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Chapter Nine.

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Flashbacks and revelations...but not really. (oh god i don't know, it was difficult and confusing to write)So...excuse mistakes etc. :(

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Chapter Nine

It was sudden cold that woke me, I'd been sound asleep before -the best sleep that I'd had in ages- but then the coldness washed over me and I was forced to open my eyes. I immediately regretted that though, as a shape pain shot through my head and I cursed angrily and hoarsely; my throat was so dry, like I hadn't drunk anything in years. It was so dry it was painful, just like my head, which pounded mercilessly.

I sat up holding my head in my hands, the soft sheets slipping off my body onto the floor next to my strewn out uniform. I suddenly realised why I was so cold as I noticed that the thin sheet had been the only thing covering my body. Confusion hit me as I gazed about searching my brain for a replay of what happened last night. I thought that I'd been too tired to bother to remove my clothes or to climb under the covers, and yet here I was lying on the messed up bed naked. My throbbing headache took over and I stood from the bed, my legs feeling heavy as I dragged them to the small bag I'd taken with me, in search of some painkillers.

I felt hung over, but I'd been off drink for a while now...


I groaned as I rolled my head slightly and lifted it from the table top, eyes remaining half-closed, to see a blurry Ray take a seat next to me in the dining hall of The Shippington where I had sat down with my black coffee and full breakfast in attempt to shake the ill feeling I'd woken up with. It might have worked, but I had fallen asleep.

I mumbled something even I couldn't understand and waited for him to either vanish off somewhere else or say something interesting; I couldn't stomach pointless chat right now.

"You look like shit, didn't get much sleep?" he asked me and my mind took his words in with a delay of a couple of seconds, noting a curious mocking tone to his voice.

My tired mouth drawled, "I was out as soon as my head touched the pillow." I was wasn't I?

He was looking at me weird, like you look when you try not to laugh at a really sick morally wrong joke at a party where there could be people you'll offend.
"What's with you and Sally? Are you together?" when my mind caught up with his question. I almost choked on my cold coffee.

"No! I hardly know anything about her, all I know is she's and incredible listener and gives good advice on not turning suicidal." I wanted to add a laugh at the end but my voice just croaked.

"Right..." he looked around the room before turning back to me, his words causing me to spray the coffee in his face, "So who were you with last night then? It was horrible, the walls in this place are paper thin."
"What the hell are you talking about?" I spluttered, suddenly feeling an even stronger urge to vomit.

"Mikey, your room is right next to mine, I heard sex noises." He twisted his face disgustedly as he wiped at the splattered coffee and I would have found it slightly comical if it weren't for the wave of nausea pulsing over me as short flashbacks of memory hit me and then disappeared before I could make any sense of them.

"I just assumed it was Sally you were with." He shrugged and pulled my plate of cold food over towards him, clearly not thinking this was a big deal. "Mikes? Mikes? Mikes!" he waved his hand in front of my face as I felt my eyes glaze over, "Dammit Mikey, are you okay?" he shook me gently by the shoulders, concerned.

I was trembling slightly, "Ray, I don't remember any of that..."

I left him to finish my food telling him I felt sick and not to mention worried as hell, he told me not to worry too much about it, but I don't see how that's possible; I thought I slept through the night and wake up feeling like shit to be told by my friend that he heard me fucking through the wall. And I don't remember any of it, what the hell?

I was walking out of the dining hall, still shaking gently, when Brian noticed me and waved me over to the reception desk where he was talking to Sally. I walked forward numbly nodding my head slightly in acknowledgement, which of course hurt.

"I'm gonna take sally down to the police station to make her statement, but I'm coming back once I've dropped her off and we're having a band meeting in my room. There's a lot of shit needs sorted. So just go up there now, Gerard's already there so he'll let you in." I kept stealing glances at Sally while Brian talked aware that I was shaking more and more while my cheeks blushed slightly. What the hell happened last night?

I knocked on Frank's door before going to Brian's room, I don't know why but I thought maybe he'd be able to help me? My knock was quite loud, but still he took ages to answer, I was about to knock again when the door opened and he whispered frantically, "Don't knock so loud, she's still asleep."

He moved the door slightly further back as he silently fumbled with his shoes. Sara was lying on the bed in a pair of Frank's boxers and one of his t-shirts, her mouth was slightly open and she was snoring gently. My mind was running over thoughts of how unbelievable it was that she is such a bitch when she's awake and yet so peaceful and innocent looking when she's asleep.

Frank turned around from closing the door softly, us in the hallway on the opposite side of the room Sara was lazing away in, he sighed and started walking while his jaw stretched to a wide yawn. "I do not understand that woman," he stretched widely, "one moment she's a malicious demon woman hell-bent on living a tirade of making everyone's lives a living hell, and then the next she's all sweetness and light. She's a poster child for bi-polarism." He sighed.

I continued walking beside him in silence my mind trying to make sense of the dead-end thoughts it was coursing. "The Sara last night was not the one that tried to get me to sleep with her just to hurt Gee..." his words continued but I wasn't listening to them, my mind was too busy playing out a vivid flashback from when Sara and Gee had first got together.

I sang along to the radio as it blasted a song that I wasn't aware I knew while I towel dried my short hair and sighed happily as the colder air of the house hit my pink skin; I let my showers run far too hot. The house was deserted so when my towel loosened around my waist I just let it fall as I searched my drawers for some clean boxers. When her arms wrapped around my chest it took me some time to realise what was happening; I thought at first that it was just the cool air, but then I looked up into the mirror on the wall and saw her kiss the side of my face.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I screamed as I pushed her away from me, her hitting harshly against the wall, while I grabbed around for my towel.

"Well I was trying to do you..." she pushed herself of the wall and started walking towards me. I tried to tell myself she was drunk or on something but she was walking far too soberly.

"You're with Gee." I shouted back, edging away from her.

"He's not who I want, he doesn't deserve me; he shouted at me tonight" she pushed me against the wall and somehow managed to trap me, "I need to make him realise..." she trailed her lips up my jaw line, "I need to hurt him." She lowered her lips to my chest.

"So you're gonna fuck his brother?" I croaked while trying desperately to get away from her. She nodded against my chest and then moved back up to kiss me deeply. It was a suffocating kiss and when she pulled back I felt something on my tongue; a pill, probably eccy. I spat it out past her and she crushed her hand around my throat.

"Your brother needs to hurt. Plus it's you I want" She hissed and kissed me roughly again. I reluctantly kissed back until she loosened her hold on me and I slipped away from her, running to the bathroom where I locked the door and immediately began hyperventilating. I'd wait there until Gerard got home. I heard her slide down the door and sit on the other side, occasionally tapping the door or whispering something through the cracks to make sure I knew she was still there.

Gee came home about an hour later, I heard him shout to her up the stairs. There was a soft scrambling noise as she stood from her spot on the floor and walked downstairs to him. After that I left the bathroom and changed before heading downstairs.

"Gee's gone to rent a movie." I found her in the kitchen pouring popcorn into a large plastic bowl, "you wanna watch a movie with us?" she smiled sweetly.

I glared at her before crossing the room and shouting in her face, "No you fucking whore just fuck off and leave me and my brother the hell alone!" she kept smiling as she placed a cold finger on my lips and tutted mockingly.
"That's not the way this works Mikey, you need to realise that. I've got Gerard wrapped around my finger, that's never gonna change." Her smile was sickening.

"This isn't a game!" I hissed.

She laughed coldly, "Yes it is Mikey! It's a game and I'll always be winning." Then she leaned forward, grabbing the back of my head and kissing my brutally, "Of course someone always gets hurt, hence forth the mighty Gerard." My head was spinning.

"You're insane!" I stammered as I backed away from her, but she grabbed my shoulders and slammed me against the kitchen counter.

"Yes, I am insane." She leant forward so close, her lips brushing mine as she spoke, "but you're gonna fucking love it when we win; when we're together."

"We're never gonna be together! You shouldn't even be with Gerard! What the fuck are you playing at?" I seethed. In honesty, I was quite scared.

Her cold laugh played through the room again, "I'm playing at love, Mikey and you're the prize." She kissed me yet again and I struggled against her, "Shh, Mikey honey just go with it."

The door clicked open and she stood back from me, picking up the popcorn she walked to the front room.
*end flashback*

"Shh, Mikey honey, just go with it..." I muttered under my breath as Frank raised his arm to knock on Brian's door. He stopped, hand in the air, and looked at me puzzled, "What'd you say Mikey?" he asked hesitantly.

I swallowed hard and turned to him, feeling the blood drain out my face, I spoke, my voice barely audible, "I think I slept with Sara..."

His arm shot back to his side and he turned away from the door, walking quickly and grabbing me by the arm so I would follow, "Fuck..." he cursed as he steered me to the elevator.

God this was hard to write. It's getting a bit 'eh?.....!' now I think, which I wasn't really going for but och well...:)
Mikey's not with Alicia in this story :)....just so there's no confusion-lol :)
Thank you so much for the reviews, they're so helpful and kind (bet I get flamers now). :)
And thank you to Pinkkissypetefreak cause she's the genius that came up with the poster child for bipolarism made me laugh crazy amounts!! :) so i had to put it in there...

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