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Chapter 7

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... a new friendship unfolds... that's all I can say:P

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I am currently supposed to be studying for another science test, but honestly, who gives a damn? Lol. Those longs words and stupid equations are all a blur to me now; I've been reading them over thousands of times. So, I decided to get a start on the next chappie; YAY! Okay, well, anyways thanks to all the reviews, you guys rock! Reviews are always awesome and encouraging. So here's the next chappie.

Chapter 7

Jay walked home, his hand planted deep into the cottony insides of his pockets. He was smiling, actually grinning and he couldn't figure out why. He had spent an amazing night with Ashley, but it was purely a mission, wasn't it? Their 'relationship' would, eventually, end. He'd have to break up with her... and then what? Would Theresa go out with him, even after everything he's put her through?

As soon as he thought of her, his smile immediately faded. Theresa. It all the past night's events, he had managed to forget about her. (A/N: wow, that's a definite first!)

Jay arrived home, mind busily searching for his much wanted answers. He tried shaking his thoughts away, but that never works, now does it? He sighed deeply as he pushed the door open and walked in. But he hadn't walked a couple of steps when Atlanta ran over to him.

"Jay, you haven't seen Theresa, have you?" Atlanta's worried voice startled him from his thoughts and all the demanding questions.

"No... Didn't she say she was going on a walk like," He glanced down to his watch. "Five hours ago?!" Jay was surprised at how much time he had spent with Ashley, and the fact that Theresa was gone that long.

Atlanta only nodded, and the worried expression never left her face. It was past midnight and she still wasn't back. Unlike Jay, Atlanta wasn't worried if Cronus had gotten to her; no, she knew Theresa could take care of herself when it came to that. But what she was worried about was if Theresa was okay emotionally.

She turned to Jay and noticed his borrowed frown and worried expression. She sighed.

"Jay, I have a feeling Cronus has nothing to do with this." Jay was, once again, startled at the sound of Atlanta's voice. What was with him today?

"Then where is she? Maybe I should call her-"

"Already tried... she left it here." There was a long awkward silence between the two before Atlanta decided to get some answers.

"So Jay, is Ashley working with Cronus?"

"I-I don't know yet." He stuttered. Atlanta was really intimidating him right now.

"So what do you know Jay, other than how her lips taste?" Jay stared at Atlanta awestruck, unable to respond. All he did was open his mouth wide, preparing to speak, only to shut it again. Finally, he managed to say something comprehensible.

"H-How did you know I-I kissed her?"

"Please Jay, that's all guys think about. Nothing else seems to matter, and I guess you're really no different, in the end." Atlanta stared at Jay, recalling her past experience with Michael. She had taken a wild chance and guessed that Jay had kissed Ashley, and of course, she was right. Why did they even bother with guys?

Atlanta knew that Theresa would probably show up any minute now, and she had a feeling that the last thing she wanted to do was see Jay. And the last thing Atlanta wanted was to see her usually strong and confident best friend break down crying again.

"Jay, maybe you should just... go to bed. I'm sure she'll be back soon, it's nothing for you to worry about, really." But still Jay stood there, frozen.

Jay was surprised that he was being pushed away like that. Just a couple of days ago, he would have been up all night searching for Theresa. Better yet, he would have been with her wherever she had gone to. But it seems things can change in just the blink of an eye.

Reluctantly, and after much assurance from Atlanta that if Theresa didn't arrive within the next hour, she was to wake him immediately, he went upstairs and headed to bed.

Atlanta sighed as she watched Jay slowly walk up the stairs, constantly turning back to look at the door before taking another step. She didn't understand him, really. One minute he doesn't even remember Theresa's name and is off kissing someone he just met, and the next he's completely worried about Theresa. No wonder Theresa was so confused.

Atlanta plopped down onto the couch, flipping on the TV. The screen flickered on, illuminating the dark room. She channel surfed for a couple of minutes until she decided nothing good was on, and turned the TV off, the room enveloping into darkness once more. All that was heard was the ticking sound the clock Herry had hung up was making. She lied down on the couch, staring up at the ceiling she couldn't see, her hands resting on her stomach. She had a continuous cycle in her mind, which went a little like this; worry about Theresa, push that away with a positive thought, look at door, look out window until a new worry decides to pop into your mind, worry about Theresa...

She started to lightly tap her foot at the end of the couch, unaware of everything else around her. Her mind only focused on Theresa.

Archie rolled over and turned around in his bed, unable to get comfortable. His head was pounding, due to all the questions fluttering freely in the tiny space (a/n: hehe), and sleep seemed to be the last thing his mind and body was worrying about.

He had found out that Atlanta had broken up with Michael. For one thing, he was completely glad about it; he never did like that guy. But what he was wondering was why. Why had she broken up with him so quickly? What had he done? And what did she think of him now?

Yes, what did she think of him? Obviously, his little confession had tampered with his life. Who knew three words could do so much? Who knew just three words would be what collapsed such a strong friendship?

He turned over again, mentally smacking himself for what he had done. What had possessed him to do such a stupid, stupid thing? Why'd he even think Atlanta would like him like that? 'Archie, you've really done it this time. Now what? You can't even talk to her anymore, and to top it off, you were being a fucking bastard to Theresa. You know Archie, you're such a great person.'

"Shut up!" He yelled to no one in particular. Even his mind seemed to be against him, bringing him down ever lower than he already felt. One thing he knew was that he admitted he was rude to Theresa, and that he had to apologize. But as for Atlanta, well, he was going to leave that to her. If she wanted to talk, than she should know he'd always be there to listen. Always. Even if she would never think of him for more than that. A friend. Always only a stupid, fucking friend.

He groaned loudly before sighing. Maybe a glass of water would do him some good. He rolled out of bed, his eyes half shut. He searched around for hid doorknob in the dark, before having found it. He clumsily walked out the door and made his way down the stairs. 'Great,' he thought, 'just when I get up, I start to fall asleep.'

He opened the tap and filled his glass to the top. In one swift movement, he gulped down the entire contents of the cup before placing it on the counter. His gaze wandered to the microwave with was brightly flashing '12:53'. He rolled his eyes at the fact that he knew he wouldn't fall asleep for another hour or two, then he'd have to wake up early, thanks to Jay and his 'we've always got to be prepared' plan, meaning he had to be up by 8. Yup, no sleeping in for him.

He trudged all the way to the living room, not bothering to turn the lights on... big mistake. He knocked into one of the tables, sending a rush of pain up and down his leg.

"Fuck!" he murmured, jumping up and down on one foot, clutching the other one in pain.

"Archie?!" Atlanta sat up quickly, startled at the sudden noise. Archie looked up and they stared at each other for a moment before they both started to speak.

"What are you doing up?" They both asked at the same time. They started to laugh a little until Archie asked her again.

"So 'Lan, what are you doing up? It's almost one." Atlanta looked back at their front door, and Archie followed her gaze. He was about to ask her what she meant, but she beat him to it.

"I'm waiting for Terri to come back... she's never been out this long... Archie, I'm really worried about her..." Archie couldn't help but glance back at the door once he saw how worried Atlanta actually was.

"'Lanta, I'm sure she'll be back any minute now..." His gaze wandered around the dark room. "So, uh, where's Jay?" Atlanta immediately rolled her eyes.

Upstairs, probably dreaming about Ashley." Archie raised his eyebrow in surprise.

"I thought he only dreamt of Theresa and Cronus. I guess the date went well then?" he asked. Atlanta nodded.

"So Arch, what are you doing up so late?"

"Water." He answered simply, his thumb pointing to the direction of the kitchen. Atlanta nodded and Archie noticed her eyes slightly flutter shut for a moment.

"You tired?" he asked her.

"...Just a little... but I've got to stay awake and make sure T-Theresa yawn comes back..."

"Atlanta, you're too tired to stay awake... why don't you go to sleep? I'm sure she'll be here soon anyways." Atlanta yawned again, but she seemed to be determined to stay awake. Archie thought about this for a while... he wasn't going to sleep anytime soon...

"Hey Atlanta... you know, I can stay awake until Theresa comes back." Atlanta looked at him, completely shocked.

"You'd actually do something for her? I thought you hated her?" she asked, still clearly surprised. But Archie just shrugged and nodded.

Atlanta seemed to hesitate for a moment, but then she yawned again, this time louder.

"Okay... but Archie, you've got to promise to stay awake until she gets back... and you've got to wake me if she's not here soon, okay?" she told him, hesitation still clear in her voice.

Archie nodded again and motioned her to get to sleep. She flopped back onto the couch.

"I'm going to try yawn and stay awake anyways..." The next couple of minutes went by in silence as Archie watched Atlanta slowly drift off to sleep. He could see that she was trying to stay awake since sometimes her eyes would quickly flutter back open. Archie smiled. That girl never gave up, even when she was half asleep. And that's something he really loved and admired about her; she was always determined and never gave up... But soon, the sandman had his way, and Atlanta had fallen asleep, leaving Archie alone with his thoughts.

Archie sat at the foot of the smaller couch, tapping his foot lightly against the ground. Where was Theresa? And why was Atlanta so worried? Did Jay have anything to do with it?

Archie was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn't see the front door slightly open. Nor did he notice Theresa slip in quietly, and tip toe half way across the room. Then she bumped into the same table he had knocked into and she muttered something incomprehensible under her breath.

Archie quickly looked up and had to smile. That damn table... they really did have to move it. When Theresa heard a light laugh she looked up and noticed Archie sitting on a couch, and Atlanta sleeping on the other. She gave him a quizzical look.

"Oh, well. Atlanta was worried about you, but she started to fall asleep, so I took her place waiting for you... so where were you?"

Theresa smiled at first at Atlanta's concern for her, but frowned when she heard Archie ask her where she was.

"That's not important... You can go to bed now, I'm back aren't I? I don't need you mocking me Archie."

Theresa turned to leave when Archie grabbed her wrist. She quickly twirled around, and looked down at her hand. She lifted her gaze back up and gave Archie yet another quizzical look... he seemed to be getting those a lot lately.

"Theresa... I just wanted to apologize for being such a jerk all the time... Sorry." He said so faintly it was almost unheard. Almost.

Theresa sat down at the edge of the table and eyed him suspiciously.

"Did Atlanta put you up to this?" she asked. He quickly lifted his head up and looked her in the eye.

"No. I just realized I was taking my anger out on you for no reason. And I understand if you don't want to forgive me." He said, and from the look in his eyes, Theresa knew he was being completely honest, and this apologize really came from his heart.

She smiled. "Thanks Arch." She hugged him, something he didn't expect. But slowly, he hugged her back and she pulled away.

"So, uh, what happened?" He asked hesitantly. He quickly lifted his hand to his face level in mock defense and Theresa punched him playfully.

They laughed a little, but then Archie gave her a look that told her he was here to listen. She was still shocked that he had apologized, and even more that he actually cared.

Theresa felt so much better knowing someone cared enough to try and listen, and she found herself pouring her heart out to him. She told him everything; how she liked Jay, how she told him, what he told her, about Ashley and what she saw in the park. And about how confused and hurt she was. And all the while, Archie sat there listening intently, never mocking her, never insulting her, only trying to comfort her.

She felt so much better after having talked to someone, and she had thought Archie would have been the last person she would have ever talked to seriously.

"Theresa, I know how you feel..." His gaze wandered over to Atlanta's sleeping body as he felt the hurt rush through him once more. He remembered when he had confessed to Atlanta.

"And I'm sorry I didn't listen to you... Now I know you were only trying to warn me... And I'm sorry if I hurt you in any way..." He sighed. "As for Jay, I don't think he deserves you. You're an amazing and caring person, and now I know how much you really care about all of us, and our friendships. And I'm sorry Jay could just toss you aside like that, even after everything you do for us... Okay, that might have sounded really cheesy, but it's true. Sure, we have more than our fair share of fights, but you're my friend Theresa. And I know Jay hurt you, just like Atlanta hurt me... I-I'm trying to move on, and I think you should to..." Theresa smiled. Archie could be so sweet, and he was trying so hard to say something comforting without being too 'cheesy', and without falling asleep.

"Thanks Archie. That means a lot." He smiled.

"Anytime. And I mean it Theresa... you can talk to me anytime you need someone to listen." He was speaking so seriously and kindly, it touched Theresa's heart. She never knew he could care so much. She nodded.

"How about we go to sleep? Janus wants us up by eight." Theresa said, chuckling lightly.

"How could I forget? Has that guy ever slept in? Wait, who's Janus?" Theresa laughed again.

"It's Jay and Cronus put together. Since he talks about his so much, they might as well share a name." Archie laughed again.

"Nice." He said, as the both made their way to bed. They were closer now, and they both knew it. They had found a true friend in each other.

Okay guys, please don't tell me that was AT fluff, I think it was more of a friendship thing... But who knows, there could be some REAL AT fluff later on... depending on how everything goes. So how was this chappie? Not much happened, but now things have changed... Theresa and Archie are closer friends, Archie's trying to get over Atlanta, but will he? And will Terri get over Jay? Ooo, and what's gonna happen to Jay and Ashley?

Well, next chappie is in the morning when they all wake up... and the drama begins...:P Well, please rate and review guys! Who doesn't love reviews? Well, have an awesome weekend guys!
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