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the titans go to the south pole to find the lost tribe of the clown people...Nah, just pulling your leg. Archie thinks he knows a way he can help Atlanta

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264 reads! WOOOOOO!!!!!!! Oh yeah! It saddens me to say, I have no owning rights to COTT. If I did I would buy a border collie.


Sharlet played with Archie's shoe laces as he sat at his desk, flipping through any Greek mythology text books that could help Atlanta. He may be off the team, but he wasn't going to sit buy and watch his friend die.
Slamming a book shut he dumped it onto the floor and took another from the pile. His parents left half an hour ago to buy groceries and find a new school for him. Dad said he was grounded after leaving him alone in a wrecked car, and the injuries Archie had were from 'football training'.
The titan was half way through a book when a large picture caught his eye. Laying the heavy text book on the desk he started to read

Jay stared numbly at the floor. If Archie was possessed- which he was sure he wasn't, then he couldn't be any more danger then he was now. Atlanta's life was hanging by a thread. Her slender hands were cold, her pupils were small and she was always panting. Sometimes she would call for Archie. What could Jay tell her? He was fired from the team because he poisoned her? That would give her no reason to fight the sickness.

Odie meanwhile, was still in Chiron's study arguing with Hera and Chiron "...see! Two copies of Archie's handwriting; the letter with the virus" he held it up "and a letter from him that arrived the day after. It's completely different writing!" he offered them to Hera to look at

Hera eyed the envelopes closely "the loops on the 'L's are the same. It looks as though"-

"He wrote it in the dark?" completed Odie "He's innocent!"

"As I was saying" she said sternly "He must have been in a rush, or had this foul deed in his mind"

"He loves her! He wouldn't, and I think you know this"

But Hera would not be budged "My decision is finial" and with that she and Chiron went out the room, leaving Atlanta and Odie by themselves

"Don't worry Lan, I'll get him back. I promise"

Chiron walked beside Hera "Hera, when the others brought Archie to the hospital wing, I checked his blood, pulse, temperature, eyes on top of treating his additional injuries. I am quiet sure he is clean. If he was ever possessed by Cronos, he certainly isn't anymore"

"That's enough!" snapped Hera "I will not hear anymore on this issue. And the next person that does will join Atlas!"

Chiron went back to care for Atlanta while Hera continued down the hall. If he had have walked with her, he might have seen her eyes glow green and hold a small model of a sickle, uttering eight chilling words
"Step one of the plan is complete, Master"

Archie tore out the page of the text book with delight "Yes! The Fire Flower!!" he shouted. He picked Sharlet up and tossed her into the air, and catching her again. She laughed and grabbed his nose "I've gotta tell the others!" he stopped in his tracks. Olympia certainly didn't have any telephones, and he had to contact the team without the God's knowledge; most of all Hera. But he needed help. The Fire Flower was rare- if it still existed, and only grew in the toughest of places; Mount Cealius. He would have given up hope if it wasn't for a voice that came from his back pocket

"Hey guys! Anyone?!" Odie's voice was muffled

"OF COURSE!!" shouted Archie "My PMR! THEY FORGOT MY PMR!!!" He snatched the device out of his pocket and practically yelled into it "Odie!!"

"Archie?!" he worked it out as quickly as he had "Your PMR! Of course!"

"What's up?"

"Hera won't let you come back. Even when I showed her the difference in your handwriting she"-

Archie cut her off "that doesn't matter now Odie, what matters is Atlanta. And she isn't looking too good right now. Have you ever heard of the Fire Flower?"

"No, why?"

"Not surprised. It's rare- if not extinct...." He rambled on to tell him that when the sap from the stem is squeezed it makes a cordial that can cure almost any wound or disease. One problem; it only grows on Mt Cealius, one of the most rocky and dangerous beautiful mountains in the whole of the northern hemisphere. With waterfalls, steep slopes, countless beasts. Caves and the fierce weather changes, no one had climbed the mountain in over 50 years.
When he had finished, Odie was quiet

"We're going to need the team, but it's the best bet Atlanta has got" concluded Archie

"If the plant is not already extinct, that is"

Okay, for those who don't know, Atlas did something bad and as punishment he has to holdup the world....ever seen that statue?.....and second of all for all the slightly gullible people, Mt Cealius is the biggest load of hogwash- I made it all up. Pretty good eh?
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