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future selves

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the titans are brought to the future to find out one of them are dead. can they stop this before it happens?

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An hour later, Jay had everyone up and was already thinking up a plan with Odie. The two of them sat at the kitchen table discussing options and the best move they should make

"...we should try to contact to Gods" Jay was saying "they could help us get back to our time and prevent Archie's death"

"Easier said then done" Odie's face was grim "I asked Sharlet if I could go on her computer last night for a time. Jay, the school's been knocked down. It's been replaced by a shopping mall"

"Great... we could always try to get in contact with ourselves. They might have a way to contact them"

Odie felt uneasy "Jay.... Having any contact with our future selves might be dangerous! Nobody's suppose to know their own future... what if we stuff up? Then this time line might"-

"I know the risks Odie but I feel we may have no other choice" the leader looked at his hands. He jumped when the back door suddenly opened and in came two chattering teenagers; Sharlet and Atlanta, getting along as if they had known each other for years

"...oh please" Sharlet smiled as she closed the door behind her "I let you win"

"You just can't face the truth that I'm a faster runner" smirked Atlanta "Hey guys! What's up?" she sat down while Sharlet fetched them both a glass of water

"Sharlet..." started Jay

"Hmm?" she sat down and Atlanta took the cup and drank thirstily

"Do you still keep in contact with us? I mean our future selves?"

"Yeah...sometimes....not really, but I do know where you all live; most of you anyway. Neil's always on a modeling tour"

"Okay... can you try getting in contact with future Theresa, Herry and Odie? And then see if they can find the others"

"Sure thing!"

Jay watched the dark violet haired girl walk out the room and could soon hear her talking on the phone "Hey Theresa ...yeah, I'm fine. Um, listen...I was wondering if you could do me a favour..."

The leader stopped eavesdropping when Atlanta leaned across the table and tapped his arm

"Jay! I think there's something you should know about Sharlet... this morning when we went out on a run, she's just as fast as Archie! I think she's also a descendent of Achilles"

"Are you sure?"

Atlanta gave him a look "I run with the guy everyday Jay. I think I would know how fast he runs....and she runs. We should tell her. Maybe she could come back with us to help us save Archie. The gods say we defeat Cronos, they didn't say how we defeat Cronos"

"No" said Odie forcefully "Out of the question! We've already meddled with the future enough! Who knows what'll happen if we bring her back with us!"

"Bring who back with you?" said a voice in the doorway

They all stopped talking and the room was filled with an uneasy awkward silence. Jay turned around and looked straight into the teen's grey eyes "Sharlet, can you come here? We need to ask you some questions"

Wordlessly she walked over and pulled out a chair and sat down next to him "What's all this about?"

"Have you ever been sick before?" Odie fidgeted with his hands

", I haven't, not even in the hard winter of 2012"

Atlanta's heart leapt. That was the answer she had been hoping for. She didn't ask her question but quickly kicked her ankles under the table. To a normal person, I wood have only been a knock, and they would have smiled and kicked back, but Sharlet-

"YEEEOOOOWW!" she fell off her chair backwards and clutched her foot. Under the tracksuit pants Atlanta saw a white cloth of a bandage- her ankle had been taped.
"What did you do that for?!"

Through her excitement Atlanta stood up "Are you afraid of water?!" she practically shouted. Theresa and Herry came in to the kitchen to see what all the commotion was about. They stared at the scene with Sharlet lying on the floor and Atlanta screaming something about water at her. On hearing Atlanta's words, Sharlet's face paled and nodded.

"YAAARRRHHOOOOOOO!!!" Atlanta cheered

"What- what's going on?" demanded Sharlet as she was helped up by Herry

"You might find this hard to believe", said Jay "but you are a descendent of the Greek God Achilles"

The girl scoffed "Get real" the little meeting was interrupted by a knock at the front door

Knock knock knock

"Hello?" the person called

"I'll get it" glad to be rid of the tension and silly story about a god, Sharlet practically ran to the door "who is it?"

On the porch stood nine people; at the front was a man with chocolate brown hair was holding hands with a thick haired strawberry blonde woman with short hair coming down to her collar bone. Her other hand was holding her stomach where a noticeable baby bump stood out from under her turquoise blouse

"Hello Jay and Theresa, come in! And thanks for rounding everyone else up!"

They walked in behind her and sat on the lounge while the other young titans stood hidden in the kitchen. Sharlet stood aside to welcome the next guests
"Hey Herry! How's Harry and George?" she said referring to his rugby playing sons as she punched his arm. The man now had sideburns and a slight gut; he ruffled her hair affectionately as he came into the house

"Hey kiddo!"

"This place hasn't changed much" said the voice of a posh nine year old with ash blonde hair combed back

"Justin! Be nice!" Neil snapped at his son. He turned to the girl "Good to see you" she pulled him into a slight hug

Odie had now lost his afro and was completely bald. He still wore glasses but now they had a red tint. He shook Sharlet's hand and followed Neil and Justin inside. The three of them made themselves comfortable on the lounge

The last three were Atlanta and her twins; Athena and Archie. Both had red brick hair like there mother and were five years old "Aunt Charlie!" they cried in unison

Sharlet smiled and knelt down to give them a hug. Then they ran inside to join the rest of their older friends. Atlanta and Sharlet were on the porch alone. The older titan wrapped her arms around the teen and gave her a hug

"It's so wonderful to see you again"

"Yeah" the purple teen nodded "it's been so long. Come inside, the others are waiting" Atlanta followed her host into her home and made herself comfortable on the lounge. She dismissed her children and told them to go play outside with Justin. Then the older Herry spoke up

"Um... is this some sort of reunion?"

"What's going on Charlie girl?" asked Jay "Not that it's not good to see everyone again, but what's this 'meeting' for?"

Sharlet stood in front of them and took in a deep breath before she stared talking


From in the kitchen the young titans could hear talking and greetings coming from in the porch. They moved as far away from door as possible so the guests couldn't see them.

"What's going on out there?" whispered Theresa

"Sharlet got in contact with our future selves to try and find a way to get us back home and contact the gods. Maybe then we can save Archie"

Herry let out a short laugh "do you think our older selves will believe her?"

"This is so cool!" said Neil excitedly


In the other room, they could hear themselves talking "...Not that it's not good to see everyone again, but what's this 'meeting' for?"

Sharlet took in a deep breath "I've called you all here because I think I know a way of preventing Archie's death in the past"-

From in the kitchen the young titans heard a loud chorus of groans. The older Neil spoke up sounding rather annoyed "You called us back for this again? Man, we've tried everything!"

Theresa nodded "Honey, you need to let go of the past"

Jay backed his wife up "We've done everything we could have, and you need to remember that, smarten up and look to the future. This is the fifteenth time you've given us this talk"

Atlanta lent back on her seat and sighed. She just won't give up the thought to herself. Sharlet had tried to get her brother back many times before this. When she was ten she tried to con Odie into inventing a time machine. When she was eight she nagged Odie for a week begging him if he could find a way to clone him. Leaning back, the red haired titan stared at the ceiling

Sharlet stood her ground "I know! And I mean it! I know a way we can save him!"

"Charlie" the older Theresa sounded rather annoyed "when we spoke on the phone you said you promised you wouldn't bring this up"

"And would you have come?" Sharlet's cheeks were red "I'm serious! I need you help!"

The young titans winced at the argument from in the living room.

"Man she's dying out there!" breathed Neil

"Come on" said Jay making his way out of the room "Time to give her some backup"
This wasn't the way he wanted to appear to his older self, but he wasn't going to let anyone take a verbal beating like she was now

The older Jay rubbed his forehead in annoyance "Don't you get it? None of these ideas will work! They're insane!"

"Please" Sharlet pleaded, she was starting to loose her grip "just hear me out. We need to get in contact with the Gods so they can create a portal and send your younger selves back in time before its too late!"

"Younger selves? Portal? Girl, you have a screw loose" laughed Odie shaking his head "You expect us to believe this?"

"We do" said the young Odie in the doorway

"So why can't you?" finished Jay, walking into the room with his arms crossed and standing next to Sharlet, who smiled.

The room was silent. The jaw dropped to the floor on every adult. Their eyes goggled and you could have knocked each one down with a feather. They all remembered what Jay looked like in the fighting days, wearing the yellow and purple striped jersey as always

"They say seeing is believing" smirked Theresa striding over to where Jay stood, winking at her older self.

"What? Can't handle the truth that a kid was right for once?" said Atlanta smugly. She knew what it was like for being picked on because she was the youngest. She turned to Sharlet whose eyes were shining with gratitude "Now, you were saying something about a portal?"

Sharlet felt strength well up in her. She had never had friends as strong as this before

" me?" asked the older Herry, getting up

"Uh huh" replied Herry eyeing his older version.

Adult Neil was beside himself "Oh! That can only be me!" he pushed the Herrys out of the way to see his young self. Young Neil looked back at him with his toothy smile

"Hey there handsome"

"Hey there good looking" Neil winked

The old Atlanta looked at her young self standing next to Sharlet that's my girl she thought with pride never give up girl, never give up!

The celebration was interrupted when Athena came running in. She barged through the back door and didn't stop as it slammed shut behind her "mum!mum!mum!mum!mum! mum!mum!mum!"

She bolted through the door and tugged on young Atlanta's pants "oops! Sorry- I thought you were my mum!" the girl then zoomed across the other side of the room to her older mum

"What is it Athena?"

"WefoundadeadegleandArchie'spokingitwithastickandwethrewitovertheneighbour'sfence! Wanttocomesee?"
Everyone stared at the five year old. Only the two Atlanta's knew what had happened.

"Tell him to leave it alone and wash his hands" nodding, the girl rushed off again

"Now", said the older Atlanta to the rest of the group, but keeping eye contact with her younger self "how do we get in touch with these Gods?"

incase no one caught what little Athena said, it was "We found a dead egle and Archie's poking it with a stick and we threw it over the neighbour's fence! Want to come see?"

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