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Theresa's latest vision has everyone in a mad scramble to the park- but is it for the wrong reasons? Tulais came to the rescue, but soon enough to save Archie and Atlanta?

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Demons Within Me

Disclaimer: See previous chapters

Warnings: Blood, character death, more blood

Pairings: Archie/Atlanta is the main. Jay/Theresa/Neil is on the side when I manage to spare a few brain cells in their direction.

Authors note: Well, like I've said (too) many times before, 'Demons Within Me' is just finishing. I might disappear for a while, working on a few other stories that I have lying around, and some old ones for other fandoms that are in big need of some editing wink Nevertheless, here's the next chapter:

Chapter 24: Companions


Theresa felt warm and comforted. Her eyes were slightly red from crying and babbling on about how stupid Jay could be, not knowing that the whole time she ranted, Neil felt more and more that he was losing her to Jay. Even though, Theresa felt better, she couldn't help but feel certain feelings for the blonde who was holding her in his arms. Jay tended to be a guy, and didn't like physical affection, or even verbal affection for that matter.

Theresa smiled and closed her eyes, enjoying the touch of Neil's hand on her hair and the love in his light touch. Oh, she knew, she knew that both Jay and Neil liked her, but to what extent she didn't know. It was a bit of a shock that Neil would come out of his comfort zone of 'only himself' to like her- or maybe there was an underlying reason that Neil might possibly not even be aware of.

She was about to ask Neil just how much he really liked -possibly loved- her, when her eyes snapped open and she jerked upright.

Neil scowled in annoyance, but when he went to pull her back against him, he found her body stiff and rigid.

"Therri?" he asked worriedly.

But her pupils were dilated so that her eyes were almost black, and they were seeing something beyond the four walls of her room.


Archie was lying on a bed, his heel was being tended too by Chiron, and he looked like he was in extreme pain. Atlanta stood over him, barely standing and clutching her leg. She had a crutch and some bandages wrapped around her thigh.

Shaking, Archie held up his hand and took hers. Atlanta said something quickly, but there were no words. She obviously shouted, because Archie winced and Chiron looked up at her with the glare of a man interrupted from an important task.

Archie whispered something to Atlanta, and her eyes widened and she began yelling again. Archie's hand fell from hers and his eyes closed. Chiron leapt up to check his pulse and...

Tulais. Tulais was running along a dark path, moonlight just giving things a silver outlining in the darkness. He leapt over a bench, seemingly leaping at Theresa as if he would fly from the vision and devour her, she screamed, but at the same time, she heard Atlanta screaming and Tulais's furious howl....

(End Vision)

Theresa screamed and Neil immediately pulled her into a hug.

"Theresa, Theresa, calm down! What happened?" he asked soothingly.

She pushed away from him, getting to her feet quickly. Theresa stumbled, as if dizzy, and fell against the door, grabbing for the knob.

"Archie, Atlanta- Tulais, Tulais is going to kill Archie!" she near-shrieked.

Neil got up, "But, isn't Archie his descendant and all?"

"That's what I Saw!" Theresa cried, pushing into the hall and falling against the opposite wall. She stumbled her way down the hallway to Atlanta's room and threw the door open.

No one was there.

Maybe, maybe they were in Archie's room. No, wait. Theresa furrowed her brow, barely hearing Neil come up beside her.

Tulais had leapt over a bench. There had been trees in the background...

"The park!" she exclaimed, "they're at the park!"

"At this hour?" Neil asked to no one. Suddenly noticing Theresa had taken off for the front door, he ran after her and took the stairs three at a time.

Herry and Odie were talking quietly in the living room. When Theresa rushed past, they watched curiously, but when Neil ran past in the same hurry, they leapt to their feet, threw on their shoes, and followed suit.

"What's going on?" Herry asked as he ran to his truck.

"The park- we have to get to the park," Neil replied, "Theresa saw Tulais kill Archie or something like that." He opened the truck door for Theresa, but she had dashed behind the Brownstone into the alley to start up her own car.

Both Herry and Odie paled considerably and leapt into the vehicle. Herry turned the ignition and the engine roared to life. Without waiting for Odie to even sit down properly, Herry sped off onto the road towards the park, gas pedal nearly flat against the floor.


Theresa was just pulling out of the alley; only moments after Herry had shot off, when she heard a familiar shout.

"Therri! Therri! What's going on?"

She snapped her head to the side to see Jay running up to her car with a confused look on his face. Momentarily, she wondered if he'd even care that Archie could be killed right now, after the way he'd acted this morning, but then she scolded herself. This was JAY she was talking about, and he'd only been worried for them.

"Archie and Atlanta are in big trouble, hurry!" she called.

Jay leapt into the seat beside her, not pausing to open the door. Theresa sped off right behind Herry in her red convertible.

"So what's going on?" Jay asked, squinting his watering eyes to try and protect them from the wind. Oddly, Theresa found that expression very funny on him and nearly burst out laughing. But the seriousness of loosing one of her friends washed the laughter away.

"I- I had a vision, and I Saw Archie and Atlanta in Chiron's office and Archie said... something to Atlanta, and then he passed out or... I think..." she snuck a glance at Jay out of the corner of her eye and saw that he understood what she meant. Her guess had been right, even though they'd had that big argument when Archie had returned, Jay would never abandon one of his teammates. His eyes were wide and she noticed he was shaking slightly.

"And Jay," she whispered in a low voice, "I... I Saw Tulais, he leapt over and bench and I heard Atlanta screaming and then the vision ended."

"What? Tulais would attack Archie? But- they're kin aren't they?" Jay whipped his head around to face her. Theresa didn't reply but kept her eyes on the road. She didn't know.


Both vehicles arrived at the park around the same time. All five teens leapt out, taking weapons usually stored in Herry's truck for emergencies like this. Surprisingly, Jay had his sword with him (which actually isn't that much of a surprise)

They ran as fast as they could to the park, Theresa barely explaining that they would be somewhere along the path, considering Tulais had leapt over a bench to attack Archie and Atlanta.

Up ahead they heard a loud snarl and agonized cries.

"No!" Theresa shrieked, speeding up to a pace that would even make Archie proud.

The gang rounded the corner and immediately Theresa knew she had been wrong.


A large form lay limp on the ground, all too soon, they knew it was dead. The other two giants were clutching bleeding wounds on their arms or bellies.

Standing behind them, clutching his own bleeding arm, was Cronus. Even so, the Titan was chuckling loudly.

"You're outnumbered Tulais! Run and hide again, while you still can! You've never cared about anyone before, why start now when it will kill you?"

"Never Cronus! I'm sick of running!" Tulais snarled.

He was standing in front of the still form they could all see was Archie, and Atlanta was collapsed on the ground near Archie. Tulais was breathing heavily and in the bright moonlight, everyone could see the deep gnashes in his sides and the blood dripping onto the ground through his thick coat. Surprisingly, one of his horns had snapped and what was left was barely half. There was gore around his mouth and it was him who had obviously killed the giant.

"Archie, Atlanta!" Herry cried, dashing forwards to help his friends. Theresa was right behind him, and even Odie. Jay and Neil spared a glance at each other, silently saying to each other:

'Work as a team. Settle differences later.'

Differences, meaning their relationships with Theresa. Together, they charged into battle side by side.

Cronus whirled around just to meet his face to Herry's furious fist. The muscular teen charged through, the sudden appearance of the teens startled the giants just long enough for Herry and Theresa to pass through unharmed. Herry whirled around to fight the giants while Theresa shot to Archie and Atlanta, barely remembering she was leaving herself open to any attack if one was aimed at her.

Archie was lying on the ground, his face twisted up in pain and his skin almost vibrantly white, which frightened her. Despite a large cut to the head, which didn't look all that bad, Theresa really couldn't find anything wrong with him.

Atlanta was panting heavily, bleeding from her right thigh, which had a huge cut across it. Judging by her position with her hands out in front of her and legs stretched behind her, she had tried to crawl over to Archie when she collapsed.

Wait, Theresa recalled, Chiron had been bandaging Archie's heel...

She gasped when she saw his bleeding heel. Obviously, it had been Cronus's doing- the clean, bloody slit could only have been made by a scythe's blade. What worried her was the fact that the skin around the cut was already an angry red, some black spots appearing around the edge of the cut. If Archie didn't see Chiron soon he'd...

No, she shook her head; it was all leading up to her vision. Archie couldn't die!

"Herry! I need your help! We have to get them out of here now!" she screamed over her shoulder.

In the back of her mind, she sensed the giant lunge at her, but a howl and bellow of pain brought her to her senses and she whirled around to se the giant retreat and Tulais standing in front of her. That was the second time he'd saved her in battle. She nodded her thanks to him and he snorted in reply before preparing for the next attack.

Herry was beside her in the next instant and she directed him to Archie.

"We need to get these two to my car, now. Cronus stabbed his heel, be careful."

"You got it," Herry nodded, lifting Archie into his arms, bridal style. Archie whimpered loudly, proving he was actually still faintly conscious.

"Sorry, buddy, but we have to get you to Theresa's car. Just hang in there, okay?" Herry told Archie as he began to run towards the parking lot. He noticed Archie tried not to cry out the rest of the run to the vehicles.

Meanwhile, Theresa was gently shaking Atlanta, "C'mon, 'Lanta, wake up!" she whispered frantically. There was so much blood everywhere, and it was all Archie Atlanta and Tulais's. (Not to mention Cronus and the giants)

Atlanta moaned and her green eyes flickered open, "Ther-esa? Where's... Archie! Where's Archie? He's hurt and Cronus and Tulais came and-" she bolted upright, falling against Theresa as the pain in her leg finally registered in her mind.

"Herry has him now, and we're getting the both of you out of here. Can you walk?" Theresa told her quickly, relieved that Atlanta was better than she looked.

Atlanta shook her head, "I think Cronus cut through my quad, I can't move this leg at all, and the pain is... it hurts a lot," Atlanta explained.

Theresa sighed, "Well, I'm not Herry but I think I can help you." She slung Atlanta's left arm over her shoulders and pulled both of their bodies upright. Atlanta hissed in pain, but said nothing. Together, the two of them slowly hobbled their way to where Herry had taken Archie.


"Neil, look out!" Odie cried as Neil was nursing a scraped elbow. The blonde looked at him as if he had two heads, not understanding what the smaller was saying. He got up and ran over just as a giant punched the place where he'd been sitting.

"What did you say, Odie?" Neil asked.

"Never mind," Odie sighed.

Neil shrugged, "Okay."

Jay's yelp of pain brought them both back to their senses.

Their Leader was currently having his one-on-one battle with Cronus. Although the Titan had been wounded by Tulais, it was still a fairly one-sided battle.

Jay ducked out of the way of Cronus's scythe, trying to ignore the sharp pain in his shoulder, and parried another blow from the second scythe.

The two remaining giants ran past the mortal and immortal, too sore and scared to obey even Cronus's command of 'Get back here!'.

"Guys, we have to go- now!" Herry called from further up the path. Currently, Theresa was getting Atlanta into her car while Archie was lying on the back seats. Herry had whipped of his shirt and used it as a makeshift bandage for Archie's heel, trying to stop the bleeding.

Odie and Neil immediately ran towards Herry and the three turned to run.

Cronus smirked, "Go ahead, Jay. I'll let you run this time." Then he vanished.

Jay wanted to fall down and just sleep right then, but he got up and turned to follow his friends when his PMR beeped.

"Jay- we have to go NOW! Archie's barely breathing!" Theresa cried through the PMR.

"Go without me, I'll make my way back eventually. But look out for Cronus- he just disappeared," Jay told her instantly.

"He'll try to stop them. The Brat's on the brink of death right now- if you wait too long it'll be too late to save him," Tulais growled over his shoulder. Jay nearly jumped out of his skin in surprise, but Theresa heard.

"Okay, Jay, we're leaving... be safe."

And the line went dead before Jay could reply.

Tulais crouched down beside Jay, "Get on my back."

Jay stared in a mix of disgust and astonishment, "B-but you're a-"

"Yes I'm a demon you whelp! And you reek of Hera and the gods, but what use are you going to be slowly running around on your stick-legs while the rest of us are in the heat of battle? You're much more useful with me- considering you can wield that sword and not hit me," Tulais snapped, nose wrinkling up in a snarl.

Jay still wasn't sure. He was feeling torn between his loyalty to Hera and his duties as a Leader.

"Are you Archie's friend or not? If you are then you'll help him!"

Jay narrowed his eyes at the demon, "No," he said quietly, "I'm not Archie's friend..."

Tulais snorted and went to get up.

"I'm his Leader!"

Jay took Tulais's good horn and swung himself over onto the demon's back, sword held high. With a howl that sounded strangely like a laugh, Tulais shot off into the dark, following the scent of Archie's blood.


Huzzah! It's done!

Now, everyone, thank KitKat for making me finish this- seriously. She kept getting me motivated to work on it or I would have shot off into Kingdom Hearts and Beyblade again, but I'll stick around long enough to finish this at least ;)

And so, we have more Archie/Atlanta being all bloody, Tulais coming to the rescue, Jay being an angsty(yummy!) boy and then going all kick-butt at the end with the whole "I'm his Leader" cry.

So, anyways, will Archie survive? Will Atlanta live?

Someone WILL die in the next chapter.

I'll try to update soon,

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