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Chapter 8

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The next morning...

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Hey guys... ugh, How to save a life is stuck in my head... Now I'm in a sad mood:( Well, thanks for all the reviews! WOOT, I'm at 56, that's awesome! (L) you guys. Well, not much to say here, just that all of your awesome support is greatly appreciated, and means a lot.

Chapter 8

Her eyes quickly shut back closed as she sifted around underneath her soft covers. She hated that little moment when you first awoke, that moment when you knew you couldn't fall back asleep. That's all she wanted to do; sleep. Sleep her problems through... to let herself believe she truly lived in those dreams of hers. But instead she was greeted with the warm feel of the sunlight lightly caressing her soft skin. That tingly feeling that made you feel warm and cold, all at the same time. When you felt like either jumping up and tearing open the curtains, letting all the sunshine flood your room, and your soul, or just burying yourself deeper within your comforting covers, shutting out everyone and everything else.

But she didn't know what she felt anymore. She had experienced so many emotions; she couldn't keep track of her current one. So instead, she ignored her feelings. After all, they were what had caused all her problems.

She sighed as she turned over onto her back, starring up at her ceiling. She felt so... so... incomplete. As though a part of her had just been carelessly thrown away. So easily torn right out of her. She felt so fragile... as though all of her confidence had shattered in a matter of seconds. And she had nothing to lean on, nothing to help support her back up from such a graceful fall. All she could do was regret... regret and wish otherwise. Everyday seemed to be the same. Nothing seemed to change; it actually seemed to be getting worse as the days slowly went by. It was all so meaningless. Nevertheless, she still went on, searching and longing for her old self.

And what would mend her broken heart?

She turned her head to her left side, absentmindedly staring out her window. Her mind always seemed to wander off... Her soft fiery red hair fell atop her face as she shut her eyes once more. She concentrated on that feeling; when she felt all warm underneath her soft blankets, nuzzling down even deeper, her eyes shut tightly as her eyelids started to feel warm. She savored that carefree feeling. That moment, that's when she felt whole. But not a blink of an eye later would all her problems and worries crash down on her, all tightly laced together with hurt.

She sat up suddenly, that comforting feeling having completely vanished. She sighed deeply as she tucked away a soft curl behind her ear. Her deep emerald eyes seemed to glimmer underneath the sun's powerful rays... or was that just those tears she desperately tried to tuck away? She let a single tear roll down her rosy cheek. A tear filled with all her pain and hurt. A tear in which her deepest desires and longings were captured. Drenched with everything she had ever felt, all her true emotions.

She was tired of dreaming, or wanting. She was tired of regretting, of thinking what if. Somewhere along last nights' conversation with Archie, she realized something. Who had decided he was worth everything she was going through? What made him so special? The fact that he didn't love her? Or the fact that he had hurt her so much?

Thinking back to Archie, she smiled. He had been so sweet to her, despite everything they had ever put each other through. In the end, he was there for her... and she was grateful for it. He had really listened. He had comforted her, more than he could ever imagine. He had been a true friend.

She swung her long legs over the edge of her bed, firmly placing them into her fluffy pink slippers before getting up. She stretched out her arms above her head, a new perspective of her problems slowly forming in her mind. She sighed as she dropped her hands back down to her sides and tied her hair up in a loose ponytail. She didn't bother to change out of her silk nightie; it felt so soft against her skin.

Surprisingly, the bathroom wasn't occupied. She wondered what time it was; she hadn't bothered to check the time back in her room. She splashed icy cold water on her face a couple of times before lifting her head up. She stared at her reflection for a moment, trying to figure out what was different about it. She didn't even seem to recognize herself anymore. She didn't even bother to wipe the water of her face; she just stared into her own eyes.

She shuddered; she didn't like what she saw. She usually always had a smile plastered on, causing her whole face to light up. She was always giggling and talking, always so bubbly. But what she saw was the complete opposite.

She entered the kitchen and immediately made her way to the fridge. She grabbed the milk, a bowl and her favorite box of cereal. She turned the coffee maker on, deciding some caffeine would do her some good. While munching on an apple, she glanced to their microwave. In return, it flashed back in bright green '6:32'. It wasn't that early, although she was glad no one else was awake. She hated the pity look they all gave her. As though she needed it. She hauled herself onto the counter, swinging her legs back and forth, tapping her nails rhythmically against the marble countertop as she awaited her long needed cup of coffee. She inhaled and exhaled deeply as her patience grew thin. Did it usually take this long for the coffee? Just as she was about to give the coffee machine a good smacking, Archie walked in, half asleep.

"Hey sleepy head." She greeted him as he opened the fridge. He lifted his head out of it and smiled.


He pulled out the milk carton, and lifted it a couple of inches above his mouth.

"Ew, Archie, don't drink from it like that!" She scrunched up her face in disgust as Archie smirked and gulped down the milk. He let out an 'ahhh' as he placed the carton back in the fridge and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He grinned as he noticed Theresa's disgusted face.

He walked over to her and got up onto the counter as well, seating himself beside her. He mimicked her legs movements, and started to move his back and forth as well. Their feet would occasionally graze over each other as they talked.

"So, whatcha doing up so early?" Archie asked as he playfully kicked Theresa's left foot. She responded by scowling at him and kicking him back lightly.

"Dunno. I just woke up, I guess. And I couldn't get back to sleep... you?"

"Same. So, uh... you feeling any better?" He asked, sounding genuinely concerned. She smiled.

"Yeah... Archie I really appreciate what you did last night... thanks." She smiled brightly.

"Anytime." He smiled back. Theresa grinned once she heard the coffee machine beeping, and she leaped forward over Archie to grab two cups.

"Hey! Watch it!" Archie said, trying to sound mad, despite his laughter.

"Sorry." She said, grinning sheepishly. She jumped off the counter and filled their mugs, passing one to Archie. He accepted it gratefully, as Theresa sat back onto the counter beside him. Chairs are so yesterday, eh?

They absentmindedly swung their legs again, in perfect sequence with each other. Theresa silently sipped her coffee, already feeling relaxed. Unlike her, Archie drank too much and too fast, causing his tongue to burn. Theresa started giggling insanely as Archie did weird movements with his hand, trying to lessen the pain. Archie gulped down a whole cup of water, glad the burning feeling was fading off. He turned to Theresa and noticed she was still laughing at him.

"What's so funny?" Theresa tried to stifle her laughter, not wanting to wake up the whole dorm.

"The look of your face was priceless!" Archie groaned, laughing as well as Theresa stuck her tongue out at him mockingly.

"Archie, I thought about what you said, and you're right. He's not worth it..." Theresa said, after a moment of silence and Archie detecting the seriousness in her voice. He nodded as she smiled again. He was glad she was feeling better.

For the next hour or so, they sat there, slowly sipping their coffee (or in Archie's case, very, very slowly and carefully), legs still swinging as they talked. They were still laughing when Atlanta groggily walked into the kitchen.

"Theresa!" She yelled, surprised as she ran over to her friend and hugged her.

"How are you feeling!?" she asked quickly.

"Hey 'Lanta. I'm feeling great, actually. By the way, thanks for looking out for me last night." She smiled down at Atlanta, who felt relieved that her friend wasn't currently locked in her room crying.

"That's great news Terri." She glanced over to Archie, and noticed they were sitting beside each other.

"So you two getting along?" She asked, eying them suspiciously. Theresa and Archie exchanged glances and their faces broke into smiles.

"Yeah... I guess we got over all the fighting we did. It really was all uncalled for." Archie smiled as he nodded, and Atlanta was left shocked as she stared at both of her grinning friends. They actually seemed happy... a state she hadn't seen them in for so long.

Theresa and Archie resumed their talking as Atlanta prepared herself a bowl of cereal. She smiled inwardly as she thought of them. She was glad they were finally getting along. But she couldn't help but think back to that... night. The night that left her shocked, the night she made a decision she seemed to be thinking over now. Why had she said no to Archie? Did he still love her? Had she made the right choice?

She knew Archie would have never pushed her like that. She knew Archie truly loved her, or had, whereas Michael was just a passing crush. She sighed. Had she crushed all hopes for her happy ending? She glanced back to Archie who was still busily talking to Theresa. She wished he was telling her whatever he was telling Theresa. She sighed once again as she stirred the little soggy cereal figures floating aimlessly around in her bowl... kind of like her thoughts.

It seemed the rest of the dorm started to walk into the kitchen, one by one, all but Jay. They all greeted each other, Odie pausing in front of Theresa and Archie for a moment.

"What's wrong with this picture?" He asked, turning to Herry. Herry only shrugged and smiled, thoughts similar to Atlanta's floating through his mind. He too was glad they were closer friends now.

Theresa and Archie talked as Herry and Atlanta chatted about their new training session and as Neil studied his reflection with his spoon, Odie constantly nagging him to stop.

Jay walked into the room, greeting most of his friends. He noticed Theresa and Archie from the corner of his eye, since a surge of guilt always hit him once he thought or saw Theresa. They were both laughing, and he smiled. He hadn't heard Theresa laugh in so long, and it sounded so comforting to him. He walked over to the two.

"Good morning." He said in a cheery voice. But he got no reply in response. He decided they hadn't heard him on top of all of Neil's winning. He decided to try again.

"Good morning." He said once again, this time a bit louder and this time the whole room fell silent. Everyone eyed Theresa, and then back to Jay. They waited for someone to react, for someone to break the awkward tension. But they both stayed silent for so long before Theresa gave him a quick once over, and turned back to Archie.

Jay froze as he saw Theresa's face turn around, not even bothering to greet him back. He slowly made his way back to his seat as the room became animated once more. But he felt completely rejected. He sighed. He knew Theresa would come along... she was his friend, after all, right?

He scanned the room, meeting Archie's gaze. Archie gave him a weird look and Jay couldn't tell if he was mad at him or not. He was trying to figure this out when Archie turned his attention back to Theresa. He was still wondering why Theresa had ignored him like that when he noticed the time on the clock.

"Shiiitt." He murmured.

"Guys!" He said in his loud leaderly tone. "We've got 10 minutes to get to the school before Ares beats us. So hurry up and getting going!" As soon as he said this, everyone glanced back at the time and ran upstairs.

Jay felt even more depressed once Theresa walked pass him, not even giving him the tiniest of glances. She hurried upstairs as Jay opened his mouth to try and say something. But he just ended up shutting it back closed and getting ready. She would come along... he was sure of that.

Well, well. Jay seems to be I-G-N-O-R-E-D-! hehe. Although he deserves worse, but that's okay. Anyways, this was a pretty short chapter, nothing really happened. But I had fun writing about Theresa and Archie, they can be such cute friends:D And maybe more, hehe. I actually love them as a couple after Jennieman's 'A new Twist', as long as someone builds up to their relationship well. Not just jumping into it all of a sudden... anyways, this does not mean they will be going out, just a heads up that it could happen. Honestly, I'm writing this as I go on. I've got nothing planned, and I'm lucky I've gotten this far:P Well, have an awesome week guys, and tell me how you guys are? I've got a French test tomorrow (woot), and the weather here sucks... Anyways, rate and review guys! (l)
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