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Mom's the word

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More of an filler then an actual chapter. "Honey, you can't work at a café all your life. And you share your apartment with your ex."

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Chapter 7
"Why don't you go with them to Los Angeles?"

We were sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast. George's head jerked up from his plate.

"She's not going to LA with us. No fucking way."

"Darling, it's not like she has to live with you."

Great, talk about me like I'm not here.

"Then where is she going to stay? She has never even been to LA!"

"In case you two forgot, I have a job AND an apartment in the city!"

"Honey, you can't work at a café all your life. And you share your apartment with your ex."

See, she doesn't like my job. She keeps asking me when I'm going to grow up and get a 'real' job. She never said that to George when he said he wanted to become musician and it's harder to make it in that business.

"Can't I just live here?"

"If you're going to stay here you'll never get a boyfriend."

"Maybe I just want to be single. I just broke up with a guy."

"Since George doesn't want her to stay at his place, can she live with you Pete?"

Pete opened his mouth to answer when George cut in.

"If she's going to LA she's staying with me."

There we go again, talk like I'm not even here. I guess George wouldn't be able to accept me living in the same house as Pete, unsupervised. It's not like we're adults or anything.

"Who said I'm even going to LA?"

"I think it'll do you good. You need more sunshine, meet more people."

Mom actually looked like she meant it. Like she really wanted to ship me off to LA."

"Well, I s'pose that there are cafés there that I could work at.

"You're not going to LA to work as a waitress!"

"I'm a barista, mom, not a waitress. What else am I going to do there?"

"It's Hollywood, you can become what ever your heart desires, actress, singer, model."

"I'm 25 mom, who's going to want me to model their clothes. And I can't sing or act to save my life, you know that."

"George, you can get her a job, can't you?"

"Mom, I'm not going to LA!"

"Yes you are, honey. George?"

"I s'pose I can find something, although Pete has more connections then I have."

Pete looked up by the mention of his name.


"Peter, can you find a job for Tara?"

"We have few positions available when our tour starts. Like someone to make our coffee."

He winked at me, but mom sighed.

"Anything but making coffee?"

"If she's a quick learner, I can find something else."

"Great! You're going to LA, sweetheart."

I'm 25 years old and my mom still thinks I'm 15 and can't do anything by myself.


I stood up from the table and went to sulk in my bedroom. I know my mom means well, but she's practically forcing me to live with George. And very close to Pete. It could only mean trouble.
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