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unwanted visits

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titans go to the mountain, grannie babysits, author passed maths test! woooooo!!

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Cronos knelt over his pool in surprise and fear. Fear; Krysone was a demon that even out powered him. Surprise; he was aiding Cronos by destroying the titans and talking control of the gods. He stood up
"I should try to be allies with Krysone...maybe then I",- he stopped. A shiver ran down the God's spine as an unwanted voice finished a version of his sentence

"-can live if he decides not to kill you first" Krysone approached the pool, his torn wings behind him like a cloak, the long claws hung by his sides whist his eyes were focused on the God of Time
"There are some places where you can go that I can't" Krysone told him "I will need your help to finish off the rest of my plan"

"And what do I get in return?" Cronos took his stance

Grinning, Krysone came closer to the pool and revealed an image to Cronos. Cronos, overcome by joy felt like a mortal at Christmas

Hera walked down the hall towards the training arena. A thin smile curved up her left cheek, thinking of the deeds she was about to perform.
In the gym opposite to each other of the archery target argued Ares and Artemis.

"Exact center! Your's is just to the left. I won!" stated Ares proudly, sticking out his beer gut. Artemis poked him in the chest

"Bull! They are exactly the same! It's a tie!" their noses were just touching and their hands were on their hips, giving each other the death stare. Hera interrupted

"Really now! Must you always squabble over mindless things like a pair of mortals?" she scolded disapprovingly

"Sorry Hera" they chorused

"So you should be" she said. The other gods looked at her in confusion. Hera's eyes started to glow green

What happened next, was something Artemis nor Ares would ever forget
Step after step, left right left right. Forcing one foot after the other, singe file up a windy path through the mountain. It was growing dark and the sun was sinking in the sky, leaving behind washed colours of red and gold. Jay did not notice the scenery; he was focused on what would be best for the team. They needed to set up camp before it went completely dark. They were all tired, their legs ached and the mosquitoes made frequent visits.
Archie tightened the straps on his pack. We need to find that flower he thought to himself I need to find that flower! This is my fault anyway... his thoughts were interrupted as Jay gave an order

"Okay, we need to set up camp before it gets completely dark. This clearing will do"

An exhausted sigh of relief came from the rest of the titans as they dropped their packs and dropped to the ground; relieved to get the weight off their feet. Archie dropped his pack like the others but didn't sit down, refusing to rest until he found that flower. It was his fault they were in this whole mess...
"I'll go get some firewood" he muttered

"I'll come with you" offered Herry getting up

"No, it's okay" said the violet haired teen walked out of the clearing

Herry, determined not to be put down took a step forward to start following him, but Theresa stopped him by putting her hand
"No, let him be. He needs some time alone"

Archie shoved his hands in his pockets and kicked a loose rock. He wondered how Sharlet was getting on. He hoped she was alright. Without looking where he was going, he toe stubbed a fallen branch
He drooped to one knee and put the branch under one arm.

Grannie put the spoon in the mashed peas and twirled it around "Zoooooooooom! And here comes the airplane coming to land!" the spoon went into Sharlet's mouth "Touchdown!"
Giggling wit her mouth wide open, the food fell straight out onto her bib
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Sharlet clapped her hands as Grannie left the table to answer the door
"Who is it?"

"Milk man"

"milk man?" questioned grannie opening the door "but I don't order any- YOU!"

Cronos stood at the door "Ah, we meet again. A pleasure to see you...babysitting?"
Grannie wouldn't have Cronos come into HER house "No! you stay outside! I'm not going to be fed to a budgie today! Go away!" she was referring to the last time was was captured by Cronos [see episode....i dunno]

Cronos chuckled "I don't think you have a choice in the matter"


Well there you go. i finially updated. bit more suspence in that chapter....just wait till the next one- a nice long one. you'll love that- i hope. i don't know how many chapters this story will be, but they're going to defeat cronos!!!!! do you want to know how? KEEP READING!
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