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Chapter Seven.

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Gerard goes to jail :(

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Chapter Seven

My thoughts started their usual battle in my head as I stood and watched my therapist -my friend- being attended to by medics as my brother was escorted down a hallway, presumably into a side room, by security; should I go with Sally or should I help Gee out? He didn't know what he was doing, right? Wrong? Fuck, I don't know.

But something made me keep walking towards where they had taken Gerard and, seeing Sara, wailing over Sally's limp body, in yet another one of her sudden displays of real actual humanity, I knew I was making the right decision going with family. Plus, everyone was surrounding Sally at the moment; either visibly angry at Gee or confused about what was going on. I passed the nosy faces of various spectators, briefly searching for Brian's among them only to abandon that hope as I realised the frantic movements of my eyes was causing me to become dizzy.

Nervously, I lifted my shaking hand to the door marked 'Security' and knocked on it three times before stepping back slightly to wait for an answer. The door opened just as two cops rounded the hall, walking briskly down the corridor to where I was standing. In the distance, I saw the flash of bright coloured uniforms as ambulance men rushed to the direction I had left Sally in. The security guard that opened the door either didn't notice me or was purposefully ignoring me as he addressed the cops with words my bewildered ears couldn't catch. The next thing I knew, a tearful Gerard was being led down the hall by the two cops as I ran liquidly behind almost being left outside the 'Security' room. Once again I searched frantically for Brian, but I couldn't see him anywhere.

It was like a bad movie. I wanted to laugh, in fact I even tried to, but all that came out was a strangled yelp and I immediately fell silent once again. I shifted in my horribly uncomfortable hard plastic seat that one officer had 'kindly' moved next to the spaced bars of the communal cell that Gee now sat in, sobbing, next to a grotesquely burly man with 'FUCK' tattooed crudely over his forehead, beautifully complimented by the 'DIE FUCKERS' print across his bare chest. Sadistically, I managed to smile slightly at the situation; Gee kind of deserved this. I'd be happier if it were Sara behind bars though; that would be fucking hilarious.

We were both still in our sweaty clothes from the show, make-up dripped across our eyes and cheeks -not the best way to be thrown in jail, but then what was?- which of course meant I didn't have my wallet, my cell...anything. We just had to sit out and wait for someone, probably Brian, to realise or be told where we were. Luckily, the guys on duty tonight have kids that like us, so I was allowed to have a seat moved over so I could sit and talk to Gerard, in exchange for some autographs and the usual shit. The first reason Mr. FUCK had to want to beat Gee to pulp. Why should Gerard be treated any different just because he's famous?

As much as I didn't want to discuss everything that had happened out where everyone could hear, I had to; Gee and I have this pattern see? It goes like, we either talk everything bad that happens through immediately or we end up forgetting about it and getting on with life. But of course the old demons creep back up on us the next time either one of us does something to piss the other off, finishing the milk for example.
"Gee, why'd you hit her man?" I whispered through the bars, but he was sobbing into his own shoulder so he didn't hear me. Mr. FUCK did though.

His voice was American, not British, "You hit a woman?" he turned his huge body to face Gee who pulled his head out from his shoulder in enough time to realise he was in for it. The guy's gargantuan hand locked around Gee's throat, pulling him to his feet and smashing him against the bars so he was hovering slightly above the ground -still not reaching eye-level with his attacker.

I kicked my chair back frantically, my breathing speeding up and I fumbled about in my pockets searching, panicking. Ripping my inhaler out of my pocket I breathed in deeply, savouring the calming affect as I heard the guy's continued shouts of, "Never hit a woman you sick fuck! I'm gonna teach you a lesson you ain't never gonna forget!". Gerard just whimpered uncontrollably, struggling to breath as all the other prisoners looked on in shock, at what was happening, and disgust at what Gerard had done.

I glanced over to the closed off room that the duty guards were sitting in, I wondered why the hell they weren't out here stopping this, but then I noticed the flickering screen of the TV; the football players running around the green pitch. Fuck! I took another drag off my inhaler.

"Stop! He didn't hit anyone!" The voice that stopped the commotion was unreal to me, it was coming from my lips but it was so strong and forceful; I sounded genuinely terrifying. Mr. FUCK stopped punching Gerard harshly in the stomach and stared at me, equally as shocked by the sudden strength in my voice.
That's when the proper Mikey took over, although it combined with the new one so that the blabbering that emitted from my mouth was spoken with conviction and drive. I explained everything -everything important- in, no joke, less than ten minutes while the whole jail -with the exception of the guards, too caught up in the big game- listened intently.

Someway through my story, Gerard had been dropped to the ground where he stayed, gasping for breath and holding his stomach as blood cascaded down him from many different sources. I collapsed in my chair, the urge to laugh pestering me again. I was shocked when the huge guy leant down and offered Gee his hand with a, "Sorry dude." and pulled him up so that he was laying on a bed, coughing.

The guy turned to me, "Sara Hafferty?" he asked after a moment of silence.
I nodded uncertainly.

"Fuck..." he trailed off and turned to Gee, "you get rid of that bitch, she's a psycho." He laughed slightly before sitting down next to Gee's head, missing it narrowly.

"You... you know her?" God, it seems like everyone's been hurt by Sara. She's unavoidable.

He sighed, "Yeah, I run a strip club in Vegas. Well, I ran a strip club in Vegas. She worked for me, but one day she went Schizo on us and attacked a customer with a bottle of Jack." He shook his head as he lost himself in memories, "The guy was okay physically, but he was one of my best customers. That's why I don't run the club anymore, the guy made sure that it went out of business." He sighed again and I opened my mouth to speak.

"What the hell happened here?" I jumped in fright as I turned to see one of the officers behind me staring at the bloody mess that was Gerard. Brian was behind him, brows furrowed in concern.

"Does it really matter? Can we just get him out of here, please?" Brian sighed and the officer shrugged, opening the gate to allow Gerard to stumble out.

"Remember you've only paid bail, he has to stick around in case the girl wants to press charges." He said locking the gate and trudging back to the TV.

I hooked my arm round Gee's shoulder, steadying him, as we began walking out of the police station to the rental van outside.

"Mikes?" I turned my face away from staring out of the window to look at Gerard's frail body as his whispered, weak voice crept through the darkness. Brian was in the front of the van singing loudly to Maiden; the mood had been depressingly still inside the vehicle since leaving the station.

"Why the fuck do I love her so much?" he asked and I saw tears begin to slide down his cheeks, he hit away at them angrily.

I shrugged, I honestly didn't know, "I suppose for the same reason I love you so much Gee, I can't help it. No matter how much shit you put me through, I can't change the fact that I love you."

He scrambled nearer to me, wincing every now and then, until he had his arms wrapped around me firmly, "I'm so fucking sorry Mikes, but I'd do anything for love." He began crying thickly into my shoulder.

"Do you love me, Gee?" my voice was barely a whisper and there was a heart-breaking silence before I felt him nod against me, clearly unable to speak. "Then let her go." I added and his crying got heavier.

"I can't, you know that." He whispered.

"Yeah..." I answered instantly, "I know that..."

And like in a bad movie, Meatloaf blasted through the speakers as Brian changed the CD. From now on, I fucking hate Meatloaf...

That's been my least favourite chapter so far! But I liked writing the Mr. FUCK part; it made me laugh :) Cheers for the reviews they're really helping :)
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