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The Mission

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Major Scott/Jean. Scott and Jean have always been seen as a couple of uptight straight-arrows in the eyes of others. But in reality, their lives are far darker, and more complex than anyone could p...

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No Rain
Chapter 4: The Mission


Professor Charles Xavier knew that he students were not perfect little angels to say the least. Being a telepath came with its share of circumstances that made it hard not to pick up stray thoughts. But today it was particularly bad because the whole mansion was buzzing with gossip about Scott and Jean. A lot of it was just speculation, but there was always some truth in things like this. However, he couldn't confront Scott and Jean about it or even pick up any of their thoughts. But this wasn't new...Xavier knew those two guarded their secrets with determination that would put Magneto to shame. In addition, he knew what they were both like during the early years when they first came to the institute. However, that only made him more concerned about this issue in the end.

While most of the other students were participating in danger room sessions and outside classes with Hank, the Professor chose to busy himself in his study. He didn't look forward to confronting Scott and Jean about what had happened last night because he knew they probably wouldn't tell him. But why they didn't want to in the first place was something he could only guess upon. As he debated what to do, Ororo then entered his study.

"I take it you've heard some of the rumors," said Storm as she walked over to his desk where he was sitting.

The Professor merely sighed, confirming Ororo's assumption.

"Unfortunately I have Ororo...Some students have a knack for projecting their thoughts rather loudly."

"Yes...And some students have a knack for talking under their breath and thinking I don't have ears," agreed Ororo. "It seemed to be the only topic of discussion among the students during the session this morning."

"I know...Which is why we have to do something about it soon," added the Professor as he began to think about how this situation should be handled.

A brief silence fell over the room as Ororo and the Professor contemplated on what they should do next. But the silence was soon broken when Logan entered the room still in uniform from the session.

"Hey Chuck, have you seen Scott and Jeannie? They bolted right after the danger room session and I didn't get a chance to talk to them about something."

"Then I guess you've heard the rumor as well," said Ororo.

"Yeah...Kinda hard not to."

"Yes well, we were just thinking on how we should deal with this. It's not going to go away anytime soon...Given the gravity of such a rumor," said Storm.

"Well, did they seem any different during the session?" asked Xavier as Logan let out a sigh from dealing with something as pesky as gossip within a bunch of teenagers.

"That's the weird part, Chuck. There was whisperin' and gigglin' left and right, and I had to hear all of it. But Scott and Jean just up and ignored it..."

"Did you talk to them about it?" asked Ororo wearily, knowing it was a hard thing to discuss...Especially for Scott and Jean.

"Nope...I could tell they didn't want to. I could smell the dread and anxiety and dread pourin' off them like a waterfall. They were givin' it all they got to ignore it. And frankly...I'm amazed they didn't lash out at the others for not shuttin' their damn mouths about it."

"They'd never do something like that...Would they?"

Logan hesitated before answering this question. He, Ororo, and the Professor had raised Scott and Jean since they were 12 years old. They knew them better than any of the other students in the school. They knew certain aspects about them that nobody else could ever even begin to contemplate. But that made it all the more difficult to truly know how they were handling such a complicated mess.

"Ro...I honestly don't know. I'm beginning to think they may be having some serious relapses of their 'conditions' if you know what I mean," mused Logan, knowing that Scott and Jean had suffered this kind of thing before.

"Relapses?" said Xavier, "Are you sure?"

"No...But we have to do something to help them. I don't like seein' em like this any more than you do."

"But how?" said Ororo who had fallen short of ideas at this point. "I thought they had actually put that kind of thing behind them. I mean...It's been years since we last had to help them with it."

"That may be so Ororo...But remember that their conditions were so serious during those early years that they have since become chronic," reminded the Professor, "They can't be...Cured in a sense."

"But why now? And why wouldn't they come to us for help? We've all done so much to help them before."

"Ro...Put yerself in their shoes. Would you honestly want to talk about something like this?"

Ororo didn't know how to respond to that. She knew what Scott and Jean were like when they first came to the institute...And she remembered how hard they were to deal with. Even though many more students had come after them...She always considered Scott and Jean the most difficult students that she had to help. They had problems that she never felt equipped to handle...But they had gotten through that. At least...She thought they did.

"Any ideas Chuck?" asked Logan, breaking the silence in the room once again.

"I don't know old friend...The only two options we have is talking to them, or try the medication approach again. And since they don't seem to want to talk about it...I guess that means we're stuck with the medications," said Xavier as he went over their options.

"Medications?" said Logan wearily, not liking the sound of that one bit, "Chuck, you know what happens every time we try that. You know their bodies can't handle the drugs. If anything, it would make it worse for them."

Professor Charles Xavier couldn't help but sigh as the only two options he could think of to handle this seemed equally unfeasible. Scott and Jean were never one to talk about the things that they had struggled with so much in the past. And medications didn't react well with their body chemistry. It seemed as thought they were at a real dilemma now. Both actions were flawed...Leaving them all back at square one.

"I know that the medications haven't worked in the past...And Hank and I are doing the best we can to change that. But so far we haven't had much progress. And believe me, I want to help them...But we can't unless they let us."

Logan, who was at a loss for words at this point, didn't like the prospects of this situation. Even though he was never a big softie, he did have a special place in his heart for Scott and Jean. They were the first two students at the institute...And they were his first experiences with teaching. He grew quite attached to them throughout their time at the institute even though they had since grown up. He had seen them in pain...He had been there when they suffered from relapses and panic attacks. And he desperately wished there was something he could do for them...But given what they had been through, he knew that was a remote possibility at best.


As the day moved on, Scott and Jean remained secluded from the rest of the students and the Professor had chosen to busy himself with upgrading Cerebro. Storm had returned to her normal daily schedule and started to do work in her garden. However, Logan was still somewhat eager to find Scott and Jean...But they were nowhere to be found. They hadn't shown up for lunch, for which he didn't blame them, and they weren't in any of the sublevels. As the day went on, he kept an eye out for them and tried to stop some of the incessant rumors coming from the others. However, it was a bit too late for that...Seeing as how the whole institute knew at this point.

While things at the mansion slowed down for the afternoon, Scott and Jean kept themselves hidden from the others in a secluded area on the west edge of the mansion in an area overlooking the lake. Not many students came out this far, so it was a great place to go for some overall peace and quiet. Since they had been at the institute, this had been a special spot for the both of them. It helped calm their minds when everything went wrong...And today was no exception.

"I can't believe nobody has anything else better to do in this mansion then talk about our private lives," said Scott as he took a long drag off his cigarette and looked out to sea. "You think they'd get bored with this shit by now..."

Jean just sighed as she flicked another cigarette butt in to the wind and promptly lit another. Normally, neither of them would ever smoke this much, but during times like this...They could care less.

"You'd thinks so...But I swear...If I hear one more of Tabitha's dirty little jokes...I'll slam her in to the nearest wall and crack her fucking skull in half!" said Jean bitterly as she began to puff out smoke from her cigarette. "I don't know what's worse...Listening to all their perverted gossip, or not being able to do anything about it."

"And don't forget the Professor," reminded Scott with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Oh yeah...And listen to another lecture about setting a good example for the younger students," scoffed Jean as she took another drag off her cigarette.

"Yeah, some role models we are," muttered Scott.

As they both finished off another cigarette and flicked it in to the air, Scott and Jean just sat in silence for a brief moment...Not wanting to talk about this day anymore. They looked off in to the picturesque, blue sea and watched as the afternoon sun began to shimmer off of the water surface. Jean soon found herself lean against Scott's side and it wasn't long before she found herself resting her head on the nook of his shoulder. He soon responded by snaking his arm around her waist and pulling her in closer to absorb her warmth.

"I just want this day to end, Scott...I don't know how much more of it I can take," said Jean somewhat sadly as they continued to look out to sea.

"I know...I do too Jean. But we'll make it through this...We just have to stay strong," said Scott, trying to reassure his girlfriend, "But I know that's easier said than done."

"What about the Professor? What if he tries to stick us on those damn medications again?"

Scott wanted to say that everything would be all right...But he couldn't lie to Jean, for he honestly didn't know. If they were forced to take medications, they would undoubtedly come with the heinous side effects that they had in the past. Memories of failed attempts at this approach were permanently engraved in to their heads, and it just added on to the already pestilent memories of their past. He didn't know if he could take another trip to the emergency room.

"I don't know Jean...I wish I could give you the answers you deserve...But I can't," said Scott sounding somewhat defeated. "Some boyfriend I am..."

"Hey, don't say that..." said Jean as she turned his face towards hers so he could look her in the eye, "I don't need all the answers...Right now, I just need you."

"But you deserve more Jean," said Scott as he looked in to her deep, green eyes through his tinted vision. "I just wish I could give you that."

"You've already given me so much, Scott. Don't ever think you haven't..." said Jean as she ran her hand down his face.

"But I want to help you..." said Scott, still not convinced.

"You are helping me...You're here for me like you've always been here for me. Just let me be here for you too...And we'll get through this."

Scott hugged her tighter as the strain of this hectic day continued to hang over them. It was hard, for they could do nothing to let out all the pain and anger that refused to leave them alone. While the others simply thought what they wanted...They were forced to deal with the truth.

'I will always be here for you, Jean,' said Scott through their link as they felt a cool breeze from the lake.

'And I'll be here for you too Scott...Don't ever forget it.'

Soon, they both found themselves locked in a soft kiss. The calm serenity of the lake and the crystal clear sky helped them both set aside the turmoil of this day and absorb a single moment of calm. The kiss grew more deep and passionate as the young couple continued to embrace this feeling. The rest of the institute didn't understand...But for now that didn't matter as they both continued to kiss under the sun and send warm feeling of love through their link. Time seemed to lose all meaning as the both of them just wanted to stay like this forever...But suddenly, a voice was heard within their heads.

'Scott, Jean, Logan, Ororo...Please report to Cerebro immediately.'

"Damn it!" said Jean as they reluctantly parted and sat for a brief moment and tried to catch their breath. "Of all the other times he could have picked, he had to pick this one!"

"I know..." said Scott with disappointment apparent in his voice, "But that's kind of always been our luck."

"No kidding..." replied Jean in agreement as she just took a deep breath in order to help her return to the real world.

Slowly, they both stood up and stashed away their pack of cigarettes for now. Knowing Logan would probably smell it, but that wasn't something a few breath mints wouldn't cure.

"Guess it's time to go back to the real world," said Scott as he and Jean began to head back to the mansion.

"Yeah...But we can pick up where we left off later on," said Jean, who managed to force a smile ever so briefly.

Scott managed to smile back, even though they didn't know what Xavier had in store for them. While they were still mad at him for interrupting their one moment of peace in this otherwise tumultuous day...They knew that this was the life they lived. When something had to be done...They would have to do it. However, the prospects of confronting the Professor, Storm, and Logan after all the crazy gossip that had flooded the mansion was still something that neither of them wanted to think about. They had enough bad thoughts on their minds for now on their mind as they sneaked back in to the mansion...Wanting to avoid any more of the others and their unending gossip.


Upon entering the lower levels of the mansion, Scott and Jean found both Logan and Ororo already there at Cerebro. The Professor was still going over some data as they prepared to listen in on what this big emergency was about. While the young couple was still somewhat weary of what Logan and Ororo would say about the rumors...For now they remained quiet much to their relief. However, this still left them to wonder what the Professor had called them here for and why none of the other students were there.

"So what's the deal Chuck? What's the big emergency?" asked Logan as the Professor turned his chair to face his friends.

"I was working on upgrading Cerebro when I uncovered a powerful mutant energy spike not far from Buffalo that had been shielded once before. There were multiple positive mutant identifications in the area and all were grouped closely together," responded Xavier as a map appeared on the computer screen with many little red dots over a certain area.

"So what's so strange about that?" asked Jean, wondering why he would call them down here for something like this.

Then, an ominous picture of a dark building appeared on the screen and the Professor's expression grew more serious.

"The area where these readings are centered was once a military base six years ago...And is supposed to be abandon. But there is a lot of activity there...Too much for a place that's should be moth balled. I want you four to check it out...See why there are so many mutant readings in the area."

"Is that all?" asked Logan, somewhat incredulously.

"For now, yes," responded the Professor.

"What about the other students?" asked Ororo.

"Hank and I will take care of them for the time being, but seeing as how this mission has too many unknowns...I feel it would be best if we used only experienced members this time around. Good luck."

And with that, the four mutants left to suit up for the mission. But before Scott and Jean made it out, the Professor had one last thing to say to them.

"Scott, Jean...Before you leave, I want you to know that I'm aware of the current rumors circulating around the mansion. And while I do trust that some aspects of them are false or overly exaggerated, we will need to discuss them upon your return. Is that clear?"

A brief pause came over the young couple as the looked back nervously at their mentor, but Scott managed to respond despite the looming prospects that awaited both him and Jean.


Upon saying those final words, they both made their way to the locker room in order to change in to their uniform. But a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs made Scott and Jean all the more weary of the eventual confrontation of these rumors. But knowing that there was no way around this, they were forced to accept this unpleasant fate once they returned from this mission.

'God, why can't they just mind their own fucking business! He knows damn well why I don't want to talk about it!' said Jean through her link with Scott, showing and obvious amount of distress.

'Easy Jean,' said Scott as he put a hand on her shoulder in an effort to calm her down, 'He's just trying to help...I know he doesn't understand, but he's trying to help.'

'Well why can't he just leave us alone...He's a telepath. He knows most of those rumors aren't true,' replied Jean in a somewhat calmer tone.

'You're probably right about that...But...Jean, I don't want to talk about it any more than you do...But I guess we don't have a choice at this point.'

'We never have a choice, Scott...'

'I know...And I wish I could change that.'

Jean didn't respond any more after that...Instead, she just gave him a reassuring kiss on the cheek. And as the prospects of their inevitable return hung over their minds like a shadow, Scott Summers and Jean Grey could do nothing but wait...And hope for the best.


AN: I'l leave it there for now. I know that this is a bit shorter than my usual chapters, but I wanted to keep certain parts separate for the sake of clarity. So what do you think so far? What do you think this mission will lead to? And what about the inevitable confrontation about the rumors? There is still quite a bit of story left to tell and I hope you all have enjoyed it thus far. Stay tuned for more drama, angst, and even more Scott/Jean material! Don't forget to review! Send your feedback to me at my email address or post it on the fanfiction website! Until next time, best wishes to you all and thanks for reading!

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