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the titans are brought to the future to find out one of them are dead. can they stop this before it happens? and who do they meet along the way?

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Jay and Herry stood where they had all been before and waited for the other's return. In the distance, they could hear Neil whine and protest

"Uh uh! no way I was walking into that creepy barn...all dark and...(shudders) the bats! And besides there was nothing in there anyway besides an old tractor and blocks of wood!"

"You don't think of anyone but yourself Neil. I had to go in there all by myself and"-

"Hey guys!" yelled Jay "Did you find anything"

"Nup; Nudda" replied Odie walking up with his hands in his pockets, shooting dark looks at the model

"What about you?" Jay asked Theresa as she and Atlanta made their way over to the group. Atlanta's face was white and she had her hands in her pockets and was nervously chewing her bottom lip. Theresa had her arms around her for support.

"Hey, what's up 'Lan?" asked Herry

Theresa sighed "You guys aren't going to like this, and I know this might sound really crazy and stupid...but we think....we're in the future"

"What!" Jay's jaw dropped

"That's crazy!" chuckled Herry, shaking his head along with Odie

"No, it's true!" protested Atlanta looking up at the boys with anger in her eyes "That house over there belongs to Archie's sister! And she's like, sixteen! And there was this photo of all of us, and Archie's dead! And"-

"What?" burst out Odie; shocked

"Archie's dead" Atlanta whispered; fell to her knees. Theresa and Herry knelt down to comfort her.

Jay looked down at Theresa and spoke to her gently "Maybe you should start from the beginning"


Jay led the others to the front step of the house and knocked on the front door. Theresa still stood next to Atlanta, her face still pale but it had a bit more colour in it. Everyone else was a bit on edge and Neil hadn't spoken since they had all met up. The porch was lit by a small lamp and crickets chirped in the night. Hearing no noise from the inside he knocked again; louder

"Hello! Anybody in there?" maybe Theresa and Atlanta were wrong... he thought hopefully. He wished they were wrong....maybe his thoughts were interrupted by the sound of cursing and footsteps coming from inside the house. The leader stepped back suddenly as the door was yanked open.

In the doorway stood a teenager wrapped in a red dressing gown with violet hair and mauve streaks. She looked at the six people with shock, before her grey eyes fell on Theresa and Atlanta

"Oh, it's you. Do you know what time it is? This is the second time you've woken me up and"-

"Please Sharlet" said Jay calmly "we need your help"

"-and maybe a nice warm bed for the night?" put in Neil

"Why should I let you in?" she asked them all

Herry stepped forward "Look, we can see why you're angry, going into your house and bringing up your brother and all, but we really do need your help...who knows, maybe we could do something for you to"

The dark violet haired teen looked at all the pleading eyes staring at her in the porch. With a sigh, she gave in
"Fine... I could use the company"


Half an hour later everyone was seated in the lounge wrapped in blankets holding steaming mugs of hot coca. Now, Sharlet wanted answers

"So how do you all know my brother?"

"We'll explain that in a moment" said Jay calmly "but first we need to be sure we're in privet. Where are your parents?"

"They left a year ago and now live in the city. Now I run the farm"

"Well, we are your brother's best friends. You see, we're from the past"- began Atlanta


"Just wait. You see, the seven of us are a team, and together we must defeat Cronos who sent us into the future when we were battling him, but Archie didn't get through the portal like the rest of us and"- Jay was cut off

"Wait" said Sharlet carefully "What was the date when you went through the portal?"

"Um...16th of April, 2007" said Odie "Why?"

The girl swallowed "Because Archie died on the 17th"

"H-how?" murmured Atlanta, the only one daring enough to ask the question

"Drowned" Sharlet whispered.

There was a stunned silence. Only the crickets could be heard chirping away in the night outside. Sharlet continued "That's why we've got to find a way to get you back there to save him" she stood up and walked out the room

"Hey Charlie!" called out Neil "Where are you going?"

She came back in the room with a gold pendent in hand. All the titans recognized the gold letter "A", for they all had the same pendent with their own initials. The one she held however, use to belong to her brother. Silently, Sharlet put the gold token around her neck
"And I'm going to help you"


Atlanta woke up the next morning after sleeping the night on the lounge. Pulling the checkered quilt back she sat up and decided to go for a run before the others woke up. There were some things she needed to think about. Quietly swinging her feet over the edge of the couch she pulled her shoes on and without making a sound carefully slipped out the room and out the door. Hearing the door creak shut behind her she set off in a jog around the paddocks

The titan loved running in the early morning. The grass was stiff and damp with morning due, and the sun was slowly rising over the green hills, lighting its way in gold light. The air was quiet as if there was a hush over the farm. Only birds broke the silence with their sweet morning calls. She had been running flat out for the past twenty minutes, and stopped by for a breather in the shade of a large hay bale

Sitting down and leaning back on the soft hay, Atlanta looked across the landscape. After the run, her heart felt lighter somewhat. A purple blur caught her eye. Anyone else would have missed it but she had an eye for speed and was up in a heart beat chasing it. A smile spread across her lips as she got closer and closer to her target....then her foot stubbed a rock hidden by the long grass and she fell over into the wet grass.
Cursing her clumsiness, Atlanta pushed herself up onto her knees, breathing hard trying to get her breath back

A shadow blocked the sun's shine on her face "Are you okay?" a voice asked her. In a second the titan realized it was Sharlet. Taking the hand in front of her, Atlanta was pulled to her feet

"Was that you I was chasing?" she asked the purple haired teen with the red bandanna around her neck

"Yeah..." they started walking

"Who taught you to run like that?" Atlanta pressed. If she had guessed right, then Sharlet was a descendent of Achilles to...which made their father, and not Archie's original mother the gene carrier

"Nobody...I've always been able to do it" her voice was a whisper. She cleared her throat " you knew my brother...what...what was he like? I mean with personality and... well yeah?"

The titan smiled "He was a lot like you" she saw her smile "Competitive, a bit of a hot head, he made quick funny remarks- a bit of a smart aleck sometimes", they gave a short laugh "wrote poetry- he never did tell us that. He thought we would think we were a sissy...but I found out when I saw one of his books" Atlanta swallowed, a lump was in her throat

The pair had watery eyes now. Sharlet stopped and turned to face her "look....about last night; I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so cruel to you...but you know; it's hard. I mean...I'm the only one out here for miles. As I said, my parents left a year ago and well, it's just been me for a very long time"

"That's okay" said Atlanta accepting her apology "I've forgotten about it already" wanting to change the subject she quickly asked "Why do you wear that red scarf around you neck?"

Sharlet let out a short laugh "What do you mean? You gave it to me ages ago...that lucky red bandanna you wear to keep the hair out of your face when you're running. You gave it to me for good luck and to remember you by when we parted"

Atlanta looked at her strangely. Seeing the odd look she was given Sharlet quickly added "Well, you probably haven't given it to me yet, seeing as I'm still a baby in your time...race you back to the house?"

The titan rose to the challenge "You're on!"


hey everybody! if you have any ideas or suggestions for later chaps, don't hesitate and please let me know!
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