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In the same bed

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If you could kill just using your eyes, Pete would have dropped dead right there.

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Chapter 8
We slept at a roadside motel. I know they can afford more class than the motel had to offer, but they insisted on staying there. I just hope that their houses in LA are fancier.

The place was nearly fully booked so we only got one room, with one double bed. We debated a long time about who should sleep on the couch and who should be on the bed. But in the end we decided to sleep all on the bed, George was in the middle and me and Pete on opposite sides of the bed. I was starting to think that George was behaving extremely childish. It's not like we were going to have sex with him in the bed or with him in the room for that matter. Or have sex at all. George was doing what he does best, being an ass.

Let's just say that I didn't sleep very well at all. There was the threat of being pushed of the bed and the loud snores from George didn't help at all. Around 3am I had had enough and slipped silently out of bed. I was going to try to sleep in the car; at least there was silence there. I was reaching for the doorknob when I heard movement behind me.

"Where are you going?"

I turned around; Pete was sitting on the bed.

"I'm going to sleep in the car, I can't sleep while he snores like that."

I pointed at George. Pete stood up and pulled a t-shirt over his head.

"I'll go with you; you never know what's out there."

He was just wearing his boxers and a t-shirt. If there ever was a moment to go teenie, this was it!

"Erm, it's okay, really. Go back to sleep."

He had reached the door and was looking at me.

"I'm not going back to sleep, I can't sleep either."

I just nodded. He was way to close for me to think rationally. He opened the door and nearly pushed me out, he quickly followed.


He stopped me by putting his lips over mine. My breath got caught in my throat and my eyes opened wide in a surprise. It took me few seconds to respond and when I did I felt him smile a bit. He wrapped his arms around my waist as his tongue slipped into my mouth. My fingers got tangled in his hair as my body arched into his. I would have jumped on him right there if we hadn't been in a motel hallway.

"What in the fucking hell are you two fucking doing?"

We broke apart at the sound of George's voice. My breath was rigged when I turned around to face him. He looked furious, like he was about to explode. I was actually kind of scared of him.

"We thought you were asleep."

If you could kill just using your eyes, Pete would have dropped dead right there.

"And that gives you the rights to make out with my little sister?"

"George, I am 25 years old! I can make my own decisions!"

His face was red with anger. He grabbed my hand and nearly pulled me into the bedroom. He pointed at Pete.

"You sleep in the car."

Talk about overreaction! Pete chuckled.

"Are you throwing me out of the bedroom I paid for?"

"Fine then, you sleep on the couch."

"George, aren't you overreacting?"

He looked at me and I immediately regretted saying that. If he hadn't made a wow to himself when he was 5 that he'd never beat women, I'd be so dead. I got out of his way and climbed back into bed. I couldn't believe that they were actually fighting over me. As much as I loved pissing off my brother, I didn't want to cost him his best friend.

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