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chapter 2

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OK, i like this part, so i'm posting it!

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“Hey, guys, I just heard from Mrs. F that we have a new girl in our class!” Bloom informed the others at lunch. She played with her salad while she went further in her description. “Her name is Whim. Her parents are the rulers of Azrael. Does anyone know where that is?” She was blessedly ignorant. When she mentioned “Azrael” the group flinched. It was expected that her, a human, wouldn’t know what Azrael was. Musa cleared her throat to gain attention.

“Well, Bloom, you see, Azrael is a dimension not two hip-hops from here, but it’s a whole realm away, if you know what I mean.” The redhead was quizzical. She turned to Tecna, who gladly took up the extra slack.

“Azrael is ruled by a wizard and a fairy. The creation was a realm that they ruled in a joint dictatorship. The entire world is crumbling at the foundation and anarchy is the real ruler. Death and agonizing pain is what that that planet stands for! It’s the magical realm’s equivalent of Hell.” She got excited and cross-referenced everything on her hand-held PC to give more information, but was interrupted by a girl heading over to them and asking if she could eat with them. She was their age, in her sophomore year and was extremely pretty. Her waist-length platinum hair made a smashing combination with her icy eyes, but produced the feeling that they already knew her. Her outfit was wild: black and hot pink zebra print vest over a sleeveless black V-neck dress and matching pink arm warmers from her upper arms to her fingers. This went well with the white 80s leggings overlapped by thigh-high black dragon hide boots. Dangly blue feather earrings that matched her eyes hung to her shoulders and blended with her hair. An odd stole lay across her shoulders. Something about her told the others that they had seen her before, but they had most certainly never met this girl.

“Hi, I’m Whim. I just transferred here and the other girls don’t seem too friendly,” she smiled and glanced hopefully at the Winx Club. The pixy Chatta liked this girl, she seemed down to earth. The black and silver fur resting on her shoulders shuddered.

“What is that?!” Stella shrieked.

“This is Arson, my fox.” As she said this, a pointed fox face appeared on her right shoulder. The small animal was black with silver jagged stripes snaking around its body and nine sleek tails wound around her left arm. Both of his furry ears were lined with silver hoops, the same as his master’s. Whim rubbed Arson’s nose.

“Anyway, hello Whim. Of course you can sit here. Bloom told me about you.” Chatta continued.

“Really? Am that popular already?” she chuckled, knowing that that would never be true. “Hey, is that Earthshakers: 2?” Musa’s indigo eyes darted up. Her small music player was humming a quick-beat dance tune that had caught Whim’s attention.

“You know about it?”

“Do I know about it? My friend arranged it!”

“You know James McCorman?! As in, the DJ MC? I like, so want to meet him!” Musa made a new friend. They discussed music for the rest of lunch, then the bell rang and it was time to go back to class with a promise to Musa of a meeting with MC. Whim had horticulture with Flora next, so the pair said later to the rest and took off chatting about nightmare pollen and if dubo beetles were really good for plants’ growth like the experts say.

“She’s nice, I’m glad that she’s here. We should invite her to join the Winx Club.” Bloom suggested. The others nodded and even Tecna admitted that the girl was pretty nice.

“Yeah, yeah, being nice is nice and all, but I like what she’s wearing the most.” This remark came from Stella’s mouth of course, as she watched Whim’s retreating figure and her boots wistfully.
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