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Bored half-demons, Secret meetings in the basement, phones appearing out of nowhere. And a mysterious errand to run late at night? Something is going on...

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Rise of a Hero

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Authors Note: Well... I just cannot let the DWM/RH saga die like that. I need to update to re-inspire myself for these dark stories. Currently, I've been putting most of my work towards Okami, the video game, and my schoolwork. It's been a little tricky to find computer time in there, but in the time I have been on, I've been working on a story that I hope will be a "mind-blower" (as I've termed it) to you all.

Anyways, back to RH, here's the next chapter and I know I said I wanted to try and make it all fast-paced so that it didn't drag on and on, but now I'm saying: forget that. DWM was fine being 'dragged on and on', so this one can do the same.

If you ever noticed, not once (save for the last chapter) in DWM did I say "it was a few days later" or "a day later"- it was all morning-to-night and day-to-day. I just found that really cool...

Chapter 2: Uncovering


Tired. Light-headed. Drowsy. Cranky. Confused. Lazy.


Archie was lying spread-eagle on his bed, his hoodie covering what little of the floor one used to be able to see, and his ankle brace leaning up against his desk. He had his head resting at the foot of his bed and his feet taking up the space where his pillow had once sat before it had been kicked onto the floor. He'd realized he didn't want to sleep on something that smelled like feet and done his best to get it off the bed. But then again, maybe it would be better smelling of feet then smelling of floor. He debated getting it, but decided it was too far away.

Most of his energy seemed to have been sucked away, like vacuum sealed or dehydrated like the foods astronauts ate, and now he was left as this big fat body taking up space and using too much air waiting for someone to come water him so he'd have energy again. The funny patterns in the roof had all gone away for tea time and there was nothing but a stupid, uneven, hospital-white roof to amuse him. He was sure some plaster had fallen in his eye, or maybe he just hadn't blinked enough and it was getting dried out.

Archie had taken up this position after returning from the school. He felt ultimately confused, light-headed and more, as listed above, and so had retreated to his room and sprawled out on his bed after removing unnecessary clothing thanks to the impossible heat around this time of the year.

Something had happened at the school, but he remembered nothing. It was like waking up in the middle of a dense fog when you distinctly remembered falling asleep in your own bed, and much to your surprise your feet are still moving. He hadn't really registered what was happening until they'd gotten back to the Brownstone, and then he'd complained and whined and headed upstairs.

He'd run over the possibilities of what might have happened. Falling asleep with his eyes open and sleepwalking, some alien force taking over his mind and dieing and leaving his body for a few minutes were among the few.

{I read too many books} he sighed, closing his eyes and deciding that the roof hadn't attacked him, he was just too bored to even blink.

/For once we agree. You should be off training, preparing to defend yourself against the gods, Brat/ Tulais commented dryly.

Archie snorted exasperatedly {I'd like to see you move around. With all your fur you would've been crawling under my bed or into the nearest pond}

/On the contrary, I was still getting rid of my winter fur, so in all this heat I probably would have just shed all over your belongings/

{Fuzzy purple hair on my clothes? No way. I think you'd have melted before you got close enough to shoot hair at me}

Tulais chuckled /Regardless; I do not believe I would be allowed in your home anyways. Besides those stupid immortals loathing me, your Leader does not seem very fond of me either/

{Jay? Well... he can melt with you}

/I'm being serious. If it comes to a battle between you and the gods, where will your companions stand? Will they aide you- or will they turn their backs on you? I do not think your Leader will aide you. In fact, he will turn on you./

{Pfft, I can beat Jay any day, hands tied behind my back}

/Archie, smarten up. Have you forgotten this is your life on the line?/


"I know," Archie whispered quietly to the room, "I know."

{And I wish I didn't have to worry about that. I wish I could just focus on Cronus and keeping up my grades in school. I wish I didn't have to worry about watching my back at all times and not letting my friends know about it}

/I have no divine powers to help grant any of those wishes, but I would like to know, why can you not tell your friends? Surely you can at least trust young Atalanta?/

Archie furrowed his brow. It hadn't exactly crossed his mind to tell his friends, it just hadn't seemed like the right thing to do.

{Because it would crush them. It would completely dissolve their sense of security, and besides, if the gods found out... I can't let anything happen to Atlanta because of me}

/Then why are you now romantically involved with her?/

Archie nearly opened his mouth to say something smart in reply, but he had nothing to say. Instead he clasped his hands over his face.

"Stupid," he muttered, "I'm so stupid and I keep messing up." He took a deep breath, held it, and then slowly let it out, drawing his hands down his face so that he could look up at his stupid, not-interesting ceiling.

"And it's going to get someone killed soon."


Machines buzzing, screens glowing and illuminating the room in a soft glow. Door creaked, light flooded the dark as she slipped inside and sealed the light out behind her. Green eyes remained unfocused as she nervously stroked dark gold hair, leaning on door while she waited for him to speak.

He turned, silhouetted from the glow on the screens. Only two green spots where eyes might be glowing on his face.

"What do you think?" he said slowly.

She looked around quietly, stepping forwards until she reached his bed. Almost wary of the shadows, she sat down on the edge, still worrying the hair.

"Something's not right," she finally said.

"I agree. That's why I've been doing all I can to find some more information, but when the gods said they erased Tulais, they did a very good job of it." His hands folded in his lap while his face remained unseen. The silhouette turned, looking to the dark corner.

"What do you think?" he asked to the wall.

"I am not as smart as you, but now that you have mentioned it, I see something dark happening as well."

She jumped at the new voice, violet illuminating her person to shine upon the figure in the corner. He stood motionless, like a great statue.

"We have been told that demons are terrible and vile in nature, and yet I did not see anything dark in Tulais, save for his anger," he continued.

The one at the computers nodded, "As it was also said, when Cronus ruled over the earth, it was a time of peace and prosperity. I do not understand what happened to cause him to become so twisted, unless it is someone else who has done the twisting."

Three faces were silent, grim with thin lips and narrowed eyes. The same thoughts running in their minds as they fought with what they knew and what they believed and how they had been deceived.

"Then it is decided," she whispered, "someone is lying to us."


Demons are evil. Cronus is evil. Cronus is a... demon? But so is Archie. Archie is not evil.


Archie is a hero. Hero's are good. Will good counteract the bad? Will he end up attacking his own teammates? Who would he attack first? How can the team be protected?

Jay sighed, resting his face on the back of his hands. This was all so confusing. Maybe, just maybe, Tulais had been an exception from the normal demons? No, Hera had said he was the most untrustworthy, wicked demon in history. So then why had he helped them?

Well, there was that time where he'd tried to steal Archie away, but they'd gotten him back. They'd had to fight, and had all suffered injuries, but they did basically every time they fought Cronus.

Speaking of which, why hadn't Tulais sided with Cronus if he hated the gods so much? Why had he helped them rather than fight against them more often? Well, the first time Archie had made a deal with him, and the second time they were trying to save Atlanta and Archie's lives. Then he went and sacrificed himself for Archie.

Why did life have to be so confusing?

A sharp sound and Jay nearly jumped out of his skin. It came again and, regrettably, he jumped again. On the third ring he recognized the sound of a telephone, but they didn't have a phone. Conversations could be traced or intercepted too easily.

Jay fell out of the chair when the phone materialized in front of him.

Quickly he recovered himself, thankful that no one was around to witness that embarrassing moment, and snatched the phone out of the air.

"Hello?" he asked as he put the device to his ear.

"Oh, wrong person. I'm looking for the Demo- for Archie, boy, put him on the line," Ares growled from the opposite end.

"Uh, okay..." Jay replied slowly. Since when did Mr. Ares stutter? And was he going to say Demonspawn? Hera had said that none of the gods would call Archie that... Ares probably slipped up or something, the gods couldn't be that harsh... could they?

Quickly Jay made his way into the living room and to the stair way. After hearing a bark that sounded remotely like 'move or else extra training' from the phone, Jay took the stairs two at a time.

He quickly got to Archie's room and rapped on the door three times, hearing a grunt for a reply inside he merely replied, "Phone."

The door opened as Archie gave him a quizzical look, "We don't have a phone, Jay," the half-demon stated.

Jay thrust the phone into Archie's chest, "Mr. Ares," he replied in a cool monotone, then turned and stalked away.

Demons were bad. Hero's were good. Demons were bad. Hero's were good.

Archie was... bad?


"H-hello?" Archie slowly put the phone to his ear, half-expecting this to be a prank.

"Archie, uh, boy, I need you to come... here, to the school, for an errand- I have an errand for you to run, soon."

Archie stepped back into his room, glancing at the clock, "Ares," he said slowly, a little worried about how nervous Ares seemed, "it's, like, ten. Can't this wait till tomorrow?"

"No!" Ares' reply was sharp and loud, Archie winced and held the phone away from his ear.

"No, I mean, it has to be done tonight. Now. So hurry down, it won't take too long."

"Okay," Archie stretched out the word, wondering what was so important, "should I bring the others?"

"No, this task only needs your... abilities," Archie suddenly got the feeling Ares wasn't talking about his speed or agility, "so come as soon as you can."

"Fine," the warrior finally murmured, hitting end call with his thumb before Ares could say anything else.

The phone in his hand vanished abruptly. Archie grabbed his hoodie and went to head downstairs, then on a second thought ran back into his room and strapped on his ankle brace, one brush with death was one too many for him. And this time there was no Tulais to save him. Archie's hands faltered as he thought of Tulais.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, then got up and headed downstairs.

"I've got an errand to run for Ares, I'll be back later!" he called, seeing Jay in the kitchen and Theresa, Herry and Odie coming up form downstairs.

"Be back before dark!" Herry teased as he raced out the door.

Archie stuck his tongue out at the taller teen before vanishing outside, and despite the light-hearted mood, he couldn't help but try and push away the feeling that something bad was about to happen.


"So are you ready?"

"Yes, Hera, you need not be so anxious. I know what I must do. But I can't help but feel terrible about fighting so unfairly against the-"

"Poseidon, you've already failed once at killing the child. Back than he was just that, merely a babe and yet you tried to kill him. Now, prove yourself worthy of being the lord of the seas and be rid of the scourge once and for all. I really could care less how you kill him, just be done with it before the teens get suspicious."

Poseidon bowed his head, "As you wish, Hera. I will not fail you again."

Then he disappeared back into the waters which he commanded.


Dun dun dun, next chapter!

Wow... I actually updated.

Anyways, forgive me for the long wait, I wasn't planning on having the sequel up so early actually, but here it is nonetheless.

Hopefully this kind-of-filler chapter is enough to wet your appetites for now. So, Hera and Poseidon are up to something, Ares seems to be in on this, and so we can only imagine what's in store for Archie now.

And what's this? Theresa, Herry and Odie are holding secret meetings and seem to be figuring out something?

And Jay is being all poor and confused child, and scared. Because I had to make him somewhat human again before he just turned into a brick wall that only said: "Demons Bad!"

As for Atlanta... she was snuggling Archie's hoodie in her room, under her bed, so she didn't hear anything...

Anyways, reviews are appreciated.

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