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Chapter 1

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The Winx Club has a new member, but there's more to Whim than they first perceive! This is only the beginning, I have more if you want.

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The room was large and circular, with a balcony overlooking the courtyard and a skylight that would decide what her frame of mind was, and it was all hers. Mrs. Fairygonda, the headmaster, was telling her something, something about decorating, but she had already planned the layout of her furniture and was moving on to the curtains.

“Whim, are you going to make changes now, or later?” Fairygonda inquired.

“I can do it now, my magic and energy has fully recharged.” Whim brushed a few strands of her long, steely silver hair out of her fringe-less midnight blue eyes and aimed her open-palmed hands at the floor. “Azrael almenic temgivm kun!” she chanted in a low voice. The floor swirled with fairy magic and large dark shadows appeared to be rising from the bottom of the warp, like a submarine up and out of the water. Soon enough, a wardrobe, desk, four-poster bed, bookcase, and dresser, all carved out of a strange milky white wood had grown from the hardwood floor. The furniture suddenly grew to a bright mahogany, and the smell of a wet spring morning could be detected. Mrs. Fairygonda nodded approvingly.

“Well, I can tell that you’re happy. I’ll leave you to your preparations. If you have any questions you can ask me. Your classes will begin tomorrow, I already gave you your schedule.” Whim’s damp hand squeezed for dear life the crinkled document hidden in her pocket when it was mentioned. Her ticket out of her home, to a whole new school with new friends! If she could find some first.
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