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Death (Goodbye)

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In their mourning, Tulais finds that there is a way to save Archie. But can a demon who cares for only himself actually give up his life for someone he barely knows, when he- himself- could live in...

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Demons Within Me

Disclaimer: See previous chapters

Warnings: (Important!) Character death, plotting Neil and scary Hera.

Pairings: (Major)Jay/Theresa!/Neil, more minor Archie/Atlanta and very strong family-bonded Archie/Tulais

Authors Notes: Not much to say, but you might want to grab a tissue. This chapter might shock some of you...

Chapter 26: Death (Goodbye)


The group of seven teenagers was just rounding the corner where they could wait outside Chiron's room for Archie and Atlanta to wake up (they wouldn't think of the alternative) when they heard the howl.

"No!" Theresa gasped, holding onto Jay for support. The others had frozen, eyes trained on the large wooden doors that were slightly ajar. It couldn't be... it couldn't be... no, no!

Hera suddenly ran past, and more surprisingly, Zeus was with her, "What is He doing here?" she was saying to herself. Jay's eyes flickered as he somewhat realized what he'd done, by allowing Tulais to come into the gods secret wing. He shook his head; he'd done the right thing. Archie was Tulais's descendant and Tulais should have the privilege to see his own bloodline one last time.

And one last time was all he'd get... Tulais wouldn't cry so loudly for Atlanta, it had to be Archie he was mourning. Despite himself, Jay still couldn't imagine the demon actually feeling sad. He hadn't realized that he'd sat down on the steps until he felt Theresa/s head on his shoulder. Tentatively, he put an arm around her and then held onto her tighter, for the sake of having someone to hold on to.

Emotions threatened to come pouring out, but he bit his lip and held onto Theresa so tight he was unconsciously worried about hurting her. His tight embrace though made her clutch harder onto his shirt, burying her face into his neck as she cried for the both of them. Out of the entire group, she was the only one who was able to cry. Herry, Odie, Neil and Jay were too man to cry, on the outside at least.

Even though he did feel upset about Archie and Atlanta- all Neil could really think about was Jay and Theresa before him, holding onto each other so tightly it was like they wanted to meld together like two pieces of hot metal. He shivered as he watched Theresa crying into Jay's shirt, and he supporting her while he tried himself not to cry.

How dare Jay take his Theresa! Jay never paid much attention to her before, and it was only after Neil himself had started to like Theresa that Jay began to get jealous and pay more attention. Because he had to have everything he wanted- the good looks, the good girls, the good grades, the compliments, all the friends, all the knowledge, all the glory! Jay got everything, and Neil was sick of being called the coward. All he'd wanted was one good thing in his life- Theresa- and Jay was-had- Jay had taken that too!

Neil used to be able to look in his mirror (secretly watching and glaring at Jay's reflection as the Leader got the attention) and ignore all the good stuff Jay was getting, and casually shake off the 'coward' or 'lucky idiot' comments, but not this time. He'd get Theresa back and he'd get her back for good even if it meant selling his own mirror!


"Tulais, I didn't mean it like that!" Chiron quickly corrected himself.

Tulais whirled around, "Then what do you mean?" he snarled.

Chiron took an involuntary step back, and looked towards Archie's pale, limp form. The boy was gasping and wheezing for breath, his leg turning an ugly shade of black, purple, yellow and green as a bruise spread up his calf. Angry red lines were tracing their way up to his thigh and the rest of his skin, already sheet white, was turning a sickening yellow color.

"What I meant, Tulais, is that Archie will die, very soon, but he might have a chance if..."

"If what? Stop playing around you god-slave!" Tulais reared up to his full height, slamming a massive paw on the ground.

Chiron shuddered, "As I said before, Archie ahs lost too much life. The wound to the heel wouldn't be a fatal if it were on any other human, Archie's dilemma is that his actual lifeline is connected to his heel- and that is why it's killing him. I can seal the wound, but it will be too late to save him regardless unless...," when Tulais barred his fangs threateningly, Chiron didn't hesitate to continue, "unless I give him another Life energy."

Tulais's eyes widened, "That would call for a human sacrifice, would it not?"

A 'Life Transplant' was where one, usually a mortal, gave their own life force to a person of their choosing. It was very rarely done, for most people were too afraid to give their lives so readily, but it could be done with the proper ritual and know-how, which Tulais didn't doubt this Horse-Man was short on that knowledge.

Chiron nodded, "If I were to use a mortal- but if I were to use the life force of an immortal, I believe both would survive."

"You want me to do the Life Transplant?" Tulais interrupted. Every second they wasted dodging around the subject brought Archie closer to death.

"No, I mean... maybe. The only problem is that it will most likely make you mortal, Tulais. I would only need to use the energy that was sued to make you immortal to save Archie," the centaur explained.

Tulais nodded, and opened his jaws to speak when Hera and Zeus, followed closely by Ares and Hercules, barged in through the closed doors.

"How Dare you Enter This Holy Place You Demon!" Hera cried furiously.

Tulais's hackles rose, making him look larger than he was, and he snarled angrily. For a moment the gods faltered, but Chiron stepped between the opposing forces.

"Hera, Tulais has agreed to do a Life energy Transplant with Archie. Forgive me for my boldness, but I do not want any of this arguing or any fighting in my infirmary!"

Hera's eyes lit up when she heard the words, and despite being so rudely talked to by a lesser immortal, she nodded understandingly, "Very well. I assume, then, that the Demonspawn will live?" Tulais growled again at the insult, but made no further move to attack, "then I will go inform the children of what is happening. I trust you will have no use for me here, correct?"

Without waiting for a reply she turned to leave, but stopped as she assed Ares and Hercules, "After the Energy ahs left Tulais, he will be weak and most likely unconscious, better yet dead, but no matter what state he is in, I want you to snap his neck and kill him. Butcher him if you have to, I just want him dead as soon as possible. We'll deal with Archie later."

With that, the Queen of the Greek gods left the room to meet the somber teenagers waiting outside.


Odie was the first to see the door opening, and in an instant he was on his feet. Hera dignifiedly stepped out from Chiron's room, facing them all with an unreadable expression.

"I am pleased to inform you that Atlanta is alive, and will make a full recovery." Seeing the smiles that graced their dirty and tear-streaked faces, if only briefly, warmed her heart a tad, "and... Archie is dieing."

The gasps and looks of horror that greeted her extinguished the warmth that she'd felt inside her only seconds ago.

"Can't we go say goodbye? How much longer does he have?" Odie cried. While the others all had a good relationship with Archie, Odie felt he and the Warrior had become very close friends over the course of time they'd spent together. Maybe it had something to do with their ancestors knowing each other thousands of years ago or maybe because they secretly respected each others' strengths, but he didn't know if he was ready to let Archie go yet. Odie didn't think any of them were.

Hera shook her head and held up a hand to silence the outbursts that followed her reaction, "Yes, Archie is dieing, but Tulais has agreed to give his life for Archie. Sadly, it is true that Tulais will die in the process, but since Archie is his descendant, he feels it is only right to do this for his own kind."

Deep down, Odie wondered if Hera resented demons and was making this up. Tulais, ready to give his life for someone he hadn't met until a few days ago? It seemed impossible.

"So, Archie and Atlanta are both going to live?" Theresa asked. Eager nods from the rest of the gang, save for Neil who only nodded briefly, Odie noted, explained that they were all thinking the same thing.

"Yes," Hera nodded, "they will both survive."

Cheers and hugs followed.


Hera was a fool if she thought he hadn't heard her instructions to Ares and Hercules. He was a demon after all, with heightened senses and she had stood so close that he could smell her clearly. Maybe she'd wanted him to hear her.

As if hearing his thoughts, Ares called out boldly, despite his cowardice nature, "So are you really going to give up your life for a half-breed? You can still run and live Tulais, just run away like always!" and he and Hercules laughed together.

Tulais snarled, almost hissing, in their direction and looked from Archie to the two laughing immortals.

It was true, he'd always run before. Maybe a long, long time ago, when he was a hero with a heart of gold who always fought for the right and justice, he would have immediately given his life away. But centuries of living alone, being hated and hating the ones he had worshiped for so long had changed him. He was very much not the same boy who had snuck Achilles away from that place where he had dressed up in girl clothes and had given him a dagger. Together they had roamed the streets, being boys, and lived in a bubble of laughter, adventure, scuffles and a friendship that would last them through their lifetimes. Yet after living as a demon for all these years, if he was to find a boy hiding as a girl now, would he pity him or turn away. His heart had long grown cold for not caring about anything but himself for so long, and now trying to decide whether his life, or the life of his and Achilles' only direct descendant was tearing apart the false world of anger he had isolated himself in.

They had met only briefly, talked almost never at all, and now he was being asked to give his life for this boy? In the short time he had known Archie, Tulais had felt his stone heart begin to beat again as he watched life grow and flourish in the youth. His first crush (and love) his own dark fears and joys. Could he let al that end after he had experienced them fully?

"You are not laughing," he commented to Chiron.

"I do not find the matter funny. I am rather serious when it comes to my medical work," the centaur replied calmly.

Tulais nodded solemnly. He seemed different creature now, not the courageous man who had set out with Achilles, or the love struck twit who had gotten himself cursed by the gods and no longer was the raging demon feared by all. Now... he was just Tulais, a long-before ancestor of this boy dieing in front of him. How many beings got to look upon their future bloodline?

He leaned forwards and licked Archie's cheek, "You owe me for this, Brat," he whispered before taking a step back to look at Chiron.

"I'll do it. I don't run away from anything," he narrowed his eyes at Hercules and Ares, knowing exactly what was meant for him by doing this exchange.

Chiron nodded, "Very well, lie here, around the head of the bed please," he instructed.

Tulais, for once, did as he was told. He stole a brief look to see Atlanta's descendant. Her bloodline was still as beautiful as ever. Take care of her, Archie. he thought.

Slowly he laid his head down on his paws, closing his eyes as he herd Chiron above him murmuring phrases and words that had no sense to him. He heard Ares and Hercules walking closer, waiting for him to loose strength.

And then, there was that feeling of nothingness. It was like suddenly being free of a prison too tight for one's body, yet he could still feel his own body and felt the hands grab the back of his neck. He knew what was to come and he flinched as he felt the snap that signified his own death. There was o turning back no, only moving forwards. Suddenly, he was sinking again. He felt himself get pulled into another cage, tapped and pressed on all sides. Bitterly, he laughed.

"So this is all that awaits us? Eternity on a cage? Or maybe this is just your final revenge to me, Hera? Am I to never be able to apologize to Achilles? Will I remain locked away forever? I am still a demon and there is still strength in my claws, I will break out and when I do- I will destroy you all!"


As Ares and Hercules carried the body away, only Zeus saw not only the silvery outline of life that was passed into Archie's body, but a second form that seemed a lot like a hand-sized form of Tulais, following closely after and almost invisible against the life force as it was absorbed by the Demonspawn.

"What are you up to, Chiron?" he demanded loudly, making the old centaur jump.

"Nothing, my Lord," Chiron replied, and yet there was a fear in his eyes that Zeus felt went beyond being startled. But he cleared his mind of it. He turned and left to go join Hera outside.

"Nothing at all," Chiron repeated as he looked down at Archie, feeling the weight of what he'd just done like a noose around his neck.


Archie felt in a daze. He was in some dark place, mist rolling over the land all around. There were no stars in the sky- if that was the sky he was looking at. He had no idea what was up or down in this place.

With a start he leapt back as cold red eyes opened before him. Amazed, Archie stared at what appeared to be the outline of some huge beast, probably as tall as he was with a long, fangs snout, big paws with sharper claws and two long horns on its head. Where had he seen this thing before? He struggled to remember, but nothing came to him.

"Go back," it whispered in a hauntingly calm, throaty voice.

"Go back."

"Go back? Go back where?" he asked, "what do you mean- who are you?"

The thing seemed to smile at his last question.

"I have to leave you now, but remember I'm never that far away. Now, go back, Archie. They're all waiting for you."

As if they had a will of their own, Archie's feet turned and he turned and walked away from wherever the beast had kept him from entering. The further away he got, the warmer he felt, the more the fog in his mind cleared and the more his heel began to sting. As one final memory, of Atlanta and him in the park, Cronus stabbing his heel, flashed though his mind, Archie began to shake as he realized where he'd just been kept from going. Without looking back, Archie broke into a run.

He came into his body gasping, sweating and struggling not to let go again. He could not go back there- no matter what. His leg was screaming and burning red-hot, and it was all he could do to keep himself from slipping away again, and he knew that this time tulais would not be there to stop him if he did enter. But he was here, and despite all the pain...

He was alive.


Alright! Archie's alive! And now we know what the character death I've been mentioning for so long is about.

Yes, sadly, it was Tulais. In the end, he was able to change and gave his life to save Archie. Quite sad. I'll sure miss him, he was a lot of fun to write, and I'm really shocked/happy that a lot of other people seem to like him too. We all must say goodbye someday though...

But I think he had to go because I don't want the 'Demons Within Me' story to start becoming all about Tulais, Archie and Atlanta (though that'd still be fun) I'm trying to avoid having a Gary-Sue sort of thing here. Besides, he's done his part and now it's up to Archie and Atlanta to get together on their own, and for Archie to fulfill the Prophecy or die trying.

So now, I am going to tell you a very special announcement.

The next chapter of 'Demons Within Me' will be the last.

I'm serious this time. Most likely, it will be longer than most chapters, as a special treat, and I hope you'll all like the ending and be satisfied for a short time at least.

Anyways, I also want to say a special thanks to all of the people who have reviewed. I've just recently passed 300 reviews, which makes me wonder 'why me? I can't be that good!' but in any case, thank you. I also feel very lucky to actually not have gotten any bad reviews (save for one or two who I can't tell whether they were flames or not because the people seemed to like the story but threatened to kill me for one reason or another). So thanks, and I hope this wets your appetites until I come out with the finale!

Love from,

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