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With daring feats on both sides of the battle, and sacrifices as well, Archie and Atanta have made it to Chiron- but are they still saveable?

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Demons Within Me

Disclaimer: See previous chapters

Pairings: After all this time, what do you expect? It's obviously Hera/Jay and Neil/Archie, duh. Haha, just teasing- same as usual: Archie/Atlanta and Jay/Theresa/Neil.

Warnings: Blood, gore, character death. Minor cursing. Nothing too bad unless you're extremely squeamish and prude.

Authors Note: yes, I know, I haven't updated in forever and so I'm sorry. Stupid school proved harder than I remember it and so I'm just getting back on track and caught up again. Also, I've really been working on my novel that I'm hoping to publish (needs to be written first) and I've been having a lot of fun with 'A Christmas Mission'. If you haven't checked it out, try it. It's a lot lighter and, apparently, very funny. Especially compared to 'Demons Within Me'. Anyways, I've just decided to get this story done and then I can rest knowing that I've at least finished one fanfiction in my lifetime.

Also, the action is really picking up over in 'Awake in a Dream' by Nuuoa Eclaire. I suggest you go be a part of it and challenge her to update sooner.

(p.s. I learned how to use underline, italics and bold-ing on ficwad.)

Chapter 25: Loss


Herry did his best to drone out the overwhelming urge to run back and help Jay, but he trusted his leader and he'd also heard what Tulais said over the PMR. The night was very cold now that he had no shirt, but he hoped it would be put to a better use by wrapping up Archie's ankle with it. He wiped his hands off on his shorts very quickly, to get rid of any germs from Archie's ankle, and then slid his fingers into his finger-dents that were feeling more and more comfortable every time he drove his baby. Herry threw it into reverse, pushing on the gas and spun around, then threw her into drive and shot off ahead of Theresa. Odie and Neil had clambered into the back and were busy trying to buckle themselves in while Herry sped through town.

He checked in his re-view mirror and made sure that Theresa was behind him.

"Look out!" Odie cried from the backseat. Leaning forwards and pointing ahead with a shaky hand. Herry's eyes shot to the road and he saw Cronus and his two remaining giants standing in front of them. They were going to block the way- but not if he had anything to do with that!

"Tell Theresa to hold on for a second, I've go a road to clear!" he told Odie and Neil, "and strap yourselves in guys!"

He was in the zone, blocking out the other sounds around him. Hopefully Odie and Neil had heard him and he hadn't just thought he'd said to call Theresa, hopefully they were buckling up and preparing themselves. Herry slowed the truck down as he neared Cronus, he fingered the headlights nervously.

"Forgive me baby," he whispered, patting the dash lovingly.

Without giving any signal he threw the lights onto high beam and at the same time slammed on the brakes and shot forwards, feeling like it was him running head-on at the giants. The Titan of Time and the giants were momentarily blinded by the high beams and had no time to react as Herry shot into them, like a bullet. Metal crunched and tires screeched, or maybe that was the giants. The tremor that shot through his body rattling his teeth to the few fillings he had, all from chipping his teeth when he tripped; Herry had never had a cavity in his life. He pushed harder on the glass, bringing up and arm to shield his face as the windshield shattered and blasted him with glass. He desperately hoped that Odie and Neil were alright. There was a loud boom from the front of his truck and a hissing sound. Herry pulled his arm away form his face, wincing, and saw the smoke billowing form his engine.

"Everyone- everyone get out!"

He ripped his seatbelt off, trying not to feel too much for his poor, poor truck. It's just a vehicle, it's just a vehicle, he told himself again and again. He kicked the door open and leapt out, not paying any attention to the cuts and scratches on his body. He ripped open Neil's door and dragged a petrified Neil and hyperventilating Odie from the backseat and got them running when the giants, marred and bloody, attacked. Herry whirled to face them, but he realized now how raw and torn his hands were. He could only imagine what would happen if he were too attack the giants with these open wounds. That could mean... germs and diseases... he shuddered and tried to block the thoughts out. But his truck was destroyed and who knew what would be its fate later. He actually... felt afraid. Maybe it was time to retreat and nurse his wounds, let the less injured take up the fight for now. No, no, no! That was no way to think!

"If you want me, come and get me!" he cried, determined to hold them off from Theresa as long as possible. On a second thought, he realized Theresa and Cronus were gone. Hopefully Theresa could make it back to the school before Cronus could catch her. He shuddered, but could spare no time as a giant lunged at him.

As if materializing from the black night around them, Tulais flew over Herry's head, claws out and jaws agape. Shocked, Herry watched as Jay appeared on Tulais's back, brandishing his blood-stained sword like a hero of the Old days, rushing into battle on a mighty steed. The sheer poetic and beauty of the moment made Herry stop and watch, shocked to see how Jay had overcome his bitter resentment towards the demon and was now fighting alongside him. Tulais sunk his jaws into the forearm of the giant while Jay slashed at the head and neck area. The demon pulled away nimbly, Jay ducked low to avoid the counter swing from the agonized beast.

Some spark from Jay's bravery relit the fire in his own heart and Herry pushed away all thoughts of his truck, of the blood, the germs, of his own pain, and only focused on the battle. They must not get past, they must not get past!

"Go, Jay! We got this!" Herry heard himself cry as he rushed into the battle. With a start he realized that Odie and Neil were rushing alongside him. They would not get to Theresa and Atlanta and Archie- those three would remain safe! Jay turned and looked over his shoulder, still on Tulais's back, and nodded to Herry. Loyalty and friendship, admiration and thanks burned in his eyes and he nodded. Shouting something to Tulais, the demon howled and sprang off into the night, following the scent of blood.

"You won't get past me!" the strong hero bellowed, adding his own voice to the rages and shrieks echoing in the night.


Theresa kept her foot flat to the floor all the way. She continued blinking hard, trying not to think of the terrible crunch of metal as Herry's truck bowled into the giants. She tried to forget that Cronus had vanished seconds before Herry had hit him and tried not to imagine that he was up ahead, waiting. Most of all, she tried not to think about Herry, Odie or Neil and what condition they might be in right now.

Atlanta moaned loudly in the passenger seat, her head nodding as she fought to stay awake, eyes clamped shut tight against the wind.

"How's Archie?" Theresa cried. She couldn't hear him from the backseat, maybe because of the wind or because she was thinking of other things, but she just didn't want to believe the alternative.

For a moment she thought Atlanta hadn't heard her, but painfully the other girl turned her head and reached back to check on Archie.

"He... he's so... pale," Atlanta said, only just loud enough to be heard, "b-but he... he's still a-alive."

Good, Theresa thought, now if only he can make it to the school. No, not if Theresa, /when/, she reminded herself. Archie and Atlanta would make it, there was no doubt. She shot around the corner and nearly shrieked in alarm. Theresa slammed hard on the brakes, her car swerving and trying to spin around in protest, wheels screeching against the asphalt.

She brought it to a stop, now sideways on the road, and looked past Atlanta to see the man standing before her. Clad in a dark suit, like a piece of star-less night sky that had been woven into clothing, pale skin with scars on each cheek and black hair, wisps of silver now showing through, stood Cronus. He looked down his hooked nose at her, poppy-red eyes narrowing amusedly as his face crinkled up in a grin.

"Ah, Theresa, I was hoping you'd be here. I have some unfinished business with those two passengers who are bleeding all over your car. I'll take them out of your hands now." He began walking forwards, calmly and very confident in his loud footfalls. Theresa looked around wildly; she had to get out of here! Archie didn't have much time before he was beyond hope, and Atlanta wasn't doing much better.

Said huntress was struggling to sit up straighter.

"Cronus," she spat, her voice hoarse, "get out of the way now or I'll kill you."

Cronus seemed surprise at the spite in Atlanta's voice and his step faltered. He'd seen what humans, driven to their limit, to a point where they were toeing the line between life and death, and he knew of the immense strength they could pull from it. He was wary now- but not enough to run. Not yet at least, if all went well, he could finish off the Demonspawn and get his payment from Hera, ad after that he'd imprison her and all his children and grandchildren and rule the world.

"You feel strongly for this boy, don't you Atlanta?" he moved a little closer. Atlanta tensed and raised her fist to open the car door. The sound echoed through the quiet night air like gunfire. Slowly, and Theresa knew it was because Atlanta was fighting to stay conscious; Atlanta placed a foot on the road, but did no more. She was testing Cronus's limits, Theresa realized.

A confident grin began to sweep back onto Cronus's face. If he could push Atlanta's emotional limits, it might tire her body before she could attack.

"Is it that he's your friend?" Atlanta opened her mouth,

"Shut up, Cronus! You're here to fight, so call up your weapons!"

"You love him, don't you?"

Those words sent a sword through Atlanta's stomach, twisting up her insides. She started shaking uncontrollably, from fatigue or fear from the fact that Cronus could possibly be right, that she loved Archie.

Atlanta thought of all that had happened lately.

Training in the gym and he'd 'saved' her form tat miss-fired bolo, he'd come into the water without much protest with her, he'd given her his hoodie and she still had it, holding it to reassure her occasionally. She'd felt mortified when she'd seen Archie hanging from Tulais's jaws that stormy day, and like the world was lighting up again when he forgave her for their little spat. They'd spent so much happy time together, buying a new hoodie for him, and he'd bought her lunch. She'd found herself admiring his body, when she didn't mean to and then he... they...

She and Archie had shared a kiss- almost.

"Cronus... just... just go away!" Atlanta shouted, her mouth was open to say more, but the pain and fatigue on her little body finally caught up to her and she passed out. Theresa reached over and pulled Atlanta the rest of the way back into the car. She closed the door, watching Cronus carefully. He had started approaching, but stopped and was looking past them. She didn't dare turn and look, for fear it was a trick, but the fear on his face seemed genuine. With a gulp, Theresa decided she could spare a glance.

And gasped as Tulais, Jay on his back looking to her, deep into her eyes with longing and... love, sailed over the hood of her car. Theresa felt her heart stir wildly, something she hadn't felt before, as she watched Jay let out a battle cry and swung his sword in a mighty arc over his head and brought it down on Cronus's summoned scythe. Tulais snarled and bit air as Cronus leapt back, narrowly avoiding the sharp fangs.

"Go, Theresa! You're their only hope now!" Jay called back. Realizing he'd just given her an order, Theresa jumped, her heart was the hoof beats of a million stampeding horses and her stomach was a cavern of butterflies. She turned the car as sharply as she could, the wheels spinning loudly on the pavement. Cronus tried to stop her, and as Jay and Tulais lunged forwards, Theresa felt her... her love for Jay erupt like a fountain of unending power and as her eyes flashed with a purple haze, there was a loud sap in the air and Cronus was thrown back several feet, stunned. Tulais took the opportunity without question and leapt forwards, fangs barred.

She saw no more because she had already left the battle far behind. There was no more to think about, just getting Archie and Atlanta to the school, to Chiron, before it was too late.

It seemed like the school had come out of nowhere, suddenly springing from the earth in front of her. Theresa skidded into the parking lot, cursing when Atlanta hit herself against the dashboard (she hadn't had a seatbelt on since Theresa got her into the car in a big hurry) rather hard before Theresa could stop her.

Suddenly, Theresa found herself the problem. There was only one of her and two, most likely, dieing friends. She might be able to get Atlanta inside, if barely, but by then it might be too late for Archie after she finished explaining everything. And, with a sickening jolt, how ready would the gods be to help Archie since he was half demon? Stop it; she told herself, they've helped Archie plenty times before.

Like an answer to her prayers, Ares came sprinting down the steps towards her and the car, and with him was Hercules. Surprisingly enough, the Hero was keeping up without wheezing.

Not bothering to ask any questions, Hercules carefully lifted Atlanta and ran back, while Theresa dashed ahead to get the door open for them, and Ares snatched up Archie, rather harshly, and ignored the shout of pain from the teen.

Archie and Atlanta were raced to the special janitor's closet, which opened as they got near it, Theresa realized. Hercules and Ares took Archie and Atlanta right to Chiron's room, and Theresa finally slowed down outside the door. Persephone glided in a few moments later, looking to Chiron's door anxiously and then back to Theresa.

"Theresa, darling, sit down. You've done your work and now it's time for Chiron to do his-"

"I Saw Archie dieing, Persephone! I can't relax!" Theresa shrieked, nearly pulling out her hair, "Jay is still out there fighting Cronus and I don't know if Herry and Odie and Neil are still alive and for all I know they could all be dead by now! How can I relax?"

The next thing she knew, her legs had given out on her and she fell to the ground in an exhausted unconsciousness. Later, she might have wondered if Persephone had anything to do with it, but as dark and lonely as it was, it was a welcomed rest. When she awoke, which she hoped was only a short while later; shouts were coming from down the hall.

"You can't let him in here!"

"Get out of here!"


Demon? That had to be... Tulais! And that meant Jay! Theresa leapt to her feet, realizing she'd been placed with a pillow under her head and a blanket over her body, and felt a dizzy spell coming on. Forcing the nausea aside, she ran forwards and turned the corner...

Only to trip and fall into Neil's arms, and nearly his lips, in the process. Herry, awkwardly shirtless but covered in bruises and cuts, and Odie and Jay were behind him, and with them, was Tulais. The demon narrowed his red eyes and bellowed loudly,

"Where is Archie?"

Theresa's eyes widened. She'd been about to ecstatically cry that they were all alive, but remembered that Archie and Atlanta were still in Chiron's room. And possibly wouldn't come out, alive. How could she have forgotten? Guiltily, she pulled away from Neil and looked at Tulais,

"Chiron's still looking after him and Atlanta. They're both in really bad shape."

Silence hung in the air.

"Sorry we took so long, "Herry finally said, "we had to fight some giants and... and my truck is... dead." Another silence, to grieve for the loss, followed.

"I'm going to see Archie," Tulais growled, almost daring someone to tell him otherwise and shoved his way forwards towards Chiron's room. The others followed quietly, and Theresa slowly slipped to Jay's side.

"We didn't beat him," he whispered, almost afraid to break the hanging silence, "but he was the one who ran. We... we were lucky Tulais was there. He's very skilled in battle." Theresa knew how much Jay meant it, since he often talked to her about his lessons with Hera, and knew that the image had been drilled into his head again and again that demons were pure evil.

"You were magnificent, on his back; I've never seen you like that before Jay. It was like, I was seeing you for the first time," she replied, just as quietly.

Jay said nothing, but she felt his fingers wrap around hers, wet and sick with blood and sweat. Theresa didn't care. She wanted his shoulder and his embrace right now, someone to lean on. She tried to ignore the holes burning in her heart from Neil's perfect blue eyes as he watched them.


Tulais had forced his way into Chiron's room and had headed instantly to Archie's side. He looked to the centaur for information. The healer shook his head,

"I'm afraid that he's lost too much life. There's no way he'll make it now. The girl, she'll live, but Archie has no chance."

The hackles on Tulais's neck rose and he growled deep in his throat. Turning, he roughly nudged Archie with his muzzle,

"Get up, Brat!" Archie didn't even moan in protest anymore, and Tulais felt horror to the core of his long-forgotten, cursed heart.

"I said get up!" Another shove and no response from Archie.

"Tulais," Chiron said slowly, "there's no point..."

And then the greatest demon of all demons, created by the gods themselves, threw his head back and howled.


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