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hera is evil!!! new evil baddie!!! atlanta is battling for her life!!!! author is battling results in latest maths test

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Class of the titans does not belong to me, and understandably becuase i don't live in Canada. oh well. Australia had steve Irwin. wouldn't it suck to be a stingray about now?


Jay, Herry, Theresa and Neil sat on the bench in the park listening with interest to Odie's news on the Fire Flower. Herry had suggested they talk at the park for privacy; so the gods can't listen in on their plan like they would at school.

"...I've already located the coordinates in my PMR" said Odie "We grab some supplies, pick up Archie and zap ourselves at the foot of the mountain and"-

"Wait, at the foot?" questioned Neil "Why can't we be located on the mountain; it's save more time"

"The portable portals have problems with altitude" Odie explained

Jay sat and thought about this for a moment. Getting the supplies without the God's knowledge would be tricky... "Okay guys, here's what we do..."

"Typical" Archie talked to his sister "just typical. Parents go out for the weekend, leaving me grounded and trying to find a cure for Atlanta at the same time. And on top of that; babysitting!"
Sharlet grabbed his thumb with her little hands and tried to put it in his mouth
"Yuck" He thought for a moment "I wonder if you have any powers!" he said, thinking of Jack-Jack in the Incredibles. Suddenly his PMR sounded.


"Archie, it's Jay"

"Jay? I've got a problem"

"What is it?"

"My parents have gone out for the weekend... I might need to take Sharlet along"

"What?! A baby? Archie, we're going to be putting her in danger!"

"I know Jay...but there's nothing else I can do. Where else can I leave her? At home by herself?"

Herry's voice sounded in the back round of Jay's PMR "why don't you leave her at Grannies? She'd love the company"

"Sounds like a plan"

Theresa was in the weapons room with a large gym bag, stocking up on supplies while Neil stood watch by the door. She plucked whip off the shelf and tossed it in the bag. She took two lines of unbreakable rope, swords, nets and a first aid kit; just in case.

Neil was watching her "Geez, how much stuff do we need anyway?"

"Better to be safe then sorry" she replied zipping up the bag and swinging it over her shoulder "shouldn't you be watching the door?"

"Wha? Oh, right" he turned around as Theresa stared to activate a portal "Oh my gods, Ares is coming!"

"Come on Neil! Hurry!" The model dived through the portal just as the god of war steeped into the room. The portal closed before he fully noticed it and they reappeared in park

"How'd it go?" asked Jay

"Close" Theresa answered "Now when do we go?"


In a cold cave a tall figure was hunched over his mirror pool. The demon Krysone whispered his orders to Hera
"now my sweet, I want you to turn on the other gods. Demolish them. Destroy them. And when you are done you can finish with the seven heros"
"Yes master"
The image faded in the silver pool and he stood up and arched his torn black wings. His hands had long grey curved claws on the finger tips and his red eyes glowed as he thought of a plan. Smirking, he went off to see an old foe; Cronos

Archie sat at his desk reading up on the fire Flower. Asleep on his lap was Sharlet. It surprised him how close he had become to her in the short days he had known her.
Silently a portal opened up behind him and Odie stepped into his room, followed by Jay, Theresa, Herry, and Neil

"Hey Arch"

"Guys! Great to see you! is she?"

"Not good" said Jay "Let's just hope this thing works"

Archie nodded

Chiron looked down at Atlanta with moist eyes. He knew her time was running out, he knew Archie was innocent and that the gods and the other titans needed them. What was Hera doing? Normally she would know this just as well as he did... normally she would...Chiron stopped and thought. Hera hadn't been acting 'normally' lately. Infact the queen of the gods had been more stressed lately then usual.
Giving Atlanta one more teaspoon of nectar, the half horse went off in search of Hera, to demand some answers.
As Chiron cantered down the hall, he heard the queen talking to someone. He silently pulled back a blue curtain, and looked at Hera in horror. Her eyes were glowing green like they do when a mortal is possessed. Gasping, he stepped back in shock
"Yes master" said Hera coldly. She then turned towards the shocked the half horse; summoning a fire ball with her hands, she thrust it at him, knocking him off his feet and sending him into the wall. Bits of plaster fell from the ceiling from the impact

With eyes still green and an evil smirk, she strode down the hall to find the other gods just as Krysone had ordered, leaving Chiron unconscious where he lay


yes!!!! haha! another chapter down!!! woooo!!!! 352 reads!! this sstory is way more popular then my others! YEEEESSSSSS!!!! wooooooo!!!! and another thing! sea glass has finially got an account!! and with it came an awesome story! oh so very happy PLEASE REVIEW AND RATE!!! i was know how you can select stories with ratings of only 5 points or on. well it never said HOW it had to be rated. Come on! lets see a five star illiterate story!!! i want to be the first!!!! -[but not with this story] :)
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