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Ares's suspicious errand is revealed, and Archie is now in a fight for his life. Thetis is on her way, and Atlanta knows something's wrong. But how can anyone save Archie from the wrath of ther god...

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Rise of a Hero

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Authors Note: Sorry it took so long, but guess what, guys, but Monday was a very special day for everyone's favorite purple wolf-goat

The 19th was Tulais's birthday!

And I was seriously trying to have this updated on Monday.

Chapter 3: Assassin


Archie shifted from foot to foot nervously. His ankle brace clanked reassuringly in the large spaces of the secret wing. His senses were on full alert now, Tulais also prowling his mind like a maintenance keeper and making sure everything was working far better then should be humanly possible. He swore he could even hear the walls whispering.

Taking his sweet time, Ares finally strolled out from behind a pillar. Archie jumped but stopped his shivering before the god came close. Ares was dressed in a simple white shirt, his normal battle-skirt, and a pair of fuzzy blue socks. Almost looked as if he'd raided Hercules's wardrobe.

"Poseidon wanted me to fix up his trident, so here you go. Take it down to the sea, where no one can see you, and call for him. He'll probably want to thank you or something," Ares shrugged, handing Archie a small, square package wrapped in brown paper. Archie stumbled for a moment, caught unaware of the package's weight.

"Now get a move on, I'm headin' back to my poker game," Ares muttered, and quickly shuffled away.

Archie sighed in relief and left the Secret Wing.


Streetlights glared in his eyes and cars honked loudly as he drove through the streets. Held loosely between his legs was the package, and Archie was grumbling about having to be out when he'd much rather be bored at home. He turned off onto the smaller road that took him down to the ocean and parked his motorcycle in the parking lot. The waves crashed loudly on the shore, the sound sending shivers down his spine.

{Stupid sea-god needs his stupid trident fixed. Bet'cha Hephaestus doesn't make anyone do his errands for him...} Archie paused a moment.

"Why would Ares be fixing Poseidon's trident?" he wondered aloud. Still frowning, he plodded his way down to the ocean's edge, his hands were visibly shaking now and he was muttering curses at his stupid paranoia.

"Oi, Poseidon! I've got your trident!" he cried.

The waves continued rolling and smashing on the shore. There was no reply, no tell-tale whirlpool or fish tail. Archie starred at the black water and sighed exasperatedly.

"You've got to be kidding me!" he cried.

/Come on, Brat, get a move on./ Tulais muttered.

Archie took a deep breath and stepped forwards, flinching and pulling back when his foot met the icy water. Another bark from Tulais brought him inching into the water, bit by bit. He kept his eyes closed, shaking from cold (not fear, he did not get afraid... much) and was soon up to his knees in water.

"Poseidon!" he yelled again, hardly hearing himself over the ocean.

"I am here" he heard in his mind. Right then, something grabbed his feet and Archie was pulled under the water without a sound.


Thetis gasped for breath, her body ached with fatigue and her eyes were tear-streaked and ready to close at any second. She'd been traveling for so long, stopping when she collapsed into the seabed. She nervously fingered the pouch of ashes around her neck. What would she say to the gods? How could she convince the young boy, Archie, to come with her?

Something stirred on the edges of her sub-consciousness and she dove into the rocky crags of the ocean floor as she sensed Poseidon's power. A tunnel of water shot past, and she was thankful he hadn't detected her. Then something caught her eye, blue clothes, pale skin and... purple hair. Thetis flew from her hiding spot and shot after Archie.

{The gods are going to kill him!} She screamed inwardly.


Archie came up gasping for breath, he pulled himself out of the water almost faster then he'd been pulled under.

"That wasn't funny Poseido-" he stopped as he saw what he was standing on.

Absolutely nothing.

Archie was standing on the surface of the water, drops falling from his body and splashing around his feet. The inky black water swirled and turned underneath him. Shivering he recalled that it had been Poseidon who had attacked him all those years ago. He'd almost died back then.

"Damn," Archie growled, looking around, "it's a trap."

Senses on high alert now, he threw down the stupid brown package and the wt paper tore as it hit the water's surface. It wasn't a trident at all, it was money. Money to pay for his execution!

"I am sorry I must kill you before your sin is committed, Demonspawn, but I will not allow you to destroy my kin," Poseidon said as he slithered up onto the surface.

"What? Sin? Destroy the gods? Look, Poseidon, I don't know why you all think I'm going to kill you- you're immortal! You can't be killed!" Archie shouted, dropping into his battle position and keeping his eyes locked on the god before him.

Poseidon twirled his gleaming trident in his hands, "It is in the prophecy, young one, and that is why you must die. We cannot risk any problems in our reign on earth."

"I'm not going to die!" Archie replied.

{So there is more to the Prophecy, I knew it!} He thought.

/Look out!/ Tulais suddenly cried.

Archie leapt to the side so fast his train of thought had to take a second to catch up. Poseidon had swung his trident and nearly hit the spot where he'd been standing... or was it floating?

The god of the sea wasted no time in bringing his trident around again and creating large ripples in the surface they both were standing on. Archie reeled back and forth, trying to keep his balance. He ducked low as Poseidon swung at him again. Tulais was barking commands inside his mind, and Archie almost felt as if the demon within him was controlling most of his movements.

He could feel the heat of the battle coursing through his veins and his senses had been sharpened tenfold. If it weren't for the fact that his opponent was such a mighty god, he would have felt invincible.

The reality that he was a mortal fighting an immortal hit him at the same time as Poseidon's trident. Archie was flung backwards some paces and hit the water with a loud splash. A wave of spray rose up and showered over himself and the god who was slowly advancing.

He gasped as he reached to his chest and felt the warm blood dribbling out.

{I'm going to die! I'm going to die!} He screamed inwardly.

/Shut up, you twit! It's hardly a scratch!/ Tulais snarled.

Archie felt like he'd been slammed in the chest and his body had gone into autopilot- or Tulais had taken control- because the next thing he knew he was dodging and ducking under numerous blows and swings.

"So the demon within you has awakened!" Poseidon realized.

Archie wanted to tell him to shut up, but his voice instead said, "All in due time!"

What did that mean? He had no idea what his comeback had meant? Archie ducked under another blow, leaping backwards in the air. He felt the blades just skim under his head, and he twisted in the air and fell back onto his feet. The handle of the trident came at him and he only saw it though the corner of his eye. Archie grabbed control of his body and tried to duck under it, leaning back till he was going to nearly do a bridge-stand, but Tulais shoved him out of the way and took back his body and...

He caught it.

He caught the trident as it was going to hit him. And held it. Poseidon seemed just as surprised as Archie was.

"Damn you, Demonspawn, accept your fate! This night is your last," Poseidon hissed.


Atlanta was perched on her chair, staring out the window in her dark room. She watched the trees in the distance jerk and whip around in the high winds. The city seemed to glow against the dark clouds in the sky. She shivered and pulled Archie's old hoodie tighter around herself. The fabric was smooth on her arms, like all of Archie's wearing had smoothed it down so it was rather soft, and not to mention warm.

Archie was out in that storm somewhere, and she wondered when he'd get back. He'd been gone for a while now, and was probably lost or stuck in traffic. She smiled; stupid Archie was making her get all worried. She shouldn't be, of course, he was an excellent warrior and could fight his way out of most situations.

But in her room, in the back of her mind, Atlanta still worried.


Okay, short chapter and a looong in-between update time.

But, regardless, Happy Belated Birthday Tulais, and hello chapter three of 'Rise of a Hero'.

Archie's fighting for his life, Atlanta knows something's wrong... and the others are eating waffles. Or something like that.

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Anyways, hopefully this chapter 'll keep you guys happy for a while, and if it sounds all awkward and terrible, it's because I forced my way through this one. No inspiration at all!

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