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This is about what happened to the rest of the 5 heroes. And find out about A/A!!!!

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BACK IN HIGHSCHOOL, But after defeating Cronus

Archie was finnishing up writing a poem.

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong
In a special world, where we belong.

From your secret admirer...

Archie walked to Atlanta's locker.

"Oh! Heyyy Atlanta!"

"What's up Arch?"

"Oh nothing much..."

"so why you here?"

"Oh..I-I..I had nothing better to do, that's all"

"That's nice, well see you after school arch"

"Kay bye"

He waited for her to turn the corner and placed the letter inside the slit.

No one knew but Atlanta had secretly been crushing on the guy in her Socials class, Zachary. And only Theresa knew.

It was prabably his his hair!

ooh, she just couldn't help it but stare at him.

She had no idea what the teacher was talking about...GOD who cares! she thought.

Sadly an hour and a half had passed and class was over. She had Gym next so she needed to get her gym bag in her locker. As soon turned the lock combination. 5.....76....30.

A note slipped out.


she picked it up. And she started to read it......


"yes Lan?"

"I found a note in my locker! It might be from Zach!!!"

"How do you know for sure"

Atlanta just starred at her as if she we're crazy.

"No i'm sure!!!"

Theresa had gotten many notes before. But some we're from the totally opposite people she thought. Like once she thought it was from this totally hot guy named Daniel but turned out to be the number 1 school nerd Andrew. But this was Atlanta's first romantic note and she didn't want to hurt her feelings.

"Well..let's see what it says"

She passed it to Theresa.


"Aawww, this guy really likes you Lan, I can tell."

"Really think so??"


"EEEEE!!!" sSe screamed excitedly.

Wow Atlanta never acted this way before! Not even with Pan.
Theresa thought. I wonder if she likes how Zach looks or the letter better?.....
After PE class

The anoucement came on and..

students! I would like to inform you that there will be a school prom dance next Wednesday at 3:00Pm right after school, See you all there!

"ooh! A school dance Lan!"

"Well i'm not going to go"

"awww c'mon Lan!!!"

Then Zachary was heading his way to Atlanta. So was Archie but she wasn't facing his direction.

Zachary came up to her first.

"So girls, wanna come to the dance with me?"

Then Atlanta went into this daydreaming trance.

"uhh, well i was just going to ask someone else. But Atlanta's free" said Theresa, then nudged Atlanta.

"ooh! Oh yeah I'm free!"

"cool! see you there!"

Then left.


She was still in daydreaming mode.

"Atlanta snap out of it!"

"oh uh sorry!...Ahhh! I need something to wear! What do you usually wear at proms?" atlanta was shooting questions at Theresa.

"whoa whoa!Okay let's go to the mall"

wow the school prom Archie thought. He was going to ask atlanta...

"Hey Lan? umm would you like to go to the prom with me? Like just for fun you know? I know youdon't usually go to proms, more like party dances..but nvm ummm"

he was trying to practice. But then saw Zachary Magriotidis going up to her and asked.

He turned away.

"Lan! You look fabulous!"

Theresa had made Atlanta try on a silver knee-length dress, it was strapless too.

"You think so?"


"which one did you like better?"

Atlanta held a green dress as well. It was knee-length but with straps and had tiny sequins along the edge.

"The one your weraing!" she answered.


Then she read the price tag.


"Oh yeah..."

"Theresa! It's just the prom!! And $120!!!"

"Well mine's the same! Here i'll pay it for you!"

Theresa's was pink.

"No Theresa! No way! I'll just get another one"

"Uh-uh." And grab it from her and raced for the cashier, "could i buy this quick please"


She pulled up her capris as fast as she could and ran after Theresa. But she had already paid for it.

Theresa smiled.

Archie was heart broken..he wondered if she iked the letter or not. And if she did, he also wondered if he should tell her it was him.

"Hey archie!!"

Herry, Jay, Odie and Neil came up to him. "Have you asked anyone yet? Or has anyone asked you?"

"no..not yet"

"How about Atlanta?"

"no somebody beat me to it"

"That's too bad, hey you can have one of my girls"

herry laughed. "Yeah 5 girls already asked him"

"Nahh, that's okay" Only Atlanta was for him.

"How about the rest of you guys?" Archie asked.

"You know that new girl who just came from france?Francessca?" herry said.

"Yeah" replied archie...."Oh awesome dude!" he replied back.

"And Tina, that girl that loves to play chess? And she also likes surfing i just found out, she asked me" Said Odie.

"Great job Odie, How about you Jay?"

"Well...I was thinking of asking Theresa, but i couldn't find her"

"her and Atlanta left pretty fast to go to the mall"
said Archie.


"Better hurry dude, lots of guys are going to be asking her pretty soon, luckily i got Francessca"Herry said.

Theresa and Atlanta were at Garage, looking for new skirt. And as they we're at it they got earrings to match they're dresses.

"I wanna do my hair differently, just for the dance." Atlanta said.

"Cool, me too!" exclaimed Theresa.

Theresa was putting it up in a nice hair-do while Atlanta died it brown and let Theresa do her hair. She put it in loose curls and tied it up beautifullly.

She was doing tests to see how she would like it for the dance.

"Atlanta come here"

"What is it Theresa?"

She handed her a lovely white jacket that was a perfect cover-up for her dress.

"I want you tpo wear it"

"Oh thank you Theresa! How can i ever pay you back?"

'No needa! Anyways, helping you get ready for the prom is enough for me"

They hugged.
At school again.

"Go Jay! what are you waiting for"

They we're all looking at Theresa putting stuff in her locker while trying to push jay to go ask Theresa to the prom.


They practically shoved him and almost made him push Theresa over.


"Hi Jay!"

The other guys hid behind a gabarge can.

"So you looking forward to the dance?"

Archie, Herry, Odie, Neil slapped their faces.

"Yeah totally" she replied.

'You going with anyone?"

"Actually no not yet"

Then Jay saw in the corner of his eyes, 5,6..8! boys we're running in the hallway yelling "Theresa! Theresa!"

"Theresa would you like to go with me?"

"Yes, jay, i'd like that...thanks."

Then all the other boys walked away sulking.

Theresa headed for Math class.

"Yes!" said jay.

"Wada go man!"Herry said.
The dance.

Atlanta and Theresa we're waiting at the school for their dates.

Soon Jay came. "Hey look....WOW!"

She giggled.

"good luck" Atlanta whispered.

"you too!" Theresa whispered back.

And Theresa and jay linked arms.

Finally after 20 minutes of waiting Zachary came. "Sorry i'm late"

She wanted to yell at him, but saw how cute his face was again.

"it's okay" she said with a smile.

They entered the Dance room.

The song Shake It Off by Mariah Carey came on and Theresa and Jay went on the dance floor. Theresa put her arms on his shoulders with her elbows in and placed her head on his shoulders. Jay's face went red and savoured the moment through the whole song. Then zach and Atlanta came on. It wasn't as romantic.

"Want some punch" he asked her as Rihanna's SOS came on.


It was almost half way through the sond and this was Atlanta's second favourite song and she was missing it. Then she saw Zach dancing...with a girl named Melissa!

Archie saw this as Atlanta ran for the door. Theresa saw this too and told Jay she'd be back but Archie stopped her saying he'd go.

"Atlanta come back!"

"Leave me alone Archie!" she shot back. He ran and grabbed her arm, her head still turning away from him then he pulled her closer. Her face and his face we're so close to each other now. There was much light but some shone in Atlanta's eyes. Her beautiful hazel eyes glowed in the light. And Atlanta saw Archie blue eyes that she thought she could fall in those dreamy blue swimming pool eyes.

"don't go" he whispered.

He kissed her.

A long perfect kiss. She kissed him back. Knowing he was the one for her, he was always there for her but she never knew it.

They broke apart, they blushed red but you could hardly tell because the hallways we're so dark compared to the faint light in the gym.

"Thank you Archie" Atlanta said.

Then Don't forget About Us by Mariah Carey came on. "Can I have this dance?" archie asked.

"Yes" she replid.

They danced outside the gym and Atlanta lay her head on Archie's broad shoulders and rocked back n forth.

Sadly the song ended. "Would you like to go back inside?"

"...nah" she said.

Then London Bridges, Fergie's new song came on and they danced outside together again. Like two best friends, which can now lead into something more and stronger than that.

oohh, i hoped you liked it! R+R

Now to get back to 10 years later and the wedding. Don't worry there's more A/A!!!
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