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Chapter 3

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Peyton Clarkson's boyfriend had just signed with one of the biggest recording companies around, and now hes heading out to tour with another major band, Fall Out Boy. What happens when he can't alw...

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Ok, so I'm listening to Fall Out Boy's Cd as I type this out. I've had this Cd stuck in my head all day. Its also the reason I'm updating today. I hit a writers block for a few hours, so I popped this in and it just started to flow. Sigh. Well here it is, sorry I wanted to update yesterday but besides having writers block, Grey's Anatomy was on and I can't miss an episode of that lol.


The meeting had come and gone like a blur to Peyton. One minute she was being introduced to a very handsome young man and his friends to becoming one of the most liked people in the board room. 'Its because I was the only other one in there with boobs and a vagina,' Peyton thought to herself as she made her way out of the confrence door with Oliver slowly in tow.

"That is exactly what I am saying Oliver. We need to have the dates more spaced out so that way we can do more of the secret shows," the dark haired man that Peyton had only met two hours ago stated with enthusiasm. "I mean, with your idea of the two extra days, we could increase the performances by four."

Patrick rolled his eyes at Pete, he never seemed to not stop talking about about the tour, and glanced over at Peyton. She was standing against the wall alongside of the elevator now. Her arms were crossed over her chest and her hip stuck out in an 'I've got an attitude problem. kind of way. Her hair was pulled up into a messy ponytail and her bangs that were swept off to the side of her face was adorned with a headband. Her style was cute, jeans that hugged in just the right places and a hoodie. She was starting to play tricks with his mind, and she didn't even know it yet.

A sudden vibration broke Patrick from his ambient mood. He reached into his front pocket and pulled out his phone. A text message from one Pete Wentz.

'Dude! Stope staring at another guys chick! Wtf man? Thats what I do best.'

Patrick laughed lightly as his phone vibrated once more.

'Oh, and stop making googely eyes at her. Its gross. I thought I was gonna have to mop up the table with all the drool you left behind. Geez!'

Patrick lifted his eyes from his phone and let them settle on Pete. He winked and smiled knowingly before drapping his arm over Oliver's shoulders and walking him down the hall.

"Um, where are they going?" came a small voice from over by the elevators.

Peyton had just looked up from her very own phone to find Patrick texting and Pete walking off with her boyfriend. She couldn't understand what was going on. Oliver didn't say anything about another meeting, but yet, there he was walking down the corridor and into another room with Pete.

"Petes probably just showing him some of the drawings and prototypes of the secret shows. I wouldn't worry. It shouldn't take him to long," Patrick said as he pulled his hat lower over his eyes and leaned back against the wall behind him.

"Don't!" Peyton said staring at him.

Patrick couldn't refuse to meet her gaze. "Excuse me?" he questioned.

"Don't hide your eyes underneath that hat." She made her way over to him and adjusted his hat for him. "There. That looks better. You can see your eyes now."

Patrick froze. His whole body felt like he had just been dipped into a bath of ice water. "Uh, uh.." he stuttured, and then managed to squeak out, "um, thanks."

Peyton smiled brightly at him, 'Was he blusing?'
she thought as she took a tiny step back. "Anytime Patrick." Patrick smiled back at her, he couldn't resist it, nor did he want to for that matter. Her smile was contagious. Peyton was like a drug to him, the kind that got you addicted after the first hit. Oh and did he want more of that drug.

"Hey babe, you ready?" Oliver said as he walked up to the other couple.

"Huh, oh yeah. Ready when you are," Peytong said breaking the euphoria that was surrounding only her and Patrick.

Oliver glanced back and forth between Peyton and Patrick. Something was or is going on and he did not like that at all. He wrapped his arm around Peyton's waist protectively and gave Patrick a challenging look when Peyton had looked away.

"Well Patrick, another good meeting as usual. So, are we all still on for meeting tomorrow for lunch then?" Oliver said, sarcasm laced his overly nice tone.

"Yes it was exceptional Oliver," sarcasm was not hidden in Patrick's tone, "and Peyton, it was lovely to meet you. Will we be seeing you at lunch tomorrow?" Patrick's tone had changed quickly when he addressed Peyton. He actually sounded sincere to her, which only made Oliver more angry.

"Ye.."Peyton started but was rudely interrupted by Oliver.

"No, I don't think she can. You see, she um, has this very important 'thing' to do." Oliver said as he stumbled over his words.

"A /'thing'/?" Pete questioned.

"Yes, a /'thing'/," Oliver was now beyond being frustrated.

Peyton crossed her arms over her chest and glared angrily at Oliver. "Oh, so this very important 'thing' I have, what does it involve Oliver?"

" know, its that 'thing' you do every so often." Oliver was going to kill her.

Peyton unfolded her arms and leaned over towards Patrick touching his arm ever so gently. She watched him visibly shiver under her touch and smiled. "I'll be at lunch tomorrow Patrick with bells on, so save me a seat next to you ok." She winked at him for a more added affect.

Patrick glanced quickly between her hand and her eyes and said, "Ok, I will."


Oliver gave them both deathly looks as he mumbled a goodbye to Pete. He turned and boarded the elevator, not even bothering to wait for Peyton.


"I can't believe you were acting like that Oliver! What has gotten into you?" Peyton questioned as she walked into their apartment, throwing her things haphazardly onto the couch.

"Oh and you think something has gotten into me now do you?! Your the one who was flirting with lover boy Patrick!" Oliver yelled, making his way past her and over to the fridge. He threw the door open with such a force Peyton thought he may have broke off one of it's hinges.

"Your being ridiculous! We were just talking and your the one who assumed something more was going when there wasn't"

Seeing nothing of interest Oliver slammed the door to the fridge shut. "Pssh! Whatever Peyton, I'm done fighting with you. Ugh, you know sometimes I wonder..."

"Wonder what Oliver?" Peyton yelled back, matching his tone. He hurridley brushed past her to their room and slammed the door, making the pictures on the wall shake. 'Great, just what I need another fight with him,' she thought as she flung herself onto the couch next to her things.

Peyton and Oliver were the ideal couple. They rarely fought and were so lovey dovey with one another that it would just sicken anyone they were around. But the last couple of months had changed dramatically. Oliver was always picking little fights with her, which would eventually turn into something much bigger and she would be the one left picking up the pieces. 'I've had enough,' she thought as she looked down and saw her phone light up and vibrate.

Carefully picking it up Peyton looked at the screen. 'One New Message' was typed out across the front of the screen. She flipped open her Razr phone and hit the 'read' button.

'Hey! What are you doing?'

Peyton looked at the phone in confusion. 'Who is this? I don't recognize the number, and how did they get my number!'


Patrick took a seat next to Andy in the SUV as Joe and Pete climbed in the front. Today had been exhausting and tomorrow didn't look any better for the guys.

"So Patrick, what was going on with you, that chick and her boyfriend outside the board room today. You guys looked like you were ready to kick each others asses." Andy said in a non-chalant kind of way as he watched Patrick buckle himself in.

"Nothing why?" Patrick answered, never once looking at the man next to him.

Pete glanced at Patrick through the rear view mirror as he pulled out onto the busy streets of Chicago. He noticed his friends deamenor had changed from sad little boy to being completely love struck. He knew from the minute Patrick had layed his pretty blue eyes on her that he was done for. Pete had to admit to himself though, Patrick did have good taste in women.

"Hey Patrick, you won't believe whose number I got today." Pete waited for Patrick's reaction in the mirror. Patrick looked up from his phone and met Pete's eyes in the mirror.

"Oh, let me guess..Olivers'." Patrick said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes and looked back down at his phone.

"No, but the idiot did hand me his phone so I could enter my number and I just so happen to 'accidently' hit the letter P and I 'accidently' stumbled upon Peyton's number." Pete watched as Patrick's head shot up and he stared at him in amazement.

"Give it to me!" Patrick demanded frantically.

"Oh yeah, nothing was going on with you guys," Andy said as he too sat there playing with his phone.

"I'm sensing a love triangle brewing. Can you feel it Peter?" Joe said as he turned in his seat and gave Patrick a look.

Patrick ignored the both of them and continued to look at Pete. "So, are you going to give me that number or what?"


Ah! So there it is. I hope you enjoyed it, I know I did in writing it. Leave me some reviews whether you love/hate it.
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