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What's up with the shrine?

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Okay I couldn't pick the right genres, and there's not much humor and stuff. But w/e just read!


They stepped out side of the sub and stood in front of the statue

"Cronus" jay said under his breath

"wow he's more vain than Neil" Atlanta said smirking

"hey I heard that!" said Neil annoyed

"Why on earth would he want a shrine of himself?" Theresa asked.

"Good thing this shrine is hidden, his face is too ugly for the public to see." Archie said

"Ha! Good one!" Atlanta said back.

"Where on earth are we anyway?" said Herry.

"Ah, children"

everyone got into battle position.

"You like my shrine? My giants built it for me. So when you know i take over the world and you heroes are gone once and for all, this is where the world will bow down to me!" He let out a laugh.

"Can he sound creepier or what?" Archie whispered

"never!" shouted Jay and starting charging along with everyone else.

Suddenly a strong force field pulled everyone to the wall. "You'll pay for that," Theresa shouted.

"Ah, dear Theresa, you'll be an excellent bate" Cronus whispered to her. She moved her head away from him and spat him in the face. 'Never" she shouted.

"Oh no that wasn't a question" and he took her the wall and pushed her in the portal with him. "Tata! And I have other plans for you missy' he said with a screaming Theresa

"let her go Cronus!" Jay yelled, but they we're gone

and the force disappeared. Jay slammed the ground with his fist really hard.

"If he hurts her he's dead!" Atlanta shouted.

Herry helped jay up.

Let me go!

They we're on a cliff with water below them.

Sorry no can do!" said Cronus and carried a bottle of poison into her mouth while Agnon tried to hold on to her so she couldn't move.

Theresa tried everything, screaming kicking punching but then Cronus forced it down her mouth. He picked her up, not being able to breathe and the poison drink went down her throat.

"Yes! Now you'll become weak and never succeed to defeating me!"

He let her go and she fell off the cliff into the water. She felt weird, she was gulping down water, gasping for air and then she felt fine. Then her legs started feeling weird and colours of the rainbow swam around her legs and she had fins! The colour of her emerald eyes. Her hair was put into a ponytail tied by seaweed as well, and seashells appeared in her hair. Starfishes appeared on her ears as if they we're earrings. She was a...mermaid!

heehee i made jay mad and now theresa's a mermaid!

What's gonna happen next! Okay this chapter's short as well but i'm too excited to tell the whole story, later i guess i'll add more detail.
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