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Not Alone...

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Zapp and Kif crash land on a strange planet that appears to be uninhabited...or is it?

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Futurama. I wrote this story purely for the enjoyment of myself and others, not for economic gain.

Two Hours Later

"How close are we, Kif?"

"Eight hours, sir."

"Eight, me when we're seven...I'll be in my quarters."

"Yes, siaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What was /THAT/."

The ship had just been tossed about in mid-air sending its occupants flying in all directions. Both Zapp and Kif stood, holding onto railings for balance as the ship continued to shake.

"Asteroids!" Zapp said, looking out the window. "Kif! What have you done?!"

"Sir, you told me to send us through the uncharted sector."

Kif tried his best to control the ship and not hit any asteroids. However, this was impossible with the shaking of the ship. It wasn't long before they were hit and the ship went down.

"NO!" shouted Zapp.

The ship nosedived down. A green planet came into view and their ship approached it at an accelerating rate. Lush green forests could be seen but no signs of any civilization. The ship then touched the ground, smacking it hard, then lifting up into the air and then down again until it finally stopped on the forest floor.


A Couple Minutes Later

Zapp emerged from the pile of steaming rubble that used to be his ship. His uniform was torn, numerous cuts covered his body, and his metals gone.

"No!" he cried. "My awards!" He then saw his ship...the in pieces. He screamed aloud and bashed his fist into a piece of its frame, causing pain to shoot through his arm. He cried out in agony.

Just then Kif emerged, in the same shape as Zapp himself. He limped towards Zapp, breathing heavily, and then collapsed on the ground beside him.

"Soldier, clean my cuts."

Kif groaned. "I can't, sir. The antibiotics are hidden amongst the ship."

"Then find them!"

Kif groaned again. Was the rest of his life going to be like this? Doing what Zapp tells him to do, looking through the rubble for various items? Sighing, he forced himself up and began looking through the rubble.

"And if you find anything else that would be of use to us, show it to me. In the meantime, I will be sitting here," he said pointing to a log, "and thinking of my precious Leela...who will no doubt be missing me."


Back at Planet Express...

Leela checked herself over in the mirror. She had a tight and slightly revealing dress on and her hair up per usual. She had put makeup and eye makeup on. She also had a bottle of champagne, which reminded her of the morning after she had Zapp had slept together and he had mispronounced the name. It was then that she had decided she didn't like Zapp. But he had changed...for the better. Maybe it was all for show, she didn't know, but whatever the case, Zapp was putting a lot of effort into it and that had to count for something.

She walked to the front room, her strappy heels clacking against the tiled floor. Fry stared at her longingly, and Bender cat-called.

"Ooooohhhh! /Lee/la!" he called. Leela simply ignored him. She was going to sit on the couch and wait for Zapp, but All My Circuits was coming on so she decided to wait outside for Zapp.

So she waited...and waited...and waited...

'Maybe...maybe it was all for show,' she thought. She looked around the street - no Zapp anywhere to be seen. She had already waited two hours so she supposed it wasn't going to show. Sighing, and with tears rolling down her face, she dragged herself into Planet Express.

"Leela...?" asked Fry.

"He...he...he never showed up!" she bawled.

"Ha! Hahahahahahaha!" Bender laughed hysterically. Leela screamed at him then ran out of Planet Express and to her apartment.


Meanwhile...On An Unknown Planet Far Away...

Five hours after their crash landing, Kif had found nothing of value in the rubble save for a toothbrush but it had a weird mould growing on it so it was discarded quickly. Zapp's mind had been on Leela the entire time. What was she thinking? Did she miss him? Was she terribly upset he had never shown up? Would he ever get off this planet and see her again?

"Sir, we must build shelters," said Kif.

" go on," he told Kif. "I'll just stay here on this log and do nothing except dream about..."

"The temperature is dropping. I highly suggest we find or build some sort of shelter."

"Well, Kif, if you seem so keen on the idea, then go build a shelter."

That was not what Kif had in mind at all. But he complied and began to search through the rubble for suitable material to build a temporary shelter out of until they had enough time to build a more permanent one.

It took nearly two hours, but Kif finally managed to build a shelter big enough for both of them using merely scrap parts from the Nimbus and the side of a rock cliff for one wall.

"The shelter is ready, sir," said Kif.

"Good, good." Zapp did not rise.

"Um...sir. It's dark out. I suggest we enter our shelter before any potential predators come along."

Zapp rose and Kif walked him over to the shelter. When Zapp walked, the entire earth shook. Kif turned to face Zapp but it became apparent that Zapp was not the culprit...the shaking had come from something else.

"What's that?" Zapp asked, clutching a tree branch in fear.

"It sounds like footsteps, sir."

Footsteps they were...and whoever it was was coming right towards them...


To Be Continued...


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