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Archie and Atlanta are good friends going to a boarding school. When Atlanta accidentally bumps into a stranger who becomes a lot closer very soon, their lives begin to quickly spiral downhill so f...

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Dreams in Darkness

Disclaimer: I don't own Class of the Titans. It is © to Studio B productions, Teletoon, and whomever else owns it. I am merely using the characters.

Pairings: Pan/Atlanta/Archie, Jay/Theresa, Herry/Talia, Odie/Calypso, Neil/Echo

Author's Note: This is an Alternate Universe fanfiction. This means that the whole 'Class of the Titans' cartoon did not happen. Character relationships and such will be explained later. See bottom for more details.

Dreams in Darkness

Chapter one:


Rain pattered against the ground. A raggedy teen only around the age of seventeen, sat in the light outside of an open-late store. He was dressed in the rags of once-tan pants and a long-sleeved shirt that was once white with purple sleeves. He had a blue hat on his head and red-brown dreadlocks falling over his shoulders. He harbored many scars from being hit and abused by his new stepfather. His mother always stood up for and claimed that her new husband would never do a thing like that. That was the reason he'd finally decided to run away.

He hated men. Men were evil and liked violence. He was a man, a boy, actually. But he hated violence. He hated the thrills every man loved. Maybe he was freak- should have been born a woman? Nevertheless, he had been borne a loathsome man. Women were nice; they were compassionate and sensitive, like him. He wanted to love someone and protect them, and he wanted that fiercely. That's why he had tried to keep that girl he had lived with, even though her parents had thought he was going to hurt her! Why would he hurt her when she had done nothing except been fed lies that not all men were bad. He was the only good man in the world.

Slowly rising, Phillip Andrew Night, or 'Pan' as he liked to be called on the street (it was an acronym of his initials) trudged into the night. He couldn't stay in one place very long or he'd probably fall asleep. Hearing a loud roar on the road, he inwardly picked up his pace, but knew that usually vehicles didn't stop for 'throw-out's like him. This one did.

"Hello, Phillip," came the viciously sweet, slurred with beer and whiskey voice that he hadn't heard for years - and shouldn't be hearing for many more years because his father was still supposed to be in jail!

"I-It's Pan now," he managed to reply.

"What kind of a name is 'Frying Pan', brat?" his father stepped off the motorcycle, putting a brass knuckle on his right hand.

Pan took a step back, "It's my name!"

"You know what I'm gonna do to you, 'Pan'? I'm gonna kill you, and make you .scream for all the fines you've made me have to pay and all the years I'll have to spend in jail, 'specially when they catch me again."

Without warning Pan's father lunged forwards and tackled him to the ground, Pan cried out as his back hit the sidewalk hard. With savage punches his father began beating him senseless, Pan threw up his arms to try and protect his head but the blows only moved onto his body from there. Pan screamed in agony and tried to curl up, but then his father went to kicking him.

After only a minute or so of this torture, Cronus Night walked back to his motorcycle and came back with a length of rope. Grinning savagely, he tied the rope around Pan's neck while the boy moaned in confusion. He was just about to begin tightening and choking Pan when the boy suddenly grabbed the end of the rope he was holding onto and tackled him. Unsure of what was happening, Cronus tried to fight back but something inside his sons' mind had snapped and this feral intensity was all that was left. Cronus felt the rope around his neck, felt the need for air and tried to scream for help, but couldn't get out the words. He struggled against Pan as much as he could, but the lack of oxygen was affecting him too greatly.

Pan released the body a few minutes after it had stopped moving. Light came back into his eyes as he pulled away, falling to the ground and feeling the nose around his own neck. Panicking, he pulled it off and ended up scratching his neck and face as he did so. The boy was shaking, sore and barely conscious, but he knew he had to get away- as far away as he could. They'd find him and think he was 'wrong' and wouldn't understand at all! He couldn't go back to rehab, he was fine- it was the fact that he was a man that was all wrong!

Looking around, Pan took his fathers' wallet which had fallen from his pocket during the fight and got onto the motorcycle, driving away as fast as he could and trying to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall.


Pan traveled for many, many days and finally ended up in a busy city. He'd bought some new clothes for himself, strangely they were pretty much exactly like his old clothes.

He had almost finished getting the contract to rent a condo, with an upstairs and a downstairs! Life actually seemed to be getting better for him. The cuts he had gotten during the fight were all almost completely healed, and right now, he was enjoying a random stroll through the city.

Unexpectedly, as he turned the corner, he hit someone else head-on. They both cried out in reaction, falling backwards, and Pan looked up to see the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

"S-sorry," he said after a moment, still admiring her long legs and tan skin.

"No problem, I should've been watching where I was going," she laughed.

He got up and offered her his hand, helping her up.

"I'm in a bit of a hurry to get to my track meet," she explained, "I'm going to school at NOHSTY and I'm their best runner," she gave him a playful wink and Pan felt his guts stir with butterflies.

"NOHSTY?" he asked after a moment.

"The New Olympia High School for Talented Youth, ever heard of it?" she cocked her head to the side like a dog and Pan wanted to fuss over her like she was a dog- she was so cute and beautiful! But he shook his head 'no'.

"Oh... well I do have to go, my name's Atlanta!" she smiled.

"Phi- Pan. My name is Pan," he said after a near mix-up.

"Pan? That's a rather unique name. I like it," she smiled again, brightening up the entire world.

"Uh, yeah, thanks," he wanted to kiss her so badly right now. To protect her from the dangerous world and other men who would surely take advantage of this beautiful girl.

"See you, Pan! I hope I meet you again!" she called as she ran off.

"I promise you, Atlanta, I'll never leave you," he whispered and continued walking down the street, now having a specific destination.


Archie tapped his foot impatiently while he waited for Atlanta to show up. She always did this- showing up at the last minute- and, like always, he was worried that she'd gotten hurt, or lost, or kidnapped or... a lot of other things. (not that he's ever tell he her was worried)

"Hey! Miss me?" Atlanta called as she zipped out of the crowd.

"Where have you been?" Archie cried, almost dropping the pen that was neatly tucked behind his ear.

"I ran into this boy on my way over. He was really nice and had a cool name... Pan, I think," she shrugged as she sat down to put her track shoes on.

"Oh, and I assume that Atlanta, who won't even turn her head for any man, was suddenly smitten by this 'Pan' boy?" Archie snorted, mentally praising himself for using some descriptive words in everyday speech.

"No, Shakespeare, I just had a quick chat with him," she playfully punched him in his left leg, considering the other was covered in an awkward, golden ankle-brace that was used to stabilize the thin bones and uneven mends or something like that, she didn't really care to pity and baby him because of his 'disability'.

Atlanta was a runner, plain and simple. She preferred sprinting, but could hold her own in long-distance running as well. Archie, probably her best friend at NOHSTY, could have easily got into the school for running, if it weren't for his heel. They liked to go running together a lot, even though many of the teachers frowned upon the thought of him over-straining his heel. Even so, Archie was a poet. He kept a little notebook in his hoodie pocket and a pen tucked behind his ear at all times in case of random inspiration. They'd met on their first day at NOHSTY, while getting their classes and something between them had connected. They were in the same core class, though their school didn't focus too much on 'normal classes' and then had other separate classes considering Atlanta was in athletics and Archie was in arts.

"So, what can you tell me about my competition?" Atlanta looked up briefly from tying her shoe.

Archie smirked and pulled out his notebook, flipping it open to the page of the little notes he'd written on the other girls.

"Let's see... for one, the only girl who you should really worry about is that blonde one over there," he pointed in a general direction to a blonde girl doing stretches in the shade of a big maple tree, "she's the only one who keeps a consistent fast time. The others drop and gain depending on such. But that... that brunette over there," Archie directed her gaze to a dark-skinned girl with long black hair tied in a ponytail, "she seems to keep getting better, but she's also a bit of a cheat. If you start to get ahead of her she might try to trip you."

Atlanta nodded, "So just get far enough ahead of them that they can't trip or get ahead of me?"

Archie shrugged, "Pretty much. Though it'd be pretty cool if you win."

Atlanta got up and gave him a playful punch in the shoulder. She had a few trophies under her belt for races, and she had a good feeling about today's track meet.

"Well, I'll see you after the race," she leaned in closer and whispered, "though I really wish I could race you."

"You wouldn't stand a chance, but it'd be fun," Archie gave her a friendly clap on the shoulder.

"I'll win this one for you, Archie," she laughed, jogging away before he could think of something smart to say. He shrugged and went to find a place near the finish line to watch from.


Pan took in a deep breath of the fragrant flowers in the shop. He looked around before settling on a red rose. He plucked it from the bundle of roses and made sure it was the most beautiful of the bunch with the least amount of blemishes. He looked around quickly, everyone was busy and no one in the shop was paying attention to him, and walked out of the store and onto the street. Smiling, he tied a black ribbon he'd found in his pocket around the rose, making it seem just that more beautiful. He hoped Atlanta would like it.

He picked up his feet and jogged in the direction Atlanta had gone in. It didn't take too long to find a huge, modern Greek temple. The pillars all looked startling white and the paint job was flawless. The stairs leading up to the oak doors were un-cracked stone and the plant life was healthy green and neatly organized. A large sign in front told the name of the school: New Olympia High School for Talented Youth. He could hear cheers and shouts from behind the building.

In the back, there was a colossal field, with hundreds of people gathered on it. Bleachers had been set up and they were packed to the brim with grinning bodies, while the rest swarmed around the red track. His heart skipped a beat when he saw Atlanta's fiery red hair at the starting line. With a wide smile, he forced his way through the sea of people, and heard the shot that began the race as he did so.

If the sounds before hadn't deafened him, the cheers that arouse now surely did. Pan, careful not to crush the rose against anyone, covered his ears and grimaced in pain. He continued pushing his way through, coming out as the cheering grew to a final roar so loud the earth seemed to shake. The runners had come to the finish line, and someone had one. From the looks of it, his heart soared, Atlanta had won!

He moved to congratulate her and give her the rose, but then a boy he hadn't taken any attention for ran up to his Atlanta. With a spring in her step that only spoke of victory, she jumped forwards and threw her arms around that boy's neck, the both of them laughing. The crowd grew silent as he watched Atlanta be so friendly to this... this boy! He looked nothing short of a punching bag for any man, scrawny and dressed in repulsive clothing with bright violet hair and pale skin. There was a large thing on his leg that Pan could not fathom the purpose for.

"You did it. 'Lan!" the boy cried, hugging her. Pan felt even more distraught when he saw the shade of pink flush in the boy's cheeks.

"I won for both of us, Archie," she smiled back at him; the flush from the boy's face seemed to have spread to hers. The two looked at each other, and not just a glance, but truly, deeply looking into each other so long Pan was sure they would kiss. But then a judge came up to them and broke their moment, Pan was grateful because he was sure he would have died if they had kissed.

He was shaking so badly he wondered if his teeth would be rattled out. Suddenly his feet seemed impossibly heavy and he was rooted to the spot. Agony clutched his breast while his heart twisted and shattered, watching this Archie with his Atlanta. Where had this Archie come from- there was only Pan and Atlanta in this story. Archie was a problem that could quickly be taken care of.

His fists had clenched so tightly that Pan didn't notice he had completely destroyed the rose he had taken such good care of until now.

"I'll get her back. She will be mine," he whispered through suppressed sobs.

Then Phillip Andrew Night, Pan, turned and disappeared into the crowd.

End of Overture

So guys, how doe sit sound so far? This is a story I've been cooking up for a while now. It's very heavily inspired/influenced by the 'Phantom of the Opera' movie, because sadly I haven't seen the actual live opera yet, but I hope you can pick out whom some of these characters are 'playing' form the movie.

Now, I know that 'New Olympia High School for Talented Youth' is quite a mouthful, but NOHSTY is fun to say. You pronounce it No-Stee. Stee, as in 'Steve' without the 've' at the end. We'll go into a bit more detail on the school soon enough.

Can't say if a review will come anytime soon, school's killing me right now before the break starts. I'll do my best- but 'A Christmas Mission' and a few other CotT projects have to have some attention as well.

Feedback would be nice, just to see if it's too confusing or not right now.

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