouth could only fall open with shock
"Geez! What happened here! Looks like a stampede of elephants came through here!"

Jay saw the footprints imbibed in the road "yep. Cronos' giants were here alright"

"Where's Archie?" said Herry. The titans turned their heads

"Okay, split up. Look under any debris, Neil, you can start by looking in that dumpster, Herry, you look under the crashed cars"

"Ewww! Why do I get the smelly old bin?" winged the model. A hard looks from Theresa shut him up

The first sensation Archie felt when he regained consciousness was pain. There wasn't one part of his body that didn't hurt. The corners of heavy bricks jabbed him from all angles, the weight resting on his body was unbearable. Using as much strength as he had in one arm, he worked on freeing his arm. Slowly he worked it up the pile. Bricks tumbled from the pile and he breathed in a sharp breath of pain, but his hand broke free above the mound. Then he tried shouting

Herry dumped another searched car to the ground and sighed "this is useless" he said to himself "He's probably been kidnapped by Cronos....why are we wasting our time...." He stopped. Something to his left moved. He turned to a pile of debris; a fallen wall. Sure enough it moved again, then a pale hand shot above the mound, breaking free; followed by a muffled yell
"JAY! THERESA! NEIL! ODIE! I FOUND HIM" shouted Herry dashing to the heap and started tossing the bricks away. He pulled an injured Archie up and lay him down on a 'clean' patch of ground. He had bruises everywhere and a swollen arm

"Archie? Are you okay?" Jay kneeled down next to him

"Tis merely a scratch" he managed to croak. He coughed twice and passed out

"We've gotta get him to Chiron" said Theresa as Herry slung the violet haired boy over his back

"Two titans down in one day" said Jay sadly to himself "some leader I am"

Odie activated a portal with a special button he added to the new model of the PMR, and they passed back into Chiron's hospital wing, unaware they were all being watched by a foe, long forgotten to the Gods and was considered and enemy to even Cronos; Krysone.

Krysone was a demon. He had a jet black body with ragged torn wings. His goal in life was to deceive, corrupt, and had a weakness for gold. As his red eyes spied on the scene in front of him, he gave a short laugh as the teenagers disappeared through a portal "So these are the prophecy? This'll be easier then I imagined" grinning, he flew off towards the mountains to his cave.

Chiron looked at the two unconscious teens and sighed. He knew these kids, they were brave, strong, and had more guts to try and get rid of Cronos then more half the Gods. Archie was suspected of infecting Atlanta...this would surely ruin the team. If he was hypnotized, surely this was the worst thing to do- bring him inside the God's hiding spot!
Chiron was thankful that Jay had the others safe in Hera's room sound asleep in sleeping only one bad thought annoyed him

Atlanta was getting paler, her pulse slower and her senses dull. It would only be a matter of time

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