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Chapter 2

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Peyton Clarkson's boyfriend had just signed with one of the biggest recording companies around, and now hes heading out to tour with another major band, Fall Out Boy. What happens when he can't alw...

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Oliver slowly pushed open the door, he was definetly frightened of what might greet him on the other side of the that very door. He peeked around the corner ever so slowly, as if not to disturb the occupant inside.

Once he saw that there was nothing to be afraid of so far, he pushed the door open wider revealing a young Peyton Clarkson. She sat on the couch, completely oblivious to the world around her as she stared at the blank wall across from her. Her legs were tucked in tightly underneath her.

"Peyton?," he called out to her as he closed the door gently behind him.

She turned her tear stained face towards the sound of his familiar voice. At the site of this, Oliver's heart had sunk to the pit of his stomach. He could not understand why she was crying. This was a time for happiness and celebration, not this.

"Peyton?," he called again, his voice sounding more raspier than normal. "What's the matter, why are you crying hun?"

She turned and stared at him for a moment, cocking her head to the side, a fire burning in the back of her eyes that wasn't there before. "I don't know Oliver, you tell me why I'm crying and upset," she challenged him.

He hated when she did this to him, he knew he had no winning chance now. "To be honest, I don't really know. Are you that excited for me?" 'Two can play this game,' he thought to himself as he made his way over to the couch where she sat.

She glared at him. If looks could kill, this boy would of been dead on arrival. "Oh yeah, babe, I'm just peachy with the whole situation."

Now he had had enough, "Ok, seriously Peyton, what the hell is your problem? We should be out celebrating, not picking little fights with each other." He sat down next to her and picked up her hand, stroking it gently.

"Well, your the one who wanted to have the /'talk'/. So lets get it over with," She glanced down at thier hands, they seemed to be molded for one anothers.

He stopped playing with her hands and stared back at her. "What are you talking about?" Confusion written all over his face.

Peyton stared at him. The same confusion that was written on his face was now being reflected onto hers. " want to break up with me because your famous and going on tour!"

It took all of one moment for this to register with Oliver, and when it did, he couldn't help but laugh out loud at her. "Oh, my, your serious about this Pey?"

Oliver was still met with confusion, but it was slowly being replaced with anger as he continued to laugh at her. Peyton placed her her hands on her hips and stood up slowly, "You know I do not find this situation funny at all Oliver James!"

If at all possible he laughed harder at the expression that was on her face. "I..I..I..can' Peyton Alexandra! I mean come on, why would i break up with you over something stupid like that?" Oliver slowly regained his composure and stood up in front of her.

For once tonight, Peyton was at a loss for words. She had jumped to conclusions way to fast. "But, but, you said we had to talk when you got home. Of course that doesn't sound like any good news," she now felt dumber that dumb, Peyton Alexandra Clarkson was a complete idiot.

"What I meant was is that I wanted to wait until I got home to discuss the great news with you in person. I figured that I would want to see the excitement on your face instead of hearing it through a phone piece," Oliver spoke in a soft voice now as he touched her cheek gently.

"Oh," Peyton felt like she had just been punched in the stomach, "well, I'm sorry about that O. Its just that its all happening so fast and I don't know how to take it you know," now she was fidgeting. "I mean your going to be gone for months and we haven't even spent two days apart let alone a couple of months. I know it seems selfish of me, but I can't help it Oliver."

He smiled at her, this was the reason why he had fallen in love with her. She was always trying to bend over backwards to please everyone and everything, but when it came time for her to stand up for something that was rightfully hers, she would go at it, guns blazing. She would fight for her prized possesions, even if it included her crazy boyfriend Oliver.

"I know your not selfish and I understand where your coming from, but you have nothing to worry about. I have a plan babe, and your included."

Peyton smiled widely at this. Things weren't going to be so bad after all.


"Stop playing with your hands, your making me nervous. Plus, it makes you look unattractive," Oliver stated as he grasped both of Peyton's hands in his one while the other one steered the car.

"Well, how am I supposed to act. You just want me to waltz into my job and say 'Oh, hey Jack, sorry I won't be able to come in for quite sometime. My boyfriend Oliver, you remember Oliver right, well he just employed me as his merch girl for their tour with Fall Out Boy." Yeah thats going to go over really well," Peyton sighed and rolled her eyes at the man next to her.

Oliver gave her hands a squeeze and stole a glance in her directions. She was just what he had figured she would be, a ball of nerves. "I think that sounded perfect."

He heard her moan of frustration and couldn't help but chuckle at this as he pulled into a parking spot at the local record shop. It was a small little place called Elite. It sat far back from the street, you could hardly see it, but it was there.

Last night after their /'talk'/, as Peyton had called it, he had come to the conclusion that he couldn't tour without her. Everyone else in the band had found a way for thier loved ones to join, so he found his way. They had talked it over in the confrence room yesterday afternoon and everyone loved the idea of it, but it just had to take some convincing on her part. In order for her to go, she would have to quit her job. She wasn't to keen with the idea but he told her not to worry about bills or the apartment like she normally would have because he already had it covered.

'Ok, here goes nothing,' Peyton thought as she made her way out of the car and into the shop.


Oliver glanced down at his watch. It can't be taking her a half hour to quit a job could it? No one takes that long. He sighed in frustration, he was now going to be late for a tour meeting. This one was different from yesterdays though. Yesterday was all about what bands will play at what time and what songs they had to have picked out. Today, on the other hand, was all about the tour dates and what not. It was definetly going to be boring to say the lease, and if Peyton didn't hurry herself up, he was going to be really late.

Just as he was about ready to jump out of the car and get her himself, she came running out the door, a cd clutched tightly in her hands.

"Well, how did it go?" Oliver asked as he pulled out of the parking spot, giving her little time to buckle herself in, and pulling into oncoming traffic.

Peyton fiddled with the cd case for a few moments before answering, "overall, really well. Its Jack, so of course he was overly dramatic about the whole situation. He wishes you luck and said that he would be happy to carry your band's cd as soon as possible," She never glanced once at him to see his reaction, instead she popped the cd into the cd player and turned the music up.

"Thats cool. Hey would you mind going with me to my meeting today? I would kind-of-sort-of be late if I had to drop you off at home and then rush over there," Oliver half yelled to her over the sound of Fall Out Boy's new cd. Patrick's voice filled the car, and for one split second Oliver was jealous, but he quickly pushed that to the back of his mind as he turned and watched Peyton belt out the lyrics.

"LLLLLLAAAAAASSSSTTTT SUMMER WE TOOK THREES ACROSS THE BOARRRRRRRD.." Peyton stopped abruptly when she saw Oliver giving her odd looks. "What?"

"Nothing. I just didn't know you were a fan of them, thats all. How did you get that cd anyways?"

"Oh, Jack gave it to me as a going away present, and I never said I didn't like them. I mean, I have to now. I'm going to be seeing alot more of them anyways," Peyton said shortly and then continued to sing 'Thriller'

Oliver pulled into the parking deck under the main building and shut off the car. "Were here."

"Already? Well, um, do you just want me to wait here?" Peyton asked as she glanced down at her hands.

Oliver got out of the car and made his way to her side and opened her door for her. "No, I would like you to come up with me. So don't be shy. You already know Chad, Rachael, and Duane. Its just them and a couple of other people from some of the other bands. Don't worry about it."

"I'll look like an idiot Oliver," Peyton whined as she got out and followed him to the doors.

Oliver grabbed her hand as they walked towards the elevators that were located down a long hall way, "Don't worry. I already warned them about you."

/'Great!'/, was all Peyton could think about as she made her way into the elevator. Oliver reached over and pressed the number twelve and they were off. The ride was silent, each one of them lost in their own thoughts.

The elevator dinged and they both stepped out simultaneously. They were immediately met with a set of double doors and people mingling around outside of them.

"Oliver!" a man Peyton didn't recognize yelled over to them. He gave her hand a reassuring squeeze as the man made his way over to them.

"Patrick, good to see you again!" Oliver said, using his free hand to shake Patricks'. "Patrick, I would like you to meet my girlfriend Peyton. Peyton, meet the Patrick Stump."

Peyton extended her hand to meet his and was met with warmth and comfort upon contact.

"Nice to meet you Peyton. So I heard your going to be Lucid Eyes merch girl?" Patrick said in a low voice, so low that it made her feel like they were the only two in the room at that moment.

Oh yes, this summer was definetly going to get interesting indeed.


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