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granny has some company

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okay, slight warning: may conatin potential crap. not too happy with this chapter, so if you're not that excited with it i can't blame yo. if you dissagree, let me know in your review. 427 reads! woo!!

Grannie was in the lounge with knitting needles in her lap watching her favorite soap opera; 'Home and Away'. So she never expected her grandson Herry to walk out of midair with all his friends behind him.
The silvery blue hole closed behind Theresa. She remembered the time Grannie was going to move into an apartment, but eventually had to settle back into her old home. The place looked good. New red curtains were draped over the windows, on the walls hung photos of all the adventures she and Herry had shared; skiing, sky diving, white water rafting... you name it, they had done it
"Herry-pooh!" shouted Grannie with joy "What a surprise!"

"Hi Grannie!" they gave each other a big hug "We were wondering if you could do us a favor"

"What is it?"

Archie stepped forward with Sharlet in his arms. Her large blue eyes were goggling at all the people around her. There were so many! And so many new colours she had not seen before. In her tiny hands she held his thumb- a habit she had gotten use to lately
"Can you please look after Sharlet for a few hours...maybe a day" said the violet haired teen passing her to the old woman.
Grannie took Sharlet in her arms and smiled, Archie continued, taking off a shoulder bag and laying it on the chair "All her things that she'll need are in here and"-

"Oooh, look at you!" said Grannie to Sharlet "you're so cute! We are going to have the best of fun! Yes we are!"

Jay laughed "We'll leave you to it"

Odie summoned a portal with the click of his PMR "Come on guys. Thanks Grannie!"

Herry hugged grannie with one arm, being careful not to squish Sharlet then followed the team. When they all had their backs turned, Archie turned around to say one final goodbye to his sister. Grannie passed her over to him.

"Bye, bye Sharlet" he said hugging her "you be good now"

"Oh don't you worry, He'll be fine"

Archie was about to correct Herry's Gran when a shout came from the other side of the portal "HURRY UP ARCHIE!!"

"Gotta go" he said handing back the baby "And it's a SHE!" he shouted as he passed through the silvery blue hole in the air. The portal closed and Grannie was left to spend the day with some company

Odie, who had created the portal to Mt Cealius, did not expect to see what he saw. He pictured it to be wide and murky green, but instead a giant steep rocky mount filled the whole scene. The very peek of the mount was above the clouds, giving the titans an uneasy feeling

"Come on" said Jay loosening the straps on his shoulders "Lets go"
The others followed him up single file along a narrow windy path. Archie brought up the rear, lost in thought
His arm that had been in a sling a few days before was better- a little. It was still weak, and carrying his heavy sister didn't help. As for his shoulder and legs, they were still bruised, but he was more focused on saving Atlanta.

"Hey Archie" said Herry from behind Jay "what and where can we find the flower?"

The violet haired teen swallowed "In a cave behind a water fall... pale green petals, red center...well, that's what the book said anyhow"

"You sound like Odie" commented Neil

Odie smiled "He sounds pretty good then"

yeah....i don't own class of the titans. it feels depressing typing that. another reminder what i don't have.... i don't have a border collie either...but i will one day!!!

sorry, slightly random. very short chapter, i'll make the next one longer. please review!
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