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Julius pulled her down just in time. The bullet had missed both of them. Without thinking Julius turned the key to see if it was the right one, if it was they were saved, well for now anyways and if it wasn't they were doomed.

Luck was on their side because the key turned and the door opened. Julius heard K begin to run down the hallway. He pulled Delilah through the door and when he turned to shut the door he saw a bit of K's face. Julius slammed the door and it hit K hard in the face, knocking him backwards and closing the door. Julius could have sworn that he saw some blood fly.

Julius turned around to run, but didn't once he saw where they were.

They were inside a cave. The door to K's lair was at the back at it. It wasn't a big cave. Delilah was at the entrance of the cave, looking around. Past Delilah he could see loads of trees. They were in a cave in a forest.

Julius heard the door knob jiggle. Without looking behind him he ran towards Delilah, grabbed her by the arm, and kept on running. They both ran until they were out of breath. They hid behind a tree while they rested.

After he regained his breath Julius said, "He should have been out for a few hours after you dropped him."

"Well I was nervous, maybe I didn't do it right."

"Why were you nervous? You did it to me before and you weren't nervous."

"It felt wrong."

"How could it feel wrong? He was going to kill us!" Julius began to raise his voice.

Delilah raised her voice too, "He was just doing it, to get his sister back!"

Julius didn't have time to say anything as another shot was fired. The bullet hit a tree a few feet away from them and even though the bullet wasn't close to hitting either of them, it was enough to send them running, again.

After they ran several meters another shot was fired. This time it was close. It zoomed past Julius. Missing his arm by inches. Julius picked his pace up but, Delilah was slowing down.

"Come on De, speed up."

"My leg hurts."

"Try not to think about it."

"But, it hurts." Delilah slowed down to a fast paced walk.

Julius slowed down and went to her side. "Remember that race we were going to have."


"We'll let's have it right now."

"Where's the finish line going to be?"

"The first road we come to."

"Okay then. Go." Delilah ran past Julius with her hurting leg forgotten. She sure was competitive.

My goal is to have this story and The New Kid completed before or on my birthday. The 12th. I have the rest of this story and The New Kid planned so it shouldn't take very long.
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