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ARchie is bad. Atlanta is worse. Author is tired and commands veiwer to read

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i dunno. i reckon this could be a bit of a sad chap. let me know in your reviews. I'll try and include some more action soon. 196 reads! wooo!


Archie looked helplessly at Atlanta. Minutes before he had awoken and found his head wrapped in a bandage, his arm in a sling and several band aids on his legs and shoulders. The room was dark, and it was probably very early in the morning. Sliding his legs over the edge of the bed, he eased himself up onto his two feet. He swayed, grabbing the bed for support, and made his way over to Atlanta.
The youngest titan was in a terrible state. Her faded lips were cracked, her skin pale and clammy and her was breathing shallow
"What has happened to you Lan?" Archie asked aloud

"We were hoping you could tell us" said Chiron trotting into the wing and brightening the lights

"What do you mean?" the violet haired teen sat on the end of her bed; confused

"I think you know perfectly well what we mean" Hera at the door "You sent Atlanta that letter with the virus. It is your fault she is lying in bed the way she is. How long have you sided with Cronos?"

Archie weakly stood up "What?! I would never side with Cronos! I've been fighting to get rid of him! And I never gave Atlanta a virus!"

Chiron's hoof pawed the ground "It wouldn't matter if you did or didn't. You're would be so easy. We have the letter. It's signed in your name"

Archie's mouth hung open. The gods were against him "duh Archie. The evidence is against how do I prove my innocence? His head hurt, but it hurt even more when he heard what the queen of the Gods said to him next

"Archie Harper, I here by expel you from New Olympia, all your possessions lie outside the door"


"I'll guide you to your portal and you'll find yourself at your home"

He stood there; shocked. So were the other five titans standing at the door. Jay stepped forward "Hera, you can't be serious! We need Archie! Seven teenagers defeat Cronos...You know he would never do a thing like this to Atlanta!"
"I am serious Jay, and the evidence is against him. And as for the seven teenagers his second cousin Anita will be coming down from Austria, she will help you defeat him"

"" Atlanta mumbled and turned her head ".....and"

Odie stroked his chin "don't go any where guys, I'll be right back" as quick as he could he dashed out the room

"Archie, your pendent" Hera held out her slender hand

So this is how it ends faced with no other option he raised his free hand and slid the gold pendent from his neck and placed it into the God's hands

"No! We need him" protested Theresa

"You can't just kick him out because you've got your robe in a twist" Herry Backed her up

"That is enough" Chiron commanded "Archie; leave!"

Not wanting to seem cowardice and weak in his last few moments at the school and in front of his friends, he stood up as strait as he could. Looking one last time at his friends he shook each of their hands in turn and strode proudly out the door, gathered his possessions and with a finial wave to the titans went through the portal to his home beyond. It shrunk and closed behind him, leaving five sorry teens staring at its spot with sadness
Odie came running up to Chiron's study breathless, waving paper in the air with one hand "He didn't do it!" he puffed "I have evidence!"

"Too late Odie" said Theresa turning away "he's gone"

Archie walked through the front door of his now permanent home. His dad and new mother; Gloria were sitting on the lounge together asleep, snuggled up under a blanket. Walking quietly through the house he made his way to his bedroom. He opened the door and turned on the light. Nothing had been moved since he was last here, and everything was as it should; except for the white cot in the corner with a mobile dangling down. He shut the door loudly and dumped his bags down with a thump.
Awoken by the loud noise, Sharlet began to moan and let out a soft cry. It lightened Archie's heart a little to know that his sister was now out of hospital and safe at home. Picking her up and holding her close, he sat on the bed and comforted her. He lost his friends. He was loosing the girl he secretly loved. He lost his chance to save the world.

Holding his sleepy sister close, he broke down and cried

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