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Chapter 3

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just a bit more. i'm sorry, i don't know how to spell their names and am too lazy to look them up. lehla? what's the correct spelling?

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Over the next week it was unanimous, Whim must become a member of the Winx Club. Everybody got along with her and found her a source of inspiration. She got the best grades, hosted the best parties, and completely rebelled against her stereotype and image as Azrael’s princess. She had befriended the majority of the school and had become quite popular.

Pretty soon everyone was copying Whim’s taste in clothes, books, music, and hobbies. Small animals popped up everywhere: rabbits, cats, small dogs; but nobody wanted a fox because Roxy was Whim’s trademark, as was her style of clothes. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t top an outfit out of her wardrobe, especially when Stella and Whim traded clothes.

“Well, are you going to do it? You know, ask her to join the Winx Club?” Flora asked Bloom.

“Yeah, I have to find her first.” That wasn’t hard, Whim’s favorite place was her dorm, and it was everyone else’s favorite hang out, too. When you walked in you were always in for a surprise because it was always changing. The décor changed with Whim’s mood, which usually depends on the weather. If sunlight leftover from a light rain streams through the skylight, the room was counted on to be draped in light, springy colors. At other times, the room could be cloaked in darkness from a cloudy night, and the furnishings could be as dark as the sky and candles would burn low and cast eerie shadows. Bloom was one of the lucky people to witness this transaction between moods, and was quite shocked when she first did. The furniture was made of bleachwood, a native tree of Azrael.

The wood was originally white and synchronized with her powers, which stemmed from her emotions. The rugs, bed clothes, and curtains were woven from Arson’s fur which turned white when it was no longer connected to the fox’s body. When Whim brushed him and removed the hair from the teeth, she spun it into a delicately soft, thin thread which she wove into the articles needed. The hair acted in the same way as the wood, absorbing the energy given off by Whim and using it to change to match her feeling. This was possible because, as Whim explained to the gang, Arson and her were inseparably connected through a Spirit Thread. The Thread joined the two through their hearts, making them psychically aware of the other in mind and body.

Whim was much different than the other fairies when it came to power. Her unique energy was crafted from the union of a wizard and a fairy. The attacks were rooted in darkness, but the strength of them was determined by her emotions. If she was calm she was much more powerful because she was in control. Frustrated or angry though, the power was amplified a hundredfold but her attacks were reckless and missed their mark more often than not.

The class found out her power in her first Magic Defense class. They were pitted up against a griffin mirage, and while everybody was quivering in fear, Whim rushed forward and called out to her Winx. Once in her form, she threw her hands out and screamed “Iron Curtain!” A glittery grey wall appeared to defend the group from the griffin’s claw swipe. Her dark mass of energy, “Nightmare Fuel!” ended the training image.

She was also very skilled in hand-to-hand combat, as her main job in her kingdom was to train the military; the most feared military in the entire magical dimension. She explained to her friends that when she left Azrael to attend school she handed the responsibility over to her older brother.

Even her Winx outfit was the envy of every girl. Her hair would be pulled back and parted into two French braids held with black butterfly-shaped alligator-style clips, one on each braid level with her ears from where was a free ponytail. A pale blue crescent moon glowed on her forehead, the same color as her large pupil-less eyes. Light blue eye shadow decorated the area between her eyes and her eyebrows and fanned out on the outside of her eyes like wings, complete with gem stud outlines. The top of her outfit looked like a giant butterfly, with the body holding the upper wings together. The wing sections below wrapped around and came together in the back. Then they wrapped in an X formation to make the shrug sleeves around her upper arms. On her shoulders were transparent butterfly wing-shaped sleeves, but were clamped there, they weren’t attached to anything. Her midriff was bare, but led to a skirt that tied into a blue knot in back with long free-flowing ties. The skirt was black with a blue shimmery translucent cover over it. The boots were simple black thigh-high wedge with a rolled over cuff. Her wings were large see-through blue beautifully-shaped butterfly wings that reminded one of stained glass. Stella wasn’t the only jealous one this time.

Bloom knocked on the door to Whim’s dorm. She could hear dub step music from Earth jamming past the door. Nobody answered so Bloom knocked harder, and a very breathless Whim finally answered the door. It was obvious that she had been dancing wildly to release the stress of exams.

“You weren’t waiting long, were you? I’m sorry, I didn’t know that anyone was knocking!” She grinned. Whim stepped aside and let Bloom enter her room, which was in bright happy colors, like lemon yellow curtains with a crystal blue comforter. The furniture had the glow proud to come with the rosewood furnishing. The music that Bloom had heard was now only whispers from the stereo speakers mounted around the room, the main dials dancing in color as the music changed beats. “You wanna dance? It’s fun!” Whim cheered.

“Well, see, I want to ask you something first. My friends and I have a club, you know, the Winx Club? And we all decided that we want to ask you to join!” she said.

“Oh my gosh! Really? Thank you! I’ve never been in a club, and now I am and I have friends! This calls for a celebration!” She skipped over to the stereo and slipped a dance mix CD into the player. “Every Time We Touch” began pumping out of the speakers.

Forgive me my weakness, but I don’t know why,
Without you it’s hard to survive…
Cause every time we touch, I feel ecstatic,
And every time we kiss I swear I could fly…

Bloom had major fun that night, she was exhausted by the time that she got back to her own bed. Whim was so happy to have discovered that she had friends, it was great being able to spread that kind of joy to someone.
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