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They escape...well almost.

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"I guess you could, but remember I won't hesitate to shoot you, so don't try anything." K undid Julius' shackles and waited for him to get up. As soon as Julius stood up, K roughly pushed him towards Delilah and said, "Make it quick." K stepped back to let them talk, but kept an eye on them.

"Well I guess this is goodbye."

"Yeah right."

Julius immediately knew that Delilah had a plan and her plan didn't involve leaving him, not even for a minute. Delilah gave Julius a very convincing hug. When they parted she was in tears. She was such a good actress.

Julius walked back to K. Delilah was only one stride behind him.

K pushed him down on the ground. He bent down to lock him back up and that was when Delilah saw her chance. With one big step she placed her hand on his shoulder and pinched his pressure points. K immediately dropped to the ground, hitting his head on his keys, that he dropped.

K had already did up one of Julius's shackles, so Delilah had to get the keys that were under K's head. She slowly turned him over, as soon as she saw the blood on his head she looked away. Delilah took a deep breath, quickly looked back, and grabbed the keys. There was a lot of blood on them. She put the key in the lock and turned it. She dropped the keys.

Julius took the brace off his wrist and embraced Delilah.

Delilah broke the hug and wiped the blood off her hand and onto her pants.

Julius looked over at K's unconscious body. He had a gash on his head which blood was flowing steadily from. Julius looked away. Even although they were spies they both hated the sight of blood.

Delilah stood up. Julius grabbed the keys and stood up, "We might need these to get out of here."

"You're right. So what do we do with him?" Delilah gestured to K.

"Just leave him. For now anyway. We have to find out where we are and get to a phone so, we can call Al."

"Then what?"

"We'll tell Al to come and pick him up and we'll fly back to the academy. I hope we're not to far away."

"Okay then let's leave." Delilah and Julius walked towards the only door in the room. At first Julius hesitated but then he went turned the knob. It didn't turn. Julius took the keys that he had put in his pocket and tried the first one on the ring. It didn't work. After three more tries he managed to get the right key.

The door opened into a hallway full of doors. Julius went to the first one on the right, but of course it was locked. He was tried a key and of course it didn't work. Just when Julius was about to try another key, Delilah grabbed his arm. "What?" Julius turned around and Delilah was pointing to the door on the far side of the hallway. There was light coming from the bottom of the door. It was the only one that had light coming from it.

"That's the way out." Delilah stated the obvious.

"Luckily, you looked around. We could have been here for hours." They walked to the door and Julius put a key into the door knob, he heard a click sound just before he turned the key. He looked around and saw K standing by the door of the room they were locked in. He held his gun in one hand. Delilah didn't even know that K was there, she was still looking at light coming from under the door.

Julius pulled her down to the ground as the gun went off.
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