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the titans are brought to the future to find out one of them are dead. can they stop this before it happens?

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The first thing Jay saw when he was 'whooshed' through the portal was a dark navy blue. The air was knocked out of him when he landed a second later on his stomach on the dirt road. Gasping for breath, he pushed himself up onto his knees and hands. A second later, Theresa came hurtling through, crashing into her leader and knocking the wind out of him again.


"It's... okay" panted Jay. With one arm holding his stomach he stood painfully up and offered his hand to Theresa and helped her to her feet.

"Where are we?" She asked, looking around. The dirt road they were standing on lead towards a house little then twenty meters away. Around them was green paddocks, hills and a large forest. It was night, and a full moon shone in the sky, lighting the landscape in a dull blue. Above them was the portal, hovering four meters in the air

"YAAAAHHHH!!!" Neil fell through the sky and landed on his face. He leapt off the ground and clutched his face "Ow! Owowowowowowowoow!!!" my nose! Ow! Oh my poor sniffer!"

Jay raised an eyebrow, trying not to laugh "Are you okay Neil"

"Will my nose ever be the same again?" the model moved his fingers to reveal a red swollen lumpy nose. Seeing the leader's shocked expression, he started crying again.

"WOOOOOOW!" Odie's feet hit Neil squarely on the shoulders, knocking him down and giving the African-American a soft landing
"Hey, thanks Neil"

"YEEEEEOOOOOWWW!" Neil started dancing around in pain, his hands clapped around his face.

"Don't ask" said Theresa to Odie "Now what? Should we go to that house for help?"

"Hey Guys", began Odie "I think we're at a farm"

"What makes you think that?"

He didn't have time to answer. At the sound of Herry's yell on the other side of the portal everyone got out of the way. He landed on his back and was like a soft cushion for Atlanta when she fell through a second later. As soon as she was through, the portal closed

"Sorry Herry!" the red head scrambled off her teammate and looked frantically around "Wait! Where's Archie! Did he come through?!"

Theresa looked nervously around ", he didn't"

"But- but then that means he's back there with the giant! And...and Cronos! He can't do it by himself!"

"I'm sure he'll be okay Atlanta" said Herry gently, getting up off the ground with Jay and Odie's help "Hey....where are we?"

"At a farm" Odie pointed towards the moon. The white orb was behind a windsock, at the top of an old barn

"Come on" said Jay "Let's make for the house and find some help. Remember, we're in a strange place, so be on your guard"

They had decided to split up. Atlanta and Theresa went to look around the house, Jay and Herry went to scope out the barn and Neil and Odie went to check the woodshed- behind the barn.
Theresa could hear the pebbles crunch under her feet as she walked up the driveway of the house. For some reason it felt wrong, as if she was sneaking into someone's house. From the outside, the house was made from wooden planks, and had a stain glass window in the front door. It was double story, and the window frames were painted white

"Do you think anyone lives here?" Atlanta asked her friend as they rounded the corner and onto a veranda. They walked up the steps and stood at the door. Atlanta cupped her hands and peered into the house through the window. There was no light or movement in the murky gloom.

Theresa knocked, and the door creaked open. "Hello?" she called out "Hello?" no answer

"Come on, let's have a look around" Atlanta pushes the door open more and walked in. feeling the doorframe for a light switch she flicked it on and saw sparks fly out of the switch "Great. No lights"

"It's okay, I have a penlight" Theresa pulled the small silver rod out of her pocket and turned on the switch. It only gave a small amount of light, but it was certainly better then nothing. The pair made their way through the home and the floor boards moaned under the weight. Atlanta was feeling the walls as she walked. Before long, her hand was covered in white dust from the plaster. As she walked, she felt her fingers change direction and touch a bookshelf. Her hand knocked something and it fell. Glass smashed at their feet and Theresa jumped to the ceiling in fright and surprise.


"Sorry...hey, give me some light for a sec"

Theresa turned and shone some light where the glass had smashed. On the floor was an old photo frame. Atlanta removed the rest of the glass stuck and pulled out the paper print. She glimpsed at it, and through the dim light Theresa could have sworn she saw her best friend's face go pale

"What is it?"

"'s us"

Theresa peered over her shoulder and saw the seven of them. She was leaning on Jay and he had his arm around her. Herry was smiling broadly and Odie had a pair of new glasses- with a blue tint. Neil had slightly longer hair and was dressed in a suit, and Atlanta held his three year old girl in her arms with light purple hair. Everyone had a wide grin on their face from ear to ear.

"We...we look older"

"At- Atlanta" Theresa stuttered "could in the future?"

"Why isn't Archie here? And why am I holding his sister?" She stood in thought for a moment "Can I have your light?" Atlanta asked. Nodding, Theresa handed her the penlight. Atlanta moved the light slowly along the shelf, looking for more photos. Sure enough, she came across what looked like a ten year girl old with purple hair and a red scarf.
"Hey... why am I holding some kid? And where's Archie? "

"We... we really are in the future"

The creaking of a floorboard diverted their attention away from the shelf. Atlanta quickly turned out the light and motioned Theresa to get on the other side of the door frame. Slowly but surely, they could hear the quiet footsteps of another. They waited until the dark outline of a person went through the door, then they jumped the stranger

"Hey!" shouted the person as they were tackled from behind. Theresa pinned her legs whilst Atlanta sat on her back and held her arms. But the stranger continued to struggle "Get the hell out of my house!" they knew now the intruder was a female

Atlanta turned on the penlight and held it near the girl's face "If you promise not to run, scream or fight...we'll let you go"

She stopped struggling "Promise to hurt me?"

Theresa and Atlanta looked at each other "okay"
They got up at released her

"Lets have some light shall we?" they heard her walk a few steps back and the click clack of the lamp being turned on. She stood up and she was as tall as they were. In truth, she would have been about the same age as them; sixteen, with violet hair and mauve streaks, with wide grey eyes- like Archie's. Tied around her neck was a red bandana, similar to the one Atlanta wore in her hair

Theresa stepped forward "This is Atlanta Middleton and I'm Theresa White"

"I'm Sharlet" the teen replied "Sharlet Harper"

There was an awkward silence as Theresa and Atlanta stared at her for a moment. Archie's sister?! The thought went through both of their heads. Finally Theresa spoke

"So, er...what are you doing walking around here in the dark?"

Sharlet was shocked "I might ask you the same thing! For one, I live here. Second, I was sleeping, and third- what are you doing in my house!"

The pair was taken aback for a moment "Um... we got lost" said Atlanta "we and our friends are trying to find someone to help us"

"Wait a minute" said the dark violet haired teen "You said your names were...Theresa? And Atlanta?"



"No, tell us" Theresa persisted

"Well..." she looked uncomfortable "It's just that my brother use to have some friends with those names...I hardly remember them. Are you related?"

Atlanta jumped at this chance "Yes! We're his friends! You know, like there's Jay, Herry, Odie....Neil. But we're in some trouble and need his help. Is he around?"

Sharlet stood and stared at them for a moment in shock. Theresa saw the look of hurt in her eyes, quickly replaced by anger
"Is this some kind of sick joke?! GET OUT!" she stomped forward, driving them out of her home

"W-what? Hey! Didn't you hear me! We need Archie's help!" protested Atlanta

"Get out!!"

"Wait! Sharlet!" they were outside now

"Go!" she shouted at them from the door "Can't you just give him and me a brake!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Theresa

"You know as well as I do Archie's been dead for fifteen years now! Get lost!" and with that she slammed the door, leaving the two bewildered titans standing outside in the dark in shock

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