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Sea creature Trouble

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The heroes go find Theresa but run into trouble

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Okay I think this chapter will be long

No! She could never go to land again! She could never see her family her friends, and Jay!
All the people she loved and cared about.

Her PMR! She needed to contact Jay and them. Wait where was it? Then a shell floated in front of her. A shell? She thought it was worth a try even though it was creepy (okay I couldn't think of anything else! caz a PMR can't work in the water! so just bare with me!)

"Jay your PMR!"


'Theresa? Theresa! Theresa?"

"What what's wrong?" Atlanta asked

Theresa looked sad. "Theresa what happened?" jay asked

"Theresa your.. A mermaid!" Atlanta shouted

everyone heard that a crowded around jay.

"Whoa!" Herry, Odie, Neil and Archie said at the same time

She told them the whole story.

"Don't worry Theresa! We'll get you out of this situation, don't you worry." jay said trying to calm her down. He had such a soothing voice and that voice always made Theresa feel much better.

"Where are you?" Atlanta asked.

"I...I don't know."

"I'll track you down, don't worry we're on our way." said Odie. And they got on the sub. "Wait how do we get out of here." Herry asked.

"My laptop says there's a secret pathway underneath this fountain and they went down. And we're trying to find Theresa. They got out of the pathway and set to find Theresa. Theresa was far from where they were so the took off pretty fast.

"Guys! Look ahead!" Atlanta shouted.

It was a sea monster! Odie tried to turn the other direction but the creature came fast and the tail of it hit the sub and everyone quickly jumped out into the water because the sub was going to crash into a giant rock. Atlanta helped a panicking Archie swim to the nearest rock she could find. And Herry, Odie and Neil did the same. So did Jay. They all got out their weapons. Atlanta used (you know that thing that shoots out these purple lasers? that) and Archie was freaking out and looking at the water surrounding him.

"Archie! You got to come over your fears! Help me!"

But he wouldn't budge.

Then a couple of sharks swam towards Atlanta and Archie to only make things worse. Jay was using his xiyphos(is that how you spell it? well most ppl don't know how to spell so I'm sure you know what I'm talking about) And aiming at the sea monster several times. Herry was using his strength and trying to fight off with the monster but he swung him up and threw him to a near by island that Odie and Neil we're already trying to swim too. Odie had to force him there while Neil was crying like a baby saying his hair will get wet and he didn't need a second bath. Plus the water was cold, he was complaining. Thankfully Odie had just taken swimming lessons a few months ago and was doing pretty good. The sea monster swam towards them. And Atlanta was fighting back sharks when jay got swept over by a huge tidal wave! He was floating far away from them. He tried his hardest swimming there but it was no use.

6 minutes past and then he saw an island! He swam to it. He was getting really tired when a bunch of waves pushed him closer to the beach. Jay was huffing puffing of exhaustion. He stood up.

"How am I going to help the others? And Theresa..." his PMR! But it was soaked. In the corner of his eyes he saw someone so beautiful sitting on a rock. She looked like she was waiting for someone. Wait it was Theresa!

"Theresa!" he shouted
"jay? Jay!"

He ran to her and they hugged. "Where are the others? What happened to you?"

"We went to get you but we ran into Cronus's dirty work. Sea monsters came and we we're abandoned from the sub and we found rocks and another island to swim to. Then i got swiped from a tidal wave and it brought me here!"

'Oh no! We got to save the rest of the gang!" then she looked down with a sad face.

He lifted up her chin" and we'll get you out of this" he said with a smile on his face.

She smiled and then thought. "What if we don't? I'll have to live here forever... And never see you again!"

"No, no! Don't say that Theresa!"

They both blushed...then starred at each other. Jay leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips. He did that without even thinking. They we're both shocked and Jay grew really red so did Theresa but not as much. Then she kissed him. They wanted it to last for an eternity. It was a passionate kiss, they kissed and could feel the fireworks between the two, their love for each other was greater than anything... but the kiss was interrupted by a vision from Theresa.

Atlanta, Archie, Herry, Odie, and Neil we're in trouble. The sea monster was about to swallow Odie and Neil whole, Archie was hiding his head and not moving from his spot, Atlanta was getting tired. And Herry was now fighting off giants crabs.

"Jay, the others!"

He starred at her with loving eyes and wondered why they had stopped but then snapped out of his trance. "I'll swim to them," said Theresa, "No!" said Jay, you'll get hurt! I won't let you."

"Jay I can take care of myself and you can't swim there you'll run out of breathe"


Theresa smiled.
"I know!" said Theresa, she giggled.

"I met a couple of friends while I was gone" and then she played a lovely tune in her seashell. And two dolphins appeared. "Jay meet aqua and marine" (haha cute names, just the first thing that came in my head, and I couldn't think of anything else of how jay could get to the others) "aqua, marine do you mind if jay swims with you?" and then they let out a cheerful chirp. So jay put one arm around each dolphin and they were off.
"Archie please!" Atlanta had already defeated 3 sharks but there we're two more "I'm getting tired! And we need to find jay! Who knows where he went!"

Odie and Neil where swimming as fast as they could to shore, the sea monster swam very slowly because jay and Atlanta had beaten him up pretty badly. Then the sea monster was getting dizzy. Odie and Neil we're so close to shore and then the sea monster was going to collapse on them. And they quickly got out of the way. Then crabs we're charging at them as well. " Neil! Odie! Look out!" Herry shouted!


Jay and Theresa finally got to the others. They said thank you to the dolphins and left. That was no place for dolphins like them. Theresa then spotted the sharks, Atlanta and Archie. "Jay look Atlanta! Archie!" "Theresa don't go! I will!" and he started swimming towards them. Atlanta was down to one shark. Theresa, hated always being rescued, she could fend for herself. She swam towards Atlanta, Archie and jay.

The shark spotted jay. And the shark was going to charge after them until Atlanta said "Oh no you don't" and shot it one last time. The shark was getting weaker but wouldn't give up. Then Theresa was beside jay

"Theresa, he's going to get you to! Please go!" he pleaded.

Theresa thought of how the shark fighting jay and her not there to help him. No! She would stay put!
"I'm not going anywhere jay!"

Jay knew he couldn't convince her.

The shark was getting closer and closer.

ahh, what's gonna happen! Okay i think that's enough for this chapter, next chapter coming up! It might be the last one1 cool i might finnish one story in one day! haha i just read my own story and i kinda laughed at it myself but right now i'm a bit lazy to change it so sorry!
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