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Chapter Eight.

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Could get a bit odd... :)

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Chapter Eight

The music blasted for the rest of the tense journey, but apart from that the van was in a deathly uncomfortable silence; Brian had given up singing after the first couple of tracks realising that his attempt at lightening the mood was making it just that much worse.

Gerard had broken out of my arms, ashamed, and rested his head against the fogged up glass of the van window, gazing out at the dark, blurred and wild weather of god-knows where in Britain we were -I'd lost track. Repeatedly I sighed to myself at the constant mess our lives found themselves in and my mind whizzed about half-heartedly trying to figure out everything (whatever that was) and how I should feel about it. I'd never been good at that; hence the reason Sally played such a major part in my daily routines. She was always detached from my problems before, now she was one of them, just like I was to her. Selfishly, my mind keeps screaming for her to help me but that's not going to happen this time.

I just let my tired feet guide me, following Brian, as he walked across the parking lot to the bus. I was vaguely aware that he spoke to someone on his cell phone, but my mind was far too scattered to grasp anything from the conversation. I just kept walking to the bus, climbing the steps, obviously passing Brian and Gee because the next thing I knew, I was standing in the kitchenette of the bus, Gee no where to be seen just like Brian, shocked to be met by a coffee drinking Sally. Her face was bandaged and her eyes were puffy, but apart from that she was fine and she was smiling sadly at me.

"Why are you not at the hospital?" I asked without thinking.

She laughed softly, looking down at the floor and lightly tracing her face with her fingertips, "Mikey, it's just a scratch, they over reacted. Paramedics? I couldn't believe when I saw them. The medical staff at the venue just cleaned it up a bit and put a bandage on." She turned around and flicked the switch on the kettle and motioned for me to sit down. She had that look on her face; she was about to switch from 'Sally, Mikey's friend' to 'Sally, Mikey's therapist'. She would want to know how I was feeling about all this.

I sat down, "But there was so much blood, he really smashed it into your head. You were totally out of it."

She laughed again as the water poured into the mug -'Mike's Mug'-, "Yeah, I was out for all of five seconds." The teaspoon tinkled against the side of the mug and she placed it in front of me, sitting down in the seat opposite mine.

I nodded in thanks and lifted the drink to my lips savouring the taste despite its heat. There was a short silence until I changed the subject, "They took his Passport, so he can't leave. Brian had to take it to the station."

She dropped her eyes from mine and circled her fingers on the table top awkwardly, "Um, yeah, I have to go to the station tomorrow and make a statement, then decide if I want to press charges." She looked up unsurely, "We're gonna be here for a bit anyway; Brian cancelled tomorrow's show and you had two days off after that. He, um, thinks press is gonna be pretty tough to handle, once details get out."

"I'm sorry Mikey."

I looked up from my coffee shocked. "What?"

"I shouldn't have come out here, I should have stayed away. But when I heard that Gee was seeing Sara, I had to try so hard not to fly out immediately. So, when you phoned and sounded to torn up about, well, life, I couldn't help it. Mikey, she's trouble; you've got to get her away from Gee. You have no idea how much pain she's going to cause him" Her voice was so serious, it was slightly alarming the way she was pleading with me through her eyes.

"We're going to a hotel, pack up whatever you need. The rest of the guys are already there with Sara" I broke the unnerving eye-lock we were sharing to look over at the door where Brian stood, Gee slightly behind him staring at his hands.

Sally followed my gaze and stared at Gerard stunned, "What the fuck happened to you?" she asked concerned as she took in Gee's wounds and encrusted blood. He lifted his head up and looked at her, sadly, through his swollen eye. He walked past her to the bunks and whispered "sorry," so pleadingly as he disappeared through the doorframe.

I sat in the front of the van as Gerard and Sally sat in the back, for the second of the two uncomfortable van journeys of the night. I stared intently in the mirror above my head that looked back at the two figures in the back. She was being so nice to him, so forgiving.

"It looks really sore though..." she would say as she traced her hand over one of his bruises or cuts. To which he would reply, "I deserve it." -that carried on for the whole of the journey to the hotel -'The Shippington'.

My mind was still missing out slight parts of everything that was happening and again I was aware, only slightly, of Brian on his phone as Gee, Sally and I all followed him to the elevator where he handed out our keys; he must have colleted them from the desk at some point, but like I said I was zoned out.

"Where's Sara?" Gee asked as I half listened, I was suddenly really tired.

"She was in a state when it all happened, as you can imagine, so Frank offered to take her back here to calm her down. He just phoned to say she's fallen asleep in his room." Brian explained as the elevator began moving. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Gerard's muscles in his neck twitch -what happens when he's angry- as the explanation was given; Sara had tried it on with Frank not so long ago. Gee would be worried. The air in the elevator was suddenly tense and uncomfortable.

Sally seemed to be oblivious to it though as she snorted, "Brian, you're too nice about her." She turned to look at Gerard, "She was being the usual dramatic bitch that she always is and clung onto Frank because, bless him, he's too sweet to ignore her like the rest of us. She wouldn't let go of the poor guy and she practically dragged him out the venue. He looked terrified." She finished, taking a small step away from Gerard, a movement which I think only I noticed, as anger flashed through the dried blood on his face.

Nothing else was said until the doors opened and Brian explained where everyone's rooms were. We all headed our own ways and mumbled goodnights.

I collapsed on the bed, make-up smeared across my face and still in my uncomfortable sweaty stage uniform but too exhausted to peel it off my aching flesh. I fell asleep on top of the smartly made bed with its expensive bedspread.

"Mikey honey, just go with it." I was kissed deeply, their tongue sliding smoothly into my mouth, leaving behind a bitter taste, which I swallowed in an attempt to rid myself of it and I felt it slide down my throat, small and solid, the tongue re-entered my mouth once again as their fingers entwined in my hair, pulling gently. Tired and confused, I attempted to open my eyes to see who the person was, but I couldn't and after several moments of deep, long kisses, I felt the need to know melt away along with my grip on what was happening.

I moaned tiredly as I felt moist lips on my jaw line. They continued down my neck and onto my chest. Groggily and with difficulty, I moved my arm up to feel the touch of whoever was kissing me. I was vaguely aware of feeling like it shouldn't be happening, but I couldn't stop the feeling, it was so intense.

With my eyes firmly shut and un-budging, I continued helplessly to allow the sweet, soft lips to trail across my skin, basking in the feel, until I found their lips with my own and dazedly attempted to return the act, but I could hardly move. My body was heavy and I had next-to-no control over it, but I didn't need to worry; the soft-lipped person moved me perfectly.

All I could do was lay there completely still, apart from when moved, on top of the soft sheets and experience the feeling of this mysterious girl on me...

The first parts were just leading up to the last bit so that it would make sense in the next couple of chapters. :) So sorry if they sucked :)
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