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Zapp Changes

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Leela finds out what Zapp is willing to do to get her to like him...

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Futurama. I wrote this story purely for the enjoyment of myself and others, not for economic gain.

"Good news, everyone!" said the professor.

"Oh no," moaned Leela, "this is never good news!"

"I have a conference to go to tonight and you're all coming with me."

"For what?" Leela asked.


"For what?!" she shouted.


"What's your conference for?"

The professor looked at her, puzzled. "What conference?" He turned to the others. "Did I say anything about a conference?"

"Yes, professor," spoke up Amy. "You just said that you have a con..."

"Hush. As I was saying, I've got a conference tonight with a number of scientists, such as myself, and you are all invited to come along."

"In your dreams, meatbag!" Bender shouted

"Ya," said Fry. "You're stupid conferences are soooooo boring!"

"Not this one!" he told them all. "Look here." He showed them all the invitation. Leela took it and read out loud:

"'You are invited to our 324th annual Science Conference in New New York.'" She then opened the invitation. "'We will be having a guest speaker: none other than the honourable General Major Webelo Zapp Brannigan.' Oh no!"

"That idiot!" said Bender. "Oh lordy."

"Professor, please...we can't go!" Leela pleaded. "/Please/!"


Two Hours Later at the Dinner Before the Conference

Leela ate her food quietly and quickly, her eye keeping a lookout for Zapp.

"Re/lax/, Leela," said Fry.

"Guh, he's not going to spot you in this crowd," Amy said, pointing at the hundreds of scientists who sat around them.

"Guys, I'm the only one-eyed alien here and the only who with purple hair...of course he'll see me!"

"Well, isn't it the fabulous Captain Leela."

"! God, please no!" Leela moaned, hiding her face with a hand. Pushing Fry out of the way, Zapp sat down beside her. "Zapp, go away."


"No!" She stalked off, Zapp following.

"What will it take for you to like me?" he asked.

Leela stoped. "Zapp," she said, her back to him, "I happen to like nice, slim, non-boasting men." She then walked off and Zapp stared at her while she walked away.


Two Weeks Later

"Leela, phone for you!" said Amy.

'For me?' Leela wondered. 'Who could it possibly be?' She entered the room and turned on the big screen and there, on the screen, was Zapp's large head.

"Hey, baby." He then moved away from the camera, revealing his body.

Oh...and his body! No longer was he large but rather slim. He showed off his new bod, moving his hips along to the exotic music he had playing in the background, in an attempt to entice Leela. And it worked.


To Be Continued...


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