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Chapter 11: No-one's going to take me Alive, we all must fight to survive.

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Friendship is everything, Love is all we have.

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She'd felt his soft kiss on her cheek as he left that morning and after waking up, she'd processed the whispered words:

"I'm off to help a band in the studio, I'll be back later this morning!"

As she woke more, she clicked that he'd said more:

"I'm off to help my new band in the studio ok? I'll be back later this morning, how about we go to lunch when I get back?"

She'd grunted. How attractive of her. She grabbed his watch from the side of the bed and frowned as she tried to make out the time.

11:13 am.

"Oh man!" She whined. Resenting the wasted morning, she washed and slipped into jogging pants and a T-shirt. Olivia was overwhelmed by how at home she felt at Patrick's apartment. He always insisted she did but that usually meant you insisted you didn't.

Stirring her fruit tea she dabbed the tea bag vigorously into the oversized mug. The pain in her cheeks, indicated she in fact was smiling as she did this and this was because for the last 4 days, she'd been making two of these.

"I just love it when you do that!" She heard him moan. Olivia frowned hard and kissed him deeper, pulling, tugging, tearing at his T-shirt.

His arms entangled around her middle and selfishly girded her to his body. The breath crashed out her lungs, his lustful strength squeezing her ribs closer together, decreasing the room for air to get in.

Their lips were hot, their want was hungry and their contact, hasty. In sets of the three, they say.

Gasping for air as if it had been snatched out her throat she stared at her tea mug. A fist came down hard on the work top and she turned to him quickly.

He stood there, this vessel of a man, his body scarred and re-written with colours and scrawlings only he really knew the sentiment of. His eyes were serious, very serious.

Olivia snapped back to her tea and her teeth ground hard against each other, he could clearly see the anger and the fruit tea, brewing.

Inside her head, the following words vowed to whoever wanted to listen:

I don't know why you're doing this to me, don't rob me of the one chance of real love I have with Patrick. I don't know what I have to do, to prove that I cannot and will not be with Peter, no matter how much you mess with my mind. I'll do whatever it takes to not allow you to do this. If you make me do this, this will crush the spirit of a very good man. Is that in your damn purpose? Because it isn't in mine....

With those words clearly spoken, and her intention fully put in the right direction, she looked to Pete again.

Abandoning the cup of tea, she stormed towards him, he didn't even look alarmed, there was almost a look of expectancy. Their lips fought first, then their hands on each other's bodies. He pulled away, wanting to slow down.

"No, you take me now!!" She whispered hard, furiously determined to end this indecent affair.

There they were, those arms, crushing her ribs like she'd felt before. Using the muscles in her calves, she pushed her body forwards, causing him to move backwards in the general direction of his guest room.

"This is what you want?" He whispered hard in her ear.

"No, it's everything I don't want!!" She gasped back, tearing his T-Shirt up his body and throwing it hard across the room. His eyes looked at hers with that sorrowful expression.

"Don't do this Peter....You know as well as me that I can't do anything to stop this! So show me why it's you and not him....." she whispered, hungrily kissing his neck. He was saddened by those words, his lips didn't respond to her invitation and she stopped.

"Maybe this is wrong...." Her eyes looked into his and she kissed him again.

"Then why are you still holding me...." She whispered.

"Because I can't let go." He replied huskily.

"You don't want to let me go Peter."

"But I should."

"But you don't want to....." She fought back softly, she unclipped her bra and slung it on the floor.

Minutes later they found themselves intensely occupied with each other. To say she didn't want him was wrong, she wanted him, and he clearly wanted her. But just because you want something, it doesn't make it alright to have it. Neither, when you get it, is it always a satisfaction that you can live with. That was reflective of this passion induced affection.

Olivia permitted her desire to have Pete bubble forth and he clearly showed his desire. Everything in her mind hated her for doing this, but logic overruled. This was the only way.

She'd heard Patrick come in moments earlier and even heard him gently call her name.

"Tell me how much you want me Peter!" She moaned quickly. The pressure of his movements increased and she moaned hard.

"Tell me!"

"Olivia!!" He moaned out uncontrollably.

Bracing herself she held tight onto Peter and waited. Waited for him.

"You need to be with me!!" He moaned hard in her ear, keeping her eyes clenched closed as she knew the door had opened. A few moments of passion later....

"Oh my god!!" Pete froze, he stared at Patrick in the doorway.

"Patrick!" He blurted out, Olivia swallowed the adrenaline that was about to explode in her chest. Slowly she turned to him, her eyes trailing up his defeated body stance.

Neither of them would ever forget the look in that man's eyes as he witnessed the betrayal. He stumbled back slightly, his eyes still frozen on them tangled in the sheets. His back hit the wall of the other side of the hall way and he sort of stumbled away, followed moments later by the front door.

"You knew!" He said to her, his eyes burning with the licks of lust and of anger.

"I had to....." She whispered,

"Why??" He cried, he moved away from her, suddenly she was someone he did not want to be in this position with.

"I needed you to see how much you will hurt him..." She explained shakily.

Pete looked to the open door and let out staggered untimely breaths.

"Oh my god!" He moaned.

"You cannot be with me Peter, can't you see that!"

"Why would you do that?"

"Because, you need to show them, that they can't do this!" She argued, pulling the sheets up around her naked body.

"I can't show them! They control-"

"-They control nothing Peter, you are in control, they merely grant the track backs!" She interrupted.

"What have I done??" He asked, putting his head in his hands.

"What we did was wrong, it's what we do about it that will make this right...." She whispered. Touching his hair softly.

"I cannot be with anyone else except him Peter, he is the love of my life!! Only we can change this, but we have to do it together!" She whispered, he looked at her.

"What do you mean?"

"Peter, you cannot do this to Patrick, he is your best friend. I know you're not capable of destroying him this way....I know that if we both fight it, they will have no choice!"

"What about our future?" He whispered.

"My future is with Patrick."

"You don't have a say in that...." He said weakly.

"I will do whatever I have to do....I am not scared of them. I owe them nothing. I didn't ask to be who I was. But I am scared of my future without Patrick, it's only him Peter. I know it. " She pleaded to him.

You two are more trouble than you're worth.

Olivia stared at Peter.

"I heard it."

Easier to talk to both of you .....

Peter stared at Olivia.

The sad thing is, we haven't had two as compatible as you both in a while, we were excited.

"You can't force love!" Olivia snapped.

She's a feisty one Peter, admittedly, you would've found that irritating, no doubt.

"There's plenty more things too!" He said, looking at Olivia.

Now, now Peter.

"Don't make us do this!" Olivia begged suddenly. There was no reply.

"This isn't what we want!" Pete added. Olivia looked to him. He was fighting.

"I love Patrick, please let it be him!!" She continued.


"You can't just do this! It's wrong! And against everything you lecture us about the results of our decisions! You won't even let us make ours when it comes to love! That's so hypercritical!" She cried.

There are bigger losses at stake with this.

"There can be no bigger loss than not being with some one you love..." Olivia argued, her voice softening.

"She's right!" Pete said after a brief silence.

Olivia, by being with someone who is not who you are, you will lose so much.

"I don't understand - why??"
Because he will never understand, it will always be a division of joy you will have to endure within your relationship.

"Every relationship has it's flaws." She said, hugging her knees contemplatively.

You can't have children with someone who isn't of our kind.

Pete looked at Olivia, her eyes showing the shock of this new truth.

You cannot guarantee his faithfulness to you, he's human and they are so much more weaker than us.

These truths although going in her ears, stopped in her throat as she refused to swallow them. She shook her head.

We are always faithful. We understand each other. Nothing is worth more than your existence and the purpose which you have.

"You're wrong!" She snapped.

And you're naïve Olivia.

Pete noticed her gritting her teeth again, her angry trait raising it's presence.

Grabbing her clothes, she angrily stepped into them and threw the sheets back on the bed.

"Olivia!" Pete called.

"No!!" She growled, she turned to him. They stared for a few moments, before she turned and rushed out the room.

Pete was devastated. What a horrid turn of events. He held his head in his hands and thought hard.

"You need to let us fix this...." He whispered.

If it's what you want.

"You know what she wants......"

Stirring her fruit tea she dabbed the tea bag vigorously into the oversized mug. The pain in her cheeks, indicated she in fact was smiling as she did this and this was because for the last 4 days, she'd been making two of these.

She turned to look at Pete. They stared.

Abandoning her tea she stormed over to him and they hugged hard. Holding each other for a long time.

"I'm sorry Peter!" She whispered, He squeezed her tighter.

"I'm sorry it's not you!" she added.

"I'm glad it's him!" He smiled. She smiled and tears slipped down her cheeks.

"Thank you!" She whispered, the soft sound full of appreciation.

"Thank them...." He replied. She cupped his face and smiled.

"Thank you!" She smiled, her eyes moving to the room around her.

No reply.

"They said you're welcome...."

"I didn't hear it...."

"You won't." he replied. Her eyes frowned a little.

"What's happening Peter?" She frowned.

He was silent, closing his eyes, he swallowed and opened his eyes again.

"You're free from it Olivia....."

"I'm what?"

"You're done. You're normal. You're human. 100%!" he said. Her eyes searched his hurriedly.

"I can be with him!" She smiled. Pete nodded. She threw her arms around him again and squeezed him tight.

"Aren't you sad?" He asked. Bewildered.

"No! Not even a little!" She beamed.

"Are you serious?? I'm actually not one anymore?" She asked, touching her chest.

"It's what you wanted Olivia!"

"It was??" She frowned.

"It must have been!" He said.

She looked at him. She took his face in her hands and again and softly pressed her lips against his. He resisted the further intentions he still had.

"I really am sorry...." She whispered. As she walked away, his hand stayed wrapped around her fingers and she smiled as she gently tugged them away, his heavy arm flopping to his side.

"So am I...." He said to himself.

This is the only way she can understand Peter.

I just wanted to drop an author's note in here:

It's important you understand some fundamental principles of this story. The feelings that Olivia and Peter had for each other are tainted by their human tendencies. E.g they still annoy each other. And if not given the fact that the feelings were put within them, they would not be attracted to each other. The connection they have Is purely governed by the those who say they have to be together. Entiende? Ok I just wanted to get that out there.....
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