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Threats & complications

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time is getting short for atlanta, and grannie is tricked by cronos

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12 Lawyers hold up court papers "ahem"

(stops dancing, face falls) "oh dang"

Layers "see you in jail punk"


Crickets chirped under the moonlight as a violet haired teen wandered aimlessly through the thick woods of Mt Cealius. Under his pale arm he held a bundle of sticks, being collected for a fire back at the clearing. Movement was slow, as his arm in the sling made it awkward and difficult for him to collect fuel. In the distance he could hear Herry's shout
"Hurry up Archie! We're freezing over here!"

In the clearing, Odie was discussing Atlanta's condition with Jay

"...Chiron said the virus will take two days to completely take her life, which means we're running out of time Jay! Look, Atlanta was poisoned approximately 10:30 yesterday right? Which means we have only until 10 o'clock tomorrow morning to get the sap from this flower to her... or...." He trailed off, unable to finish

"10 o'clock?" repeated Jay; sounding confused "Don't you mean 10:30?"

The descendent of Odysseus shook his head "she will be dead by then. We have to give it to her before hand for the remedy to take into affect"

The leader understood and nodded "If the plant still exists that is"

Neil meanwhile was stretching and flexing his muscles when something on slimy landed his arm.

"ARGH! Get it off! Get it off!" he squealed, flinging his arms around like a girl in a mad panic

Herry stood up and grabbed his arms to calm him down while Theresa removed the slimy thing from the model's arm.
"It's only a leaf"

Neil stopped struggling "Oh...I knew that"


Ares stared at his mother in confusion. She looked cold, and her eyes were an electric green. Hera grinned and gave a cold chuckle. In the bat of an eyelid the queen of the gods punched Ares into the wall.

"What are you doing Hera?" shouted Airtimes ducking as a fire ball was hurled at her "It's me- Artemis! Wow!" a purple zap narrowly missed her head "Zeus above! ZEUS HELP! ZEUS! ZE"- Artemis's cries were silenced as a fire ball shot from Hera's hands shot her squarely in the chest; she flew back into the wall next to Ares and stayed down

Smiling, Hera went to find Apollo.

Krysone stood over his mirror pool, his wings arched behind him and smiled. Everything was flowing in his direction. By destroying all the gods nobody will be there to oppose him when he took over the world. And when he took over the world he could mine all its minerals, start a cult, buy a boarder collie and destroy anyone who stood against him would be slaughtered where they stand. He would be the one and only God... and then he'd sing to himself, what a wonderful world. [A/N sorry, couldn't resist putting that last bit in, LOL]


Grannie slammed the door in the Time Lord's face "No! I'm not leaving! I have dinner on the stove and it's the baby's bed time!!!" Cronos heard her muffled shout through the wooden door "Come back tomorrow!"

Cronos sighed. With a wave of his hand he summoned a portal and stepped through, entering into the kitchen. He could hear the silly old lady in the living room making funny noises and the distinct sound of an infant laughing.
"Come on sugar-pooh! It's your bed time now! Rest up now!" she picked up Sharlet and carried her into the room. Cronos decided to make his move. With a click of his fingers, the lights went off and the house was plunged into darkness

"Hey! Who turned out the lights?!" demanded Grannie

Cronos created a black portal right in front of the old woman. Unable to see where she was going, she stepped right into it and came to a new destination. Chuckling, Cronos followed.

On the other side of the portal was a cold cave. Massive pillars and stalactites and stalactites rose from the floor and fell from the ceiling. On the walls hung torches burning fire, dimly lighting the cave. Grannie looked around in confusion and held Sharlet close. She turned around to see Cronos and gave him a good lecture
"You stupid boy! How am I supposed to put the baby to bed here! What's more, I've left the stove on and now my dinner will be ruined!"

Cronos couldn't help but chuckle. "No my dear lady will you cooperate or shall I have to use force?" with a click of his fingers Sharlet was released from Grannie's arms and hovered above her head out of reach. Cronos pointed his finger over above a pool of water on his right and the infant moved to above it. The God's voice was more threatening now "Do as I saw or the baby drowns!"


Bom bom bom! Will Sharlet drown? Will they save Atlanta? Tune in next week for the next chapter!- which hopefully will be longer. Please give me ideas! greektitan gave me a great one! READ REVIEW RATE! pleeeeeease! if Mrs-Jay did, you can too!! Mrs-Jay is my favourite person on this site right now

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