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Zapp's Foolish Order

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Fry is taking it too hard, meanwhile Zapp foolishly gives an order to Kif.

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Futurama. I wrote this story purely for the enjoyment of myself and others, not for economic gain.

"Oh...Zapp!" she gasped.

"I'll be right over, babe," he said. "Just gotta fly my Nimbus from this uncharted sector to Earth. Shouldn't take long."

Leela stared at the blank screen just as Fry entered the room. "What's up?" He looked from Leela, who was still just staring at the screen, to Amy, who stared at Leela in complete shock.

"Zapp's coming!" said Leela. "Ooh...I must get ready!"

"Huh?" Fry scratched his head in complete and utter confusion. "What's going on?"

"Zapp...he...he changed just...just for /me/!"

"What?" He watched Leela go off to get herself ready for Zapp's arrival.

"Leela has the hots for Zapp," Amy explained.

"NO! NO!" He ran after Leela who was at her locker applying some make-up. "Leela, what about /ME/?"

"What about you, Fry?"

"Why...why Zapp? He's an idiot!"

"Not anymore. He changed for me! For /me/!"

"I can change for you, Leela! Please! Please give me a chance!" He knelt down in front of Leela, his hands clasped together.

"Fry, you're my only my friend. I never have and never will like you in any other way."

Fry watched in despair as Leela left the room. He stayed there for quite some time, not exactly knowing for how long. He then left for Robot Arms Apartments. He soon reached apartment 00100100 and entered, wanting to just sleep in the 'closet' and get away from all of this.

"Hey, Fry! What's up?"

"Stupid, spaceship captain," Fry muttered, not hearing Bender.


"Bender, I just want to be alone."

"Fine then!" he said, stalking out of the apartment and slamming the door shut.


The Next Day

"So, Leela, how was your date with Zapp last night?" asked Amy that morning while they were sitting around the round table.

"Oh, it was so romantic! Zapp brought me a dozen flowers and a large box of chocolates for me. It took me to the..."

"Okay, whatever, we don't care," Amy said. Then she muttered: "I just asked to be nice."

Leela glared at her and then gasped when she saw Fry enter the room, still in his pajamas and his hair a total disaster.

"Fry, please don't take it this hard!" Leela begged.

"I'm a man!" Fry shouted. "I don't take things hard!"

"Fry, listen. Nothing you can do will make me like you in that way. Not even making me feel guilty and sorry for you," she muttered.



"Kif, turn the ship around," instructed Zapp Brannigan. I think I'll make a surprise visit to see my Leela."

"Sir, we're on a DOOP mission. We have to follow orders and stay on our current course."

"Orders shmorders. Turn this ship around."

"But, sir..."

"Kif. Where do your loyalties lie?"

"To you, sir."

"That's right."

Sighing, Kif turned the ship around. "Sir, there's two ways in which to go. One goes through an uncharted sector and will take half a day, the other goes through a charted sector but will day nearly two..."

"Kif, you need some excitement in your life. Take the uncharted sector."

"I highly advice against that, s..."

"Kif, obey me or I will have"

"Yes, sir," he mumbled. He then set the coordinates.


To be Continued...


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