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In a Garden by the Beach.

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Okay the description of the wedding

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Okay I'm going to update this soon! I'm a bit busy at the moment so I'm, going to add just a bit.

Theresa couldn't believe she was getting married!! Ever since she was a little girl she always wanted her prince in shining armour to rescue her but Jay has done that thousands of times. She loved hearing princess stories and hearing how they fell in love and now she was in a fairytale!

Atlanta's was asked to be brides maid. And Jay's older sister was asked to be the maid of honour.

Atlanta was asked to wear a pink beautiful dress. Usually pink wasn't one of the things she would usually wear but this was Theresa's wedding. At least it wasn't hotpink. Atlanta wanted to surprise Theresa with her new hair-do. It was a little lighter red and was put in a fancy ponytail and was a bit wavy. It was tied with a flower hair band with pins.

And Jay's best friend Odie was asked to be the Best Man. (Okay I know most of you want it to be Archie but seriously most people didn't know that odie's jay's best friend.well besides Theresa)

Theresa and Atlanta carried a bouquet that had white and pink roses in it. It had pearls between the roses and the lace was a light peachy colour. The holder was covered in nice silky white fabric. Theresa's was a bit bigger.

Theresa got a dress that cost about $200000. It was a beautiful strapless dress. It touch the ground and floated behind her whenever she walked, so gracefully. The beads we're put in a beautiful design on the dress. A famous designer had sewn it together with Theresa actually working with her. All the money from her dad, of course. She had a long gold locket on and her mother's pearl necklace.

Her mother had died giving birth to Theresa. Her dad always told Theresa her mother would have been so proud of her whenever Theresa had succeeded in something. She wished she knew her mother and she was here at her wedding. There was a large photo of her in the house by the stairs. She was beautiful. Theresa called her a betty. She had browny blonde hair but had the same beautiful eyes as Theresa. She was a beautiful lady. Theresa liked pretending talking to her.

Theresa had gone to the hairdresser and done her hair sooo beautifully. She looked like a goddess with the hair. She had done a basket design(like the weaving) at the top which looked pretty cool and then tied behind it at the top with made it look like a tiara(not litterally, just more of a braid across the top) though it was just her hair. And loose curls at the back. She had shiny pins in her hair making it look stunning.

She wore a veil that looked gorgeous. It was silky and soft6 yet you could see through very well. For Traddition as having something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue. She had the dress as something new. Her mother's necklace as something old. Her friend Jessica's white flat shoes as something burrowed and her garnet as something blue.

Jay had gotten a tux that was quite expensive, of course payed by Theresa's father. He wanted to make his daughter's wedding special.
He had a white rose on his jacket.

Theresa's dad and Jay's parents had gotten a pin with purple orchis to wear. The guests we're given white orchids with purple on the inside to wear.

They we're to get married by the beach but in a small park, where you could see the beach just behind the garden they we're in. In front was a white lighthouse, a bit far from where they we're to get married. Guests sat in a large tent that was above the whole wedding(You know those tents at wedding that's covers the sun so it wouldn't be so hot).

And the rows of seats had decoration stream with small flowers on it. The chairs we're covered in a nice white fabric.
It was spring in May and very sunny. That month it had been raining everyday except this one whoch was a sign of pure love.

The little flower girl who was Theresa's older sister's little girl(Her sister had been travelling the whole world and met a guy in France and they had been married for 5 years now) The little girl was named Tammy and she wore a sweet white dress and carried a tiny flower bouquet with only pink flowers. The ring-berrier(Jay's older sister's son, his sister was alot older than Jay and had been married for 8 years now) The little boy was 5 years old and had a cute little tux on and carried a white pillow with a white bow in the middle with a ring on top.

The aisle was a white carpet with pink flower petals on it. To the side of the table where the reader(i have no idea what he's called but he pronouces them husband and wife) we're two large white pots with carvings in them made by the gods with peach colour and white and pink tulips in it. And the very edge of the tent was a cage with doves in it.

Okay that was actually alot but that was just the description of the story. The next chapter is the wedding!

Okay you know when i said a short story, now i believe it will be long.
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