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the titans are brought to the future to find out one of them are dead. can they stop this before it happens?

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I'M BACK! AND I'M WRITING! Archie has his little sister Sharlet like in my other story, "Sequel to moving". I'm writing two stories at the moment! Please review and rate!

if you have any better suggestions for the title, please let me know


Two weeks ago

Cronos was in a thunderous rage. No matter what he did, no matter what he did! - He still couldn't rid the earth of those infernal children. He marched around his lair, out letting his temper by throwing bolts of energy at the floor.
Yet again, he had lost with his giants returning with bruises, cuts, and even limbs missing.

"Right! That's it! I've been beaten for the last time!" he screamed in hall. He paused, listening to his echo "If I can't defeat them now....I'll just have to defeat them later"

The Time Lord chuckled; his last word slid off his tongue slyly. With an idea slowly forming in his head, he went towards his mirror pool



"Ahh, it feels so good to be back" said Archie as he walked through the dormitory door with his suitcases in hand. The holidays were over and school would be starting within the week, but for now, the titans were just happy to see each other and catch up what happened in the holidays.

"Good to see you Archie!" Greeted Jay; standing up from the lounge and giving his teammate a hand with his luggage "Have a good Holiday?"

"s'all right. Have any of the other's arrived yet?"

"Just you, me, and Odie so far" replied the leader as they headed up the stairs "Odie's working on a new alarm system for the dormitory....and that's all I managed to make out before he went into all this talk how great it's going to be....something about light, noise, and er...batteries"

The purple haired teen nodded as they entered his room, cleaned, vacuumed and not a speck of dust to be seen "hmm, looks like someone did some cleaning while we were gone. You know, Odie goes into his own language when he gets talking about technology"

The dumped the suit cases and went back down the stairs. Theresa and Atlanta were standing at the door, with Herry holding all their luggage barging his way through the house, nearly knocking over Archie and Jay as he passes them

"Can't hold this forever! 'secuse me! Coming through! Hey guys!" he charged into Atlanta's room just as his grip on the cases slipped. Thud thud thud

Downstairs the girls heard the sound of their luggage being dropped

"Is everything okay up there?" Atlanta called out nervously
"Fine and dandy!" Herry shouted back


It was dark when Neil, the last one to arrive trudged through the door and collapsed on the lounge next to Jay

"Good to see you Neil"

The model started to complain, ignoring Jay's hello "I have just had the worst trip ever! The bus broke down! I ran out of jell! My modeling contract was cancelled! I've lost all my luck!"

"Chill out Neil. You stress any more and you'll get dandruff" said Archie with a grin

Neil paled.


Theresa stood up "What was that?"

Jay pulled back the curtain and peeped through to see the commotion outside. People were running and screaming passed the window as the loud noise continued; THUD THUD THUD
"I don't know guys, but we're going to find out. Come on, grab your weapons and follow me!"

"Oh man!" whined the model "we just got back! Why can't fate just give us a brake! For five minutes! Please!"

Atlanta's arm yanked him towards the door "Come on!"


Agnon felt proud. He was as tall as a skyscraper as he marched through the city, throwing cars, smashing houses with his fists and watching the debris fly. Most of all, he enjoyed the sound of his footprints on crunching cement, and street lamps folding under his heal.

From on top of a building, Cronos watched the destruction, savoring it. He waited for the titans to come fall into his trap
"Come on...." He begged "Any time now"


"Ahhhhhhhhh" Jay let out a battle cry as he plunged his sword into Agnon's heal. The giant growled and swiped his hand at his foot, catching the leader and sending him flying into a car

"Jay!" Theresa cried, rushing to his side and helping him up. Together they watched him send a kick towards Archie and Atlanta, using their speed; they easily dodged the attack and tied a rope around his feet, causing his to trip falling a few inches short of where Neil

"Ha ha!" he laughed in the giant's face "You thought you had me didn't you! but uh uh! because Neil isn't on the menu tonight!" Neil's face fell when his arms suddenly grabbed him in a tight hold and raised him above the ground.

Neil screamed "UNCLE UNCLE UNCLE!"

"Put"- punch "Him"- punch "Down!" roared Herry

Cronos grinned "I think I've seen enough of this" he cast a black and gold portal behind where the titans stood. Muttering a spell under his breath the colours started to spin, forming a windy vacuum and sucking the teenagers into it. Theresa and Jay who were closest, were sucked in first

Odie had nothing to hold on to, so he followed shortly behind them letting out a panicked yelp of fright

Archie's whip was wound around an un-crippled streetlamp with him desperately clinging to the handle and Atlanta hugging his legs, both of them horizontally in the air. Herry clung to a letter box, but the bolts were slowly starting to give way.

Neil, who hand been more interested in getting the giant to let go had now changed his mind, but had no time to react when it did let go, so he sailed right into to portal.

The portal started to spin faster, and the vacuum stronger. Archie's sweaty hands were starting to give way, as did Herry's strength when he was hit by a piece of flying debris. Crying out, he lost his grip and was sucked into the portal with the rest of his friends.

Cronos' power was failing. He could only keep this up for another five seconds

Archie and Atlanta were the last ones left.

"Archie!" Atlanta shouted over the wind "I can't hold on!" her grip on his legs was slipping


"Just hold on!"


"No! Archie!" her hands slipped, she only held his feet now


"I'm sorry!" she lost her grip and was sucked into the portal


"ATLANTA!" Archie lost his grip, and the portal closed. He was left on the side walk with the company of Cronos and Agnon

"...Atlanta! Jay! Herry! Odie! Neil!...Theresa!"

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